Post-game Reactions

Why, you ask, are the highlights from the last game a day later than usual?

We’ll ask the questions around here, pal.

5. Spry Ticket

Check out how deep Kevin Garnett gets on this fast break. Again you’ll notice he’s outworking opposing bigs.

4. Pierce’s Blow By

Paul Pierce used to be able to do this all the time. It’s impressive when he gets a mismatch and takes us back to the glory years.

3. He’s Bad, He’s Nationwide

Rajon Rondo doing Rajon Rondo things. In a good way.

2. Sick, but sturdy

Ray Allen had two huge massive baskets in overtime, both assisted by Rajon Rondo. Here they are.

1. Who doesn’t love a desperation three?

There were a few plays down the stretch in this game where had the Celtics lost, there would have been a whole lotta second guessing the next day.

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  • lucidsportsfan

    I love the delayed fast break layup by Rondo! And the building went absolutely nuts when Pierce drained that off balance 3. I wish there was a clip of one of Lin's many airballs. I think the league is starting to figure him out. http://www.lucidsportsfan.com/2012_03_04_archive….

  • Nathan

    what does the announcer yell when pierce drills the 3?

    • c00lbeans


      • c00lbeans

        Correction: GAWKABALL!

        • hdavenport

          got 'em all

  • wharper

    I'm still hoping to find a gif of this full shot:

    please tell us that you still have the game recorded, and can do up a gif of it so we can all email it to our Knick fan friends