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If you’re like me, then you just took your morning stroll to HoopsHype.com (because they have the best roundup of daily NBA news/rumors) and you said “holy moly, that’s a lot of Celtics-related trade talk!”  If you’re still like me, then your fingers are also sticky from the danish you ate at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference’s absolutely delicious continental breakfast.  Sticky fingers and rampant trade talk?  What more could you ask for?  (Besides the obvious second danish).

So let’s get everyone caught up to speed.

Despite Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers’ comments yesterday, “inside sources” are still saying that Rajon Rondo has to go.  Not the most encouraging protest speech for Celtics fans.  We’ve seen management say one thing and the media say the other before and it’s usually about 50/50 regarding who is telling the truth (the truth? well, they might be both telling the truth but only one is going to be correct at the end of the day).   That’s why it’s almost impossible to know what to believe.  I haven’t heard anything personally from any sources so I won’t comment as to whom I think is more accurate.  All I know it that this year will probably be the most dramatic of the Big Three era; that includes the Championship season.  Here’s Mark Murphy from the Boston Herald:

Indeed, Rondo’s trade value has taken a hit. The Celtics can’t hope to get back equal value for him, according to the other source.

“There are irreconcilable differences between him and the team, and it’s been that way for a couple of years,” the source said, citing Rondo’s well-documented stubborn streak. “His value around the league has taken a hit. He’s not exactly the Chamber of Commerce’s man of the year. They’ve been kidding themselves for years. Doc can put an arm around him and give him a kiss and try to make it all better, but that just ain’t happening.

“He was cut from the national team (prior to the 2010 FIBA World Championship),” the source said. “I know the reason they gave was that he had to leave for personal reasons, but that’s baloney. He was cut. He’s a moody guy who has trouble fitting in.”

According to the source, there is a dearth of interest in Rondo around the league.


If we’re to believe this source then the Celtics are in the worst possible situation. They have to move an All Star player that no one wants. In this reality, the Celtics are almost sure to get 75 cents (or even less) to the dollar in any Rondo deal.

To make matters worse for Celtics fans, it looks like any and all of the Big Three are on the trade block. Here’s Mitch Lawrence from the New York Daily News:

So let the Celtics break up their Big Three, which is what the Knicks’ opponents this Sunday in Boston are actively trying to do. Team president Danny Ainge realizes that the Celtics won’t win the title and can only make the playoffs. That’s not good enough for a franchise that proudly flies 17 championship banners.

With the Big Three’s window now shut, Ainge is trying to land Atlanta’s Josh Smith and other young studs, while offering up Kevin Garnett. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen can also be had, for young players and draft picks. Rajon Rondo might be leaving, too, with the Lakers and Utah seen as possible destinations.


Lawrence doesn’t even cite any unnamed source or links to where this can be found so this should definitely be taken with a big grain of salt. That said, it’s not totally unbelievable.  It’s been reported that Ainge really likes Josh Smith, although the idea of replacing Kevin Garnett with Josh Smith is slightly nauseating.  Perhaps securing Smith is the first piece to fall in getting Dwight Howard to come to Boston?





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  • sonofauerbach

    I really just wish they can retire so I can stay a Celtic fan……he trades Pierce maybe even KG and yeah Im not sure anymore

  • Kc

    No matter what transpires I root for the Jersey not the player. They may be hall of famers but the Cs were here before them and they’ll be here when they’re gone.

    • That's also how i feel.i always root for the jersey over any player.i hate using the term real fans.i never use it but if your truly a true fan of your team,you don't stop rooting for your team when they trade your favorite player

      • red

        it is okay to root for the jersey over the player, but i also root for the rich heritage of the celtics, that centers around being loyal to our players, who give their all. Ainge never embraced the celtics fully, and trying away everyone is unbecoming of a celtic. we are better than that.

        • red

          trading away (not trying away)

        • LACelticFan

          Lets remember that Danny was traded away to the Kings, then traded to the Blazers, left left to the Suns. So maybe he is a bit bitter that his #44 isnt up in the rafters, huh. Naw I am just kidding, he knows this is a business, but does know the Celtic loyalty, and maybe doesnt respect it in all seriousness. Rondo is mercurial, yes. There are times he doesn't get along with the old men on this team. But we have a young allstar that COULD be a leader(hasnt really had to show it yet), that is at the most important position in the game. He is the quarterback. They accepted him as a young player to lead, so now let him lead as a young veteran his own Celtic squad.
          FTR- I trust David Al and JackieMac much more than Broussard. I think Broussard is a mix of Aldridge and Steven A. Smith. And I do think he started the rumor. Letting the contracts expire and having 40mil is the biggest play we can have.

