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I talked with Detroit star forward Greg Monroe prior to the Celtics-Pistons game on Wednesday night.  Here is what the 2nd year big man out of Georgetown, who is averaging 16.4 points, 9.7 rebounds, 2.5 assists per game had to say.

1. Just your 2nd year in the league, but playing so well, were you disappointed at all not to make the All-Star team?

Monroe: No I wasn’t.  Because those guys who made it, definitely deserved it.  I’m just trying to get better.  If I get better maybe my time will come.  But I’m not worried about that right now.  I’m in my second year, I’m gonna focus on making sure I get better each year and make sure I help this organization get more wins.

2. You already have gotten much better from Year 1 to Year 2, is there a specific reason for why you think that is?

Monroe: No, I think I’m just more comfortable and confident, I’d think that’s about it.  I definitely worked on my game I think I got better, during the summer and the lockout.  But you know, just being more confident and more comfortable.  The more time you play in this league the more settled you’ll be and better you get.

3. You will be playing in the Rookie-Sophomore game on All-Star Weekend, I think the draft is tomorrow, do you care who picks you, Shaq or Barkley?

Monroe: Umm, nah I don’t acutally.  I’m just honored to be in the game, hopefully I’m one of the first guys pick (laughes), that’s probably about it.

4. What’s it been like for you matching up with Kevin Garnett the few times you’ve faced him in your career?

Monroe: It’s been great.  Just like I said, the first time it’s kinda surreal, someone you looked up to a whole lot growing up as a young basketball player, then being on the court with him, it’s a little surreal.  But then you got to compete, you know he’s gonna compete, so you got to come out hard and try to compete, that’s what I try to do.

5. Have you been following the whole Jeremy Lin thing?

Monroe: I mean everybody is following it man.  You can’t ignore it.  He’s definitely having a good run.  He’s playing at a very high level, I’m happy for him.  You know it’s one of those great stories, one of the good things about the NBA, is that situtaions like that can happen.  He got his chance, he’s taken huge advantage of it, he;’s playing well.  I wish him the best, unless he’s playing us.  Just one of those things that makes this league, and professional sports period special.  There are a lot of guys who have stories like that and its good to see anyone like that be successful.


What are your thoughts on your rookie point guard Brandon Knight, seems like it could be a bright future with you two.

Monroe: Yeah, he’s going to continue to get better.  I know he’s been good for us this year and he’s going to continue to get better.  I see big things for him in the future as long as he keeps working I know that’s something he’s going to do.

Rich Keefe is the Celtics Reporter for 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston.  You can follow him on twitter: @Keefe21

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