Post-game Reactions

The Celtics had an amazing third quarter last night. The whole time I’m watching everything unfold I’m thinking to myself, “man, I haven’t seen the Celtics play this well for a long time.” Since Mike Gorman and I are the same person (sorry, industry secret), he was moved to make a similar remark to close out the quarter. Kudos me/Mike!

Just watching how good last night’s third quarter wasn’t enough. So I looked up the numbers at PopcornMachine.net and found out the Celtics were, in fact, awesome last night.

Here are the numbers:

Points: 13
Field Goal %: 23
3PFG%: 00
Rebounds: 12
Assists: 3
Turnovers: 3

Points: 27
Field Goal %: 54
3PFG%: 00
Rebounds: 17
Assists: 10
Turnovers: 3

A few quick observations:

  • The Celtics shot a respectable 54% I was, however, surprised to see that they were far better defensively than they were offensively.  They limited the Bucks to just 23% shooting and forced three turnovers.
  • Paul Pierce played the whole third quarter, shot 1-for-8, and the Celtics were still able to dominate.  It was amazing to see that even when Pierce was struggling, the Celtics had enough to not only hang with the other team, but completely decimate them as well.
  • Neither team made a three.  You would think that if the Celtics went on a +14 tear, they would have at least made a three.  Instead, they attacked the basket, got out in transition, and moved the ball extremely well.
  • 17 rebounds in a quarter is a lot for this team.  Especially when they average 39.2 a game.
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  • ripsonics

    I believe for this team you spell Rebound – W – I – L – C – O – X

    I could be wrong… but probably not.

    Go C's