        • sonofauerbach

          yes this celtics team brought the glory and pride back to boston and it's fan base. the way they played was like watching russel, havlicheck, bird. i feel if they won that in 2010 werent not having this discussion but the one that got away has brought us here.

  • janos

    Hi Brayden, is Janos
    I hope you have nice time NBA Web Manger Conferences, take lots notes and share us all good things what happens for NBA Celtics and also other team.

  • W2.

    I would rather have KG than Josh Smith even if Kg had been backed over by a moving bus and had an alligator chewing on his leg. You can't teach heart.

  • yourdumb

    If ainge thinks trading for josh smith will bring dwight howard here, he is stupid. Howard wants a PG who can get him the ball not a forward who only cares about his stats.

    • Lantrell Walker

      That's where Rondo comes in, Ainge can't trade him if he has any hopes of luring D12 to Boston. Howard wants to sign with a team that has money, a big market, legacy, and most importantly, assets for the future(Rondo, Green, Johnson, Moore, Bradley, Stiemsma), Boston can give Howard all that & more. Rondo + Howard=MVP for D12

      • Lantrell Walker

        *When it comes to signing D12, Boston's in a better position than most people think.

      • Jzm

        Get Stiemsma out of there, he's shown nothing. The jury's still out on Johnson and Moore, too.

  • ripsonics

    This is ridiculous… I don't know what to think.

    I do not want smith, especially not for KG. I guess all we can do is hold on, cause its gunna be a bumpy ride.

  • jimmy

    Josh smith been beasting this year ppl…..him running with Rondo would b sexy

  • LACelticFan

    From Danny Ainge Wiki page, I just thought this was funny.
    In an early 1990s episode of Married… with Children, light mockery was made at Ainge's expense: At a fictional All-Star basketball game attended by the Bundy family, the public announcer said Ladies and gentlemen, here are your NBA All Stars and Danny Ainge!. Clyde Drexler also laments when watching Peggy shooting a free throw that "if we had her instead of Ainge, we would have won the championship". Danny Ainge is also discussed during the 1999 movie Mumford, where several of the characters are very impressed by him being both a professional basketball and baseball player, and one names her dog after him. Ainge also had a cameo appearance in the movie The Singles Ward. Ainge also makes an appearance in the 1996 film Space Jam. Ainge is also mentioned in the La Coka Nostra song, "Bang Bang".

    • Jzm

      If you researched that yourself, I would have been impressed, but also concerned.

    • smalltownID

      How can you not mention the fact he won a national championship in one of the greatest plays ever. He made it common in every basketball living room of the time that a lay-in can be made going the length of the court in under 4 seconds.

      Legitimate professional baseball player unlike Michael.

  • Handsome

    Ahem.. .http://www.weei.com/sports/boston/this-just-in/21181656/wojnarowski-dc-no-big-deals-cs

    Most of the so-called insiders are a little full of it. Woj is not one of those. So, while nothing is definite, I tend to believe him when he says things like the statements he is making in this interview.

    • hdavenport

      THREE DAYS AGO Wojnarowski said the Celtics were looking to make a deal. So.


  • The Cardinal

    To make a legitimate run this year, keep the current 8 rotation players (not counting Dooling and certainly not JO, who's done for the year anyway and at best, may be a contract to move), swoop up Devin Harris from Utah for a pittance, work out a deal with Washington to take Blatche off their hands (he's hobbled right now, but unlike JO, will heal and can help immediately thereafter), and not only will you have snatched legitimate players who will seriously upgrade your roster right now, but they are both late twenties, and can either be kept or dealt next season depending on which direction Danny wants to go. Both are on the block, so can you imagine a second unit with these two, plus Wilcox, Petrius, and Bradley? That potential unit could outplay many starting units.

  • Victor

    Sounds GOOD to me!

  • nfrench88

    rondo and josh smith are like best friends. they would mesh well together i think

  • Ken

    Rondo is a great point guard even when considering his shooting ability or lack thereof. He remains one of a kind because he does everything besides shoot at a very high level. His intagibles are rare.

    Ainge is looking for the easy way out by offering his best asset for another quick fix. It does not appear he has the patience to build a team from the ground up.

    Time for a real GM to take his place.

  • yourdumb

    We need a GM like the lakers have always had. They have always been able to keep and maintain competitive and championship teams while trade scraps for all stars almost every year. I still dont understand how they were able to trade vlade and trash for kobe or trash trash and more trash for Pau in his prime (NO I dont want Pau at all on the celtics as he is old as hell with a huge contract).

  • Jon

    hey Brendon Jackson,

    What do you think about this trade..
    Celtics/Nets Trade

    Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo & Ray Allen

    Nets Trade Deron Williams & Marshon Brooks http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId
    (worked in the Trade Machine)