Post-game Reactions

We’ve heard your desperate pleading calls for positivity and oblige with this uptempo selection of Rajon Rondo’s best from yesterday’s game.

4. Opening Salvo

Here’s a standard RR to PP transition three-ball.  Notice that despite being in an awkward position to start the break — because he’s facing the wrong way — KG wastes no time in finding Rondo and sending the C’s off in transition. Little things like this can mean the difference between an open shot and a contested one at the other end.

3. KG’s Shoulder Block/Brush Screen

Such a great detail here in the way Garnett clears room for Rondo to lay the ball up in transition. Like most of KG’s screens, it’s borderline illegal. But it’s beautiful nonetheless. Again, note the great outlet pass from Chris Wilcox that gets things rolling and Ray Allen spotting up on the wing in case Chicago walls off the paint and Rondo has to kick the ball back out.

2. Wilcox. Wilcox. Wilcox. Wilcox.

Wilcox threw down four transition dunks yesterday. All were assisted by Rondo and all were triggered by either active-hands on defense or a smart outlet pass after a missed Chicago shot.

You can watch all four right here:

1. A Rare Bird

As KG’s lift has deserted him, we’ve seen fewer of these types of highlights, where the sprinting big calls for the lob and is able to throw it down with authority.

It’s hard to believe but in the see-saw battle for supremacy/competence between E’Twaun Moore and Avery Bradley, the winner may ultimately prove to be JaJuan Johnson.

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  • I liked what I saw from the bigs, considering the lack of depth tonight. Credit should go to the coaching staff for managing the playing time considering Wilcox and JJJ spent a majority of the game in foul trouble. Sometimes they pulled a guy, sometimes they left him in. I think they got it right.

  • Jivansky

    Great highlights right there and I enjoyed watching the C's played yesterday.
    Thank you for posting these up.

    Let's win another game C's! 🙂

  • W2.

    I like this team. They are not perfect, but when they are on it is a lot of fun. I wish the Nation would panic a bit less.

  • paul

    I think it's fantastic that you comment in detail about the multiple efforts by different players that lead to a successful play, like a fast break. But what is so disturbing is the blazingly obvious pattern you and nearly all other commentators show of wanting to find any way you can to diminish Rondo. If these were Paul Pierce plays, you'd be screaming about how fantastic Pierce was, it seems to me, not about how fantastic EVERYONE ELSE'S ROLE WAS. And they were. But it was still Rondo who was the key guy making all this happen. Why do you absolutely refuse, like everyone else nearly in Celtics land, to see the extraordinary talent we are lucky to have? Is it just his personality you don't like?

    • smalltownID

      Paul, my favorite thing about Rondo is his personality or the lack thereof. "Shut up and play." I love great guard play, and I can't imagine anyone else who appreciates that position that doesn't get absolutely infuriated watching this guy play. PG is about being the head of the snake, controlling the game by controlling the ball, especially at the end of the game. Playing well against Derrick Rose AND DJ Agustin or a washed up Baron Davis (both of them own Rondo in one-on-one match ups the last few years).

    • smalltownID

      Also, Paul, I was yelling at Pierce through my TV even more for his ridiculous turnovers. But once again, this goes back to Rondo, why is a small forward handling the ball at the end of the game? Our head coach doesn't even trust Rondo in half court.

      • Toe817

        the small forward is handling the ball because the the pick and roll or pick and pop with garnett is more difficult to guard for other teams. Its not that doc doesn't trust rondo in the half court he just isn't as effective in the pick and roll late in games

        • smalltownID

          Yes, PP has been so effective in that situation. Keep telling yourself that Toe.Let me know when Rondo makes a bucket in the last 30 seconds of the game.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Totally agree. Never really saw a guy that can be so off (in Toronto Friday) and then SOOOO on (yesterday)

  • Will W

    Wilcox needs to be starting at center or at the very least coming off the bench quickly. Despite this being his largest minute total of the season (26) we saw that he was clearly able to keep up with Rondo on the fast break and with his transition alley-oop late in the fourth. Also, his rebounding ability easily exceeds the aging O'Neil.

    Doc should try to utilize a fast break line consisting of Rondo, Allen, Johnson, Bass and Wilcox and a defensive line consisting of Bradley/Moore, Pierce, Pietrus, KG, and O'Neil/Stiemsma. The aging, starting front court is still useful but in a technical style of offense that relies more on perimeter shots and post play which also allows for a quicker set-up on defense. The division along these lines would allow for both styles of play.