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Who wouldn't want this?

As Brian pointed out this morning, a four game win streak can put trade rumors to bed.  It also, however, can start them up.  If the team is playing well, that increases their respective players’ value and then you get, that’s right, TRADE RUMORS!

Here’s SI’s Sam Amick with the news that the Clippers are interested in Ray Allen’s services:

As you’ve likely heard, the breakup of the Celtics may be sped up soon.

Yet for all the talk of Boston point guard Rajon Rondo possibly being traded, some league executives have shooting guard and free-agent-to-be Ray Allen pegged as the most likely to be moved. Sources say the Clippers are interested, having lost Chauncey Billups to season-ending injury and lost out to New York in the J.R. Smith sweepstakes.

But the price is likely too high, as Boston wants a package that includes a young talent and a draft pick. The Clippers don’t have the latter component, though, and there’s a bit of irony involved as to why.

Their 2012 first-round pick went to Oklahoma City in a deal for point guard Eric Bledsoe, and was then moved to Boston in the trade that sent center Kendrick Perkins to the Thunder. The Clippers also had Minnesota’s unprotected 2012 first-rounder, but gave it to New Orleans in the Chris Paul trade.

Even with his age (36), Allen would be a difference maker for any team looking to add offensive firepower. The NBA’s all-time 3-point champion is shooting a career-high 48.6 percent from beyond the arc (third in the league) while averaging 14.8 points per game on 47.5 percent shooting overall.
The Celtics (18-17) are still in playoff position, and they have some incentive to not fall too far this season no matter what moves are made since the aforementioned pick from the Clippers is top-10-protected until 2016. Boston also has its own 2012 first-round pick as well.

As Amick accurately points out, it’s unlikely that the Clippers will have what it takes to pry Allen from the C’s.  The Clips wouldn’t even give Eric Bledsoe up in a deal to get Chris Paul.  Seems highly unlikely they would do it to get Ray Allen  as a one year rental.  The Clips could introduce a third team, but whenever you add another team into a trade scenario, the dicey-ness increases exponentially.

Ryan and I chatted briefly about a potential departure of Ray Allen.  He believes Mickael Pietrus can duplicate a lot of what Allen does offenseively and he brings much more to the defensive table.  While I agree about the defense, I think Allen’s ability to run off screens, tire his opponent, and hit big shots out of timeouts cannot be overstated.

What do you guys think?  Do you trade Ray Allen for Bledsoe and future draft picks?

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  • W2.

    Tough call. It would be cool to get some interior support in the event that Ray is moved.

    Pietrus gives you more on defense but much less on offense than Ray. Much less. This would be very obvious over time.

  • Jean

    I would like something pretty decent for Allen. Although his contract expires this year, he clearly has more left in the tank for the years after.

    I have heard rumor for Josh Smith for KG and another piece and I would take this deal 9/10 times. I Smith and Rondo have a history together and would do absolute work together.

    • noche

      So you want to trade one of the best PF's in the history of the game, who is the heart and soul of our defense and our emotional leader, for a shaky, immature, almost All-Star who is in love with a 3 he can't hit and is a liability at the line? AND the Celtics are supposed to throw something else in the mix?

  • zach

    Also need to consider chemistry. Trading Perkins was an excellent basketball move (have you seen how bad he has been this year!) but may still have ultimately hurt the team last year. And unlike Perkins, Allen can still contribute.

    • Errol

      Perkins never lit up the stat sheet. He was an agressive inforcer down low. Not many points or rebounds, but he added an incredible toughness to the team.

  • Eugene

    If we are planning on trading Rondo, then yes, trading for Bledsoe makes sense…..but if RR is part of our future, I say no Bledsoe.

  • Far East Man

    Pietrus wouldn't be able command half the respect of the other team's perimeter defense as Allen does.

  • CG12

    Pietrus has been terrible from 3 recently. He is somewhere around 30% for the last month. And he keeps jacking them up, which I have mixed feelings about. If that is your shot, you need to shoot it when you have it. But it would be nice if it went in every once in a while.

