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Five games. Just one back-to-back (vs. Milwaukee). A (mostly) healthy roster. A chance for recovery.

There’s been a lot of understandable doom and gloom over the past couple weeks as injuries, suspensions, personal absences, and overall just atrocious play has taken its toll on this Celtics roster. Bright spots have been few and very far between.

Yet, it’s easy to forget just how recently the C’s were here before. Weeks ago, the Big Three and company were 5-9, the bottom appeared to be falling out and the team responded with a 9-1 stretch to keep the rumors at bay for the time being.

After dropping seven of their past eight games, the panic meters are back on at full blast. The trade rumors are flying. Yet, a simple fact remains. The Celtics have been playing at far less than full strength, and could very easily get back on track here with five very winnable games upcoming in the next week. Confidence building games if you will. While they aren’t likely to win all five, they will be favored in all five, and with the margin of error smaller than ever, I’d like to believe this crew will rise to the challenge.

It’s make or break time for this squad as we all know. Two and a half weeks to prove to Danny Ainge blowing it up right now isn’t necessarily the best thing to do. Barring winning out until the trade deadline on March 15th, there won’t be a ton they can do to keep their president of basketball operations from making a deal, but they need to make it tougher decision for him.

After the failure in last year’s deals, you can bet anything Danny does here must get Doc’s stand of approval on any core-shifting deals. And if Rivers still sees some progress or promise with the roster he has currently assembled, he’s not going to let Ainge blow it up without a fight.

The road back starts Tuesday nights. Moral victories will no longer suffice. Outside of Chris Wilcox and Jermaine O’Neal, (health statuses unclear) the C’s will be rested and healthy. Boston is four games back of the stumbling Atlantic Division leaders (Sixers are losers of five straight themselves) and wouldn’t you know, Boston faces them next Wednesday right after this “winnable” five-game stretch.

Will that contest be one of the last games this core has together, or will the train be back on the tracks at this point, making this a game where Boston could pull within a game or two of the division lead? I’m not counting that possibility out and neither should you.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Batman

    Is Sea Bass healthy? Our most important bench player

    • CelticsBIG3

      As far as I know he will be back tomorrow

  • ripsonics

    Here's what I don't like – blaming this stretch on injuries and then saying we'll be a lot better when we are healthy.

    Now let me explain – the most glaring culprit for this team is in fact injuries, but it has been since the middle of the '08-'09 season before KG blew up his knee!

    Saying that we should 'hang on' to see what the team is like at full strength is stupid because the chances of us being fully healthy are smaller than the chance of Reggie Miller coming out of retirement.

    This team needs to find some young guys that aren't injured all the time that can take on the scoring burden for the oldies-but-goodies.


  • Mark

    Just watch Rondo will be traded for Gasol and the Celtics improve their odds in the playoffs. Instead of being a 7-8 seed and losing in the first round they become a 4-6 seed and lose in the second round AND screw any chance (however slim it might be) of getting Dwight. We all know Ainge will do it. The man has zero patience otherwise Semih would still be a Celtic. We'll see how valuable he could have been for this team tomorrow night.

  • Kafel

    This season isn't going like we all wanted…I still believe that this team can beat anyone when healthy but as ripsonic said it's almost impossible that they will remain healthy.. However I don't like trade for Gasol, something is telling me that it won't end up very good for Celtics. Far better would be getting Al Jefferson for example.

  • Cris

    Trading rondo for gasol would be the stupidest trade DA has ever made

  • bengalwill

    trade rondo and bass to sac for jimmer, cousins and a frp