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Highlight Gallery: C’s 102, Bucks 96

This game felt like a jazz performance somehow. I have never seen one and I don’t know anything about jazz, so I can’t really support that statement in any way. Seemed jazzy, though. Anyway…what were we talking about? Right. Highlights.

3. A Fancy Dribbling Party

The shot and the foul are pretty “dece,” but this is mostly about those zippy Rondo crossovers for me. Seemed like an expression of his enthusiasm and involvement and that is awesome.¬†What would you do if you were guarding someone in a pickup game and he started throwing this stuff at you? You would either a) fall down or b) you would just fall down.

Jazzy, right? Everyone seemed to be playing with a little extra flair tonight. I had fun.

2. Ray Allen Does a Football Thing

Everyone is such a sucker for these long cross-court passes in transition. We are totally Chupa Chups for this stuff. I admit to loving them myself! Ray places this pass so perfectly in Wilcox’s arms you wonder why he didn’t just throw it right in the basket from 75 feet instead.

“He’d be on my team!” screams Tommy. Not sure what kind of playground team-captain scenario Tommy is picturing here but I get the gist.

1. Rajon Rondo, Neutrino

I don’t know if it was just my Internet getting faster because I adjusted one of the router antennas so it was pointing straight up, but Rondo looked much quicker tonight. Was it just Brandon Jennings getting completely burnt on every drive? Is Jennings that slow? It doesn’t seem like he should be. Anyway, here are three clips of Rondo embarrassing everyone.

“Speed kills,” as they say. Until senior year of high school I thought that phrase was about drugs. Like, methamphetamines. To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure it’s not.

0. Chris Wilcox Approaches Greatness, Retreats

This dunk looked like it was going to be a furious monster. I excitedly stood up from my chair when he took off, but then had to make the long journey back down in shame. Very sad missed opportunity.

I’ll tell you what Chris Wilcox is after making that second dunk: a happy guy. Enjoy your second chance at life, Chris. We don’t all get them.

  • AussieCeltic

    That Wilcox sequence was perfectly summed up – good job Hayes. Thanks for including that.

    • janos

      Haynes is best web manager NBA.

  • janos

    Hi Haynes, is Janos
    i am SO EXCITE on Rondos triple duobles. Is best perform all season you know. Does you agree on Rondos best games?

  • -jp

    Didn't watch the game, I missed it, but seems like Rondo was engaged. A triple double against a mediocre team is what RR can do against bad teams. Makes me sad that he will be traded 2 weeks from now.

  • ripsonics

    Dooling's three proved to be very important to winning this game!

    I don't think it's a matter of the bench not performing, I think it's a matter of us getting them the ball. if we need a better one on one scorer that's one thing, but this bench is definitely good.

  • ripsonics

    On that note… We have to do whatever we can to keep Brandon bass. WHATEVER WE CAN.

  • IBleedGreen

    Watching KG play is so inspiring nowadays. If you look at his facial expression, he's obviously exhaused and in pain (maybe the hip?). But the Big Ticket just always balls hard and lays everything on the floor night in and night out. Much respect KG.

  • Rondo

    wheres the highlight of ray hitting a deep 3 in the beginning of the game?