    • sonofauerbach

      for real how many wide open looks has pietrus been clanking lately? they would have crushed new york if petrius hits just half of those looks…give ray those wide open threes and he's knocking em down no doubt abbbbouut it

  • SteveB

    Straight up for Deandre Jordan, sure. Since that isn't possible I only would move someone to improve a weakness, center. No matter what, the team will need a center at some point if they have any thought of advancing. Even without injuries we are close to Steimsma getting serious minutes. Even a Reggie Evans type to rebound 15 minutes a game as part of some deal.

  • paul

    I really love and admire the way you fellas talk about players like they are pieces of meat, and like loyalty means nothing.

  • ripsonics


    That is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard ever in my life… I love Mickael, but he is no where near the offensive player that Ray is. And ray plays good defense – don't forget they called him the Kobe stopper in the playoffs.

    Trade Ray Allen and I am buying a ticket out to Boston and visiting DA.

    Just in case you guys forgot… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUavVO-8u-0

    • I_Love_Green
    • janos

      Hi rips, is Janos
      I give you a plus one todays post, only one evers ray allen and is good post. I even seen movie ray allen gangster, air long times ago. Watch at home on tv, dvd player. not hi-def.

      other guy a good celtic, but is not a king is only princes ok. i think web manger not raelly believe such talk, but do a controvers post for get comment and make me fuss up!

  • guest

    Look at that score. If only we scored that many points a lot more.

  • kel

    Ray makes his shots, I don't know how much longer I can watch pietrus jack up clankers. His shot selection has been terrible.

    • sonofauerbach

      he was getting wide open looks yesterday and still hitting back iron

      • kel

        true they were good looks, but still clankers. Hopefully they start fallin for him..

  • B man

    If you want to make a case for trading Allen, don’t even consider discussing whether we will be better off or whether pietrus can fill in. The majority of the celtics’ set plays either run through Allen, or need Allen’s movement for them to work. He may contribute 15 points per game, but is probably part of 70% of their offensive plan. Trading him means changing the entire system, and probably losing in the first round.

  • W2.

    What about Ray for Reggie Evans and Bledsoe? Does that shift he conversation at all? Probably not.

  • W2.

    And what do we know about Trey Thompkins?

  • yourdumb


  • Sourdeees

    Big celtics fan it sucks but we gotta look to the future we need a big man to stick with rondo and not dwight howard

  • Sourdeees

    We atleast need to stock up on draft picks we cant go back to before

  • Tos

    Ray to Clippers makes a TON of sense…

    For the Clippers. For the Celtics, we mine as well trade Ray to the Bulls, for Brian Scalabrine, or he’ll to the Heat for Eddy Curry. MAKES NO SENSE. This is unreal.

    • noche

      I think that is a good statement for pretty much every trade that is been proposed involving the Celtics. Makes little to no sense for the Celtics, and a ton of sense for the other teams. Makes you think none of these rumors are actually coming from the Celtics' camp.

  • guest

    The best thing I see about sending Ray to the Clippers is it makes the Clippers better and more likely to help bury the Lakers in the standings. I don't want them getting in a grove anymore.

  • janos

    Clipper know today year, good chance for win playoff . is excite team year for them , cannot blame try get ray.

  • yeah

    No, you don't trade Ray Allen for Eric Bledsoe.

  • sightline75

    We need a third team. Nothing they want to give up is worth the trade. Why get an injured PG? They have no picks to give, and any picks they have will be lower in the first round. Id like Ray to stick around for next year, only a trade for a quality player is worthwhile.

  • George

    Ray to the Timberwolves for M. Beasley, W. Johnson and A. Randolph! This deal works for both teams. Beasley can be another scoring option and Wes Jonhson could possibly turn into that scoring threat Ray has been for years to come. Anthony Randolph gives you an athletic big man who can run the floor with R. Rondo. For the wolves it would insure that playoff berth that has been only a dream since KG left. Plus….you owe us.