Post-game Reactions

Readers! Last week’s responses to the 5-on-5 questions were really, really great. We had way more qualified answers than we were able to use. So we’re going to keep doing it! FOREVER.

Here are this week’s questions:

1. Are you concerned about Rondo’s media boycott this week?
2. The trade deadline is less than a month out. Are you inclined to buy or sell?
3. Could Chris Wilcox supplant Jermaine O’Neal as starting center?
 Around The NBA: What’s your reaction to/prediction for Jeremy Lin?
5. Bulls-Celtics Round Two. Your predictions, please.

Answer as many as you want. By 9 AM tomorrow (Thursday), send responses to celticshub@gmail.com, or comment on this post on our Facebook page. Try to keep responses around 50 words, but go over just a little if you need to. Not enough has been said already about Jeremy Lin, right?

As before, we’ll use real names unless you request otherwise.

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