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Fait Accompli: Mavs 89 Shorthanded Celtics 73

ESPN Box Score • The Two Man GameMavs Moneyball

With Dallas able to key in on Boston’s only two scorers, the Celtics again found themselves struggling for points tonight. Like last night, grading the efforts of individual players would tell us little we don’t know and makes even less sense considering how shorthanded the Celtics were tonight. The team legitimately competed in the first half and still headed to halftime down by double-digits.

This is how unbalanced it was: Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and Brandon Bass didn’t dress and Chris Wilcox (groin) and Jermaine O’Neal (wrist) both exited during the game. At times, poor Avery Bradley (a spirited 6-11, 12 points) was left contesting Dirk Nowitzki, who put up a 26-16 without much effort at all.

So, nothing new tonight. This team still needs a makeover that may or may not be possible but tonight doesn’t lend weight to that argument. Any team missing that many core guys is going to struggle to pull off a SEGABABA win on the road against a team like Dallas.

Still… with March 1st rapidly approaching, changes feel imminent, be they in the lineup or the roster. No time like the present for some more speculation.

  • Batman

    Can't wait to see what Danny does

    • janos

      hi batman
      i am very depress right now
      DO you think celtics can do recover?

      • Batman

        Not with this current team Janos
        The ship has sailed, we need to make moves

        • janos

          is true batman
          i am sure peoples over at thatwomangame is talking on rondos no good. i want fight him for end, but not at expense celtics lose. i like celtics more then rondos but am very upset


    Rondo a two game suspension, at a ref he threw the ball,
    No KG again– had to answer a family call.
    Bradley started well, continued offensive work, 
    It's always hard for the Cs to handle Dirk.

    Pierce got hot at the end of Q1,
    Up by 5, Dallas had too much fun.
    Cs are last in rebounding, last on offensive glass,
    Just more proof we miss Brandon Bass.

    Q2 was the Dirk Nowitzski show, 
    Cs' offense was off, the defense was slow.
    But JO had some blocks and that was good, 
    Ray went to the hoop like we hoped he would.

    Though Ray and his threes seem to be in a funk, 
    Nothing more stunning than a Ray Allen dunk!
    JO makes the rotation and draws the charge,
    With the shortage of Cs' centers, he has to play large.

    Cs light on players who are able to score,
    Wilcox early Q3 foul–that's four.
    Just how low can the Cs game go?
    Five second inbound violation, sprained wrist, no JO.

    Next, Wilcox in the locker room, a pulled groin has he,
    Good transition play, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
    With all the injuries Doc must make peace, 
    He is relying on the new guys, and even 'Quis.

    Couple of threes in the 4th to get the Cs going, 
    But the offense and defense of the Mavs not slowing.
    How much more embarrassment can this Cs team take?
    Can't come soon enough, that All-Star break.

    Asides: Carlisle, a former Celtic, as a coach a Mav,
    He wore "34," the number Pierce does have.
    Steve Kerr is annoying, I'm just saying,
    I liked him more when he was quietly playing.

    • janos

      Minus one here, nobody care on stupid poem ok? Celtics NBA in trouble big ok? Only thing worst poem is thos annoy trades of 22 player

      • Guest

        Shutup Janos

        • janos

          you not guest anyone here. who do a invite you? nobodies. probly dont even cheer on celtics.

    • DJH

      Awesome poem!

    • janos

      hi myc, is janos
      I just like say sorry call your poem stupids. my daughter say is rude, i show her poem and agree is not good but still to say is rude. i am sorry. you do a hard work on poem make, and is not right call names. thank you.

    • LACelticFan

      Nice poem, you do have talent man. If only we can get some wins and give you some good things to rhyme about.

  • ccalisaan

    Ainge needs to trade JO

    • Jarryd

      For what? Do you really think we could get anything of value by trading him

      • ccalisaan

        we can at least trade him and steimsma for a YOUNGER center

    • LACelticFan

      JO has no trade value, we are stuck with him until the end of this season.

      • Anthony

        At this rate, I wouldn't even care if we can get Semih back for JO.

  • CelticsBIG3

    This is rough. We're looking at a starting five Wednesday night of…

    Avery Bradley
    Ray Allen
    Paul Pierce
    JuJuan Johnson
    Greg Stiemsma

    • CelticsBIG3

      Leaving a bench of…

      ETwaun Moore
      Sasha Pavlovic
      Marquis Daniels
      Keyon Dooling


      • janos

        hi big3
        i not know who play wednesday becaus haynes not add schedule yet (i guess maybe get comment working than ad a feature game play) but i go check now.

        oh boy.

        is very good team on perkin thunder. even i know we not win this one much, if at alls.

