Post-game Reactions

After dominating nearly the entire game, the West held on to win the 2012 NBA All Star game.  Say what you want about LeBron James– and I know you will- but watching him hit those threes in the second half was just awesome.  The East were dead men walking until they ramped up the defense and decided to play an actual game in the second half.  Before that it was just everybody dunking on everyone and Dwight Howard bricking threes.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t like the All Star game.  I find it boring and pointless.  That said, the second half of tonight’s game was positively entertaining.

From a Celtics standpoint, it was a bit of a sad reminder that Paul Pierce is nearing the twilight of his career.  He easily had the worst game out of any All Star going 1 for 8 and finishing with 3 points.  Rajon Rondo was a bit better, dishing out 8 assists, but still didn’t really dazzle.

It’s important to keep context in mind when looking at the C’s All Star representation.  First off, who cares?  It’s the ASG.  I kind of wish I saw Pierce jacking more shots.  Secondly, both Pierce and Rondo were able to play low minutes and rest up.  Rest right now is much more important for the C’s than any ASG.  Lastly, Pierce has had plenty of awesome All Star moments and Rondo will have plenty to come.

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  • Batman

    The Celtics stunk it up
    Oh well got to Lebron show us some legit hot hand shooting

    • janos

      Hi Batman, is Janos
      I needs your help. Last week time, evening, I go celticshubs and make few post. I go checks later, no post !! Now since, my post not appear since last week, and works only home, computer work, not at son home. I not in work office manager, often and am not paid to celtics, paid to work. I know not censors because post not bad one, good one. I emails on Haynes, gmails celticshubs but nobodies get back me. What I do ?

      • Batman

        I think its just a site problem thats affecting everyone right now Janos buddy
        You should just wait it out and hope that the site administrators will fix it eventually
        Thats all I can say, hope it helps

  • Rob

    rondo+anyone besides big three for deron williams, its gotta happen

  • jimmy

    Rondo and allen

  • CG12

    Look at young PP get up over GP. A good reminder that he used to be able to jump!