Post-game Reactions

We apologize if your comments are being deleted (provided that they are not offensive). We are looking into why this is happening. We also want to apologize for the lack of a game thread for last night’s game.  We had a premonition that the Celtics would play that poorly and thought if we pretended the game wasn’t happening everything would be okay. We were wrong.


(Also, Brian and I are traveling.  Any CelticsHub fans in South Dakota?!)

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  • Josh

    You got one in Fargo, North Dakota!!

  • janos

    HI Brayden, is Janos
    sometime my comment not post i was worry it me. turn out is web manger? does haynes know about this? Please fix , sometime comment more good other but nobody see and i not now if because anger post or because problem site. is still best site nba celtics but frustrate if post no work consestintlys

  • Jim

    Hey Celtics Hub,
    You guys are getting lazy and the site has really taken a nose dive since Zach left . I know you do this for free but it is really disappointing after a game and there is nothing there. Hey if you guys do not want to do this quit but if you do , do it right ! It seems like the site is like the Celtics season. Disappointing. Sorry just my opinion. I also know that the fans do appreciate what you do they just would like more of it on a more regular basis! Thanks for letting me vent1

  • Sally J.

    Don't know if you guys are still on the road, but here's a shout out from a Celtics fan in western South Dakota, about 60 miles east of Rapid City on I-90.
    Safe travels,