        • CelticsBIG3

          Its getting scary Janos, at least we're only one game away from the all star break and some relief from Celtics misery. Tired of going to my job as a school teacher and having to listen to the kids who are all Heat fans ride the Celtics for being terrible. Can't wait til LeBron turns 35 years old…

          • green-boner

            fuck*n kids .

    • LACelticFan

      Yeah thats about right, these injuries are decimating us.

    • High Rollers

      Nah, CB3, pretty sure KG returns against OKC. And maybe Bass plays against Cleveland on Tuesday. Rondo's back for the tail end of that back-to-back against Milwaukee. If we can pull off a miracle and surprise OKC Wednesday night, who knows, maybe we could have a nice win streak going into the meeting with "Linsanity" in Boston on March 4th.

      I don't have a lot of faith in JO's wrists and knees and I sure don't like talking "on paper" stuff… but on paper our playoff rotation (for cynics, insert joke here) would be Pierce, Rondo, KG, Allen, JO, Bass, Pietrus, Wilcox and Bradley. I like that lineup. A lot.

      • CelticsBIG3

        Ah yes, I forget about KG's return from personal business

  • CelticsBIG3

    Could be worse. At least we didn't get the number one pick back in 2007 and draft Oden… http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/02/20

    • Anthony

      Can't look at hindsight… it wasn't guaranteed that DA would even pick Oden over Durant. Also, maybe Oden may have stayed healthy if he actually been in a Celtics uniform.

    • dslack

      Danny would have taken Durant.

      • CelticsBIG3

        There is no way of knowing that. Besides I was making a hypothetical statement.

    • Could be worser, you could be a Seattle native like myself (and likely ripsonics) following Ray Allen, the last vestige of what used to be our green and yellow… For all the Blazers tragedy, they have a championship history and a young exciting team.

      • CelticsBIG3

        I'm from Connecticut and spent my early years attending Ray's UCONN games at the XL Center (formerly the Hartford Civic Center). I've been following Ray since 93', so I feel your pain about losing him, AND the Sonics in Seattle. He came back home to us in CT though, and it was great to get him back. Seattle also gave us Dennis Johnson who helped Larry to win some titles.

        • Technically, Seattle is also responsible for Big Baby (draft pick). We are proud, because we DANGLED him in a trade to NET Brandon BASS. See what I did there?

      • onecowboytoo

        I live near Seattle also, but I grew um in Montana as a Celtics fan. The only games I have ever been to were Celtics games at the Key. I can't believe they took a NBA team out of a tv market of this size. Taking a page out of the NFL LA playbook.

  • High Rollers

    Yeah, if you think the situation with JO is bad…

    I would say we're doing our best impression of Portland right now, but actually they've built their reputation on playing through injuries, keeping their composure, and finding ways to win. They really don't complain, when they've had more reason than just about any team in the league. Of course, they also don't get quite the same scrutiny. I hope Rondo's doing some zen meditation somewhere right now.

  • ripsonics

    No Comment.

  • smalltownID

    All I know is the last 4 comments I have made have been deleted. That about sums it up for me. Good thing the deer are dropping their antlers and the steelhead are running.

  • lakershater13

    Moore > Dooling

  • Jakeopp

    Janos, you obviously don’t speak English very well so your criticism of mycelts English poem doesn’t really mean anything.

    • CelticsBIG3

      We don't knock on Janos here

    • OKCeltic

      Janos' English may not be great, but he makes a good attempt at it, and he has passion for the team. That's good enough. Besides, if you would have read the earlier parts of the thread, you would have seen that he apologized.

    • "Sorry.

      You've already voted on that comment."


  • noche

    Can the Celtics just choose not to play this season? Get healthy and play next year with the same contracts? Wouldn't bother me any if I didn't have to watch this crap night in and night out…

  • The Truth, Inc

    3 Trades I do in a minute:

    1. Rondo for Nash – Thanks to Jeremy Lin, Nash won't be reuniting with Dantoni. They've been talking about Nash leaving Phoenix all season now, the suns are rebuilding. Nash brings almost everything to the position that we criticize Rondo for – the only negative being age. Also, I think he and Garnett are tight.

    2. Rondo for Gasol – we need rebounding, and Pau isn't shy about passing.

    3. Whatever gets us Howard – except Pierce

    • skeeds

      Rondo for Nash might work, probably won't, but if Ainge's gonna pull a nasty move, might as well be that one. But, there has to be something more in it for the C's. Preferably a center.
      Nash might be a beast, he's still 38 though and Rondo is a catch, especially for the money he's being paid.

      Rondo for Gasol would make very little sense for me. It's a move that leaves us without a good PG. And no, you cannot expect to be a contender with Dooling and Bradley at the 1. As things are right now, the PG position is the only one we can look eye to eye with the best teams out there. Also, it's a trade that helps LA as much as, or even more than us. So no thanks.

  • noche

    I think Rondo + (pick/bench player) for Nash + Gortat would be a fair trade for both parties involved.

    • OKCeltic

      I was thinking along the same lines, but it will likely cost the C's at least one, probably two, other players (for salary matching) AND a pick.

  • Jim

    I would rather see the Celtics end up out of the playoffs this year rather then watch them get demolished in the first round of the playoffs by either Chicago or Miami. Watching the team this year is worse then the old days when we had no Big Three because at least then we were supposed to get our butts kicked. We are in for a long dry spell trying to rebuild again. I am not looking forward to it.

  • I'd still rather be a Celtics fan than a Hawks fan. Or Miami. Or Orlando.

    • CelticsBIG3

      All day man…

      Or Portland, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Sacramento, Golden State, LA, LA, Utah, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Charlotte, New Orleans, Cleveland, Dever, Detroit, Houston, Indiana, Memphis, Milwaukee, OKC, Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago.

      • Hey cool. Let's just name every city. You missed two: Vancouver and Seattle. Well, can we add San Diego? And what about St. Louis???

  • shyla

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    • CelticsBIG3

      No one cares

  • stayfly

    wasnt a fan of trading any of the big 3 about 2 weeks ago. now im saying get as much value back for them as possible. plenty of teams could use any one of them…even pierce if he wants to go then cool, he was an awesome celtic but if we can get some value for him then hey that's business man.

  • red's army

    get rid of all the old farts….i'd rather watch an entertaining group of young guys that have energy to jump, dunk, play defense, dribble, drive, and anything else a normal basketball team should be able to. even if it takes them 3 years get back to the playoffs I don't really car. this team puts me to sleep

  • skeeds

    so apparently Ainge is shopping Rondo. (according to Hoopsworld). Good move Danny. As if there's a trade you can pull off that will make this sorry group work.

    Even if he's eyeing draft picks and young talent to kick start rebuilding, how can he do that without a PG? Who's he gonna bring to replace him? Deron Williams??? Or is he planning on drafting Bob Cousy? The PG position is a nightmare in the East tight now. If you have a top 5 PG, you hold on to him.

    If the kid does get traded, I just hope he ends up in a strong team. He's a fighter, and I'd like to watch him in the playoffs no matter who he plays for, (except LA). He's up there with the most mindblowing playoff performers I've ever seen…

    • smalltownID

      I didn't like watching him quit against Orlando in the 09 playoffs.

      • skeeds

        How about carrying us to the finals in 2010?

        We were in waaay over our heads in 09 man. It took us 7 games and 4 overtimes to get past the 1st round. How can you point the finger at Rondo? Especially when he had 4 double doubles and 1 triple double in the Orlando series.

        • smalltownID

          I still say we win the eastern conference finals if Powe stays healthy that year. Even without KG.

          Go watch the last 4 minutes of that series skeeds. In particular watch Rondo's effort compared to Ray's effort (aka "Old-man-walking"). You could put up Michael Jordan #'s but if you quit at the end of the game I could care less. It was far worse than Lebron's lethargy last year.

  • red's army

    i get the feeling ainge really does not like rondo whatsoever

  • Sam Cassell and PJ Brown are not walking through that door…

  • AussieCeltic

    Maybe we need to trade Danny…….

  • KY~Celtic89

    Getting rid of Rondo is stupid. best "PURE" point guard in the game, and he's from my hometown, Louisville. But bias aside, getting rid of rondo for nash makes no sense, he adds little promise to this year and down the road there is no future our trade value. Rondo only gets $10 mil a year which is a steal compared to other PG salaries. You can build around Rondo.
    PS. should have never traded Marshon Brooks! I prayed they'd draft him and than they trade him, ugghhh.. he's a pure scorer who played at PC, stupid move Ainge

  • Poor poor Celtics. Crazy how they can't seem to get into a streak no matter how much money they spend.