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Game 27/66: Bulls (23-6) @ Celtics (14-12) Open Thread


Chicago at Boston
3:30 PM
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency
Boston: 99.4 points/100 possessions (20th)
Chicago: 105.7 points/100 possessions (2nd)

Defensive Efficiency
Boston: 94.6 points/100 possessions (3rd)
Chicago: 93.8 points/100 possessions (2nd)

Probable Chicago Starters: C.J. Watson (PG) Ronnie Brewer (SG) Luol Deng (SF) Carlos Boozer (PF) Joakim Noah (C)

View from the Opposing Bench: By The Horns

Injury Report
Boston: Jermaine O’Neal is questionable. Brandon Bass (knee) is out for 7-10 days.
Chicago: Derrick Rose
is out. Rip Hamilton (thigh) is questionable.

Friday night’s loss to the Raptors was one of the ten worst regular season games the Celtics have played during the Big Three era. Today, we find out if it was just an anomaly, a schedule loss and the product of a team taking it too easy after an emotional game against the Lakers. Or something else. If it was an aberration, the Celtics should come out strong today against one of the measuring sticks in the Eastern Conference and Doc Rivers will not be forced into expletive-laden tirades. If not, expect quick action by Rivers, who is in no mood for that kinda nonsense.

This Bulls team is a monster. They’re the second best team in the league on both offense and defense. Of course, without Rose, things change, especially on the offensive end. Rose has a 29.05 usage rate, and in late game situations, he’s both ball dominant and the primary creator of shots. Boozer and Deng are going to have to carry the offensive burden today, and that’s good news for the Celtics because Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce should be just twitchy to get out there and redeem Friday’s effort. And neither Boozer nor Deng is a great creator of shots.

Even with Rose, the Bulls are going to choke off Boston’s offensive options, especially penetration where they rotate well (Boozer being a notable exception at times). So, quick, smart ball movement and accurate jumpshooting may carry the day for the Celtics. Expect too, a strong performance from Rajon Rondo, who’s still smarting from his all-star snub and his struggles the last couple of games. He should look to push the ball off defensive stops. With any luck his teammates will be running with him.

But beyond any sense of the tactical, we want to see this Celtics team lean into this game, play with force and results aside, cast the Raptor loss to the condensed-season winds.

Without Rose, the C’s should take this one.

Boston 92 Chicago 87

  • I_Love_Green

    Watson to torch Rondo for 25 today.

  • I_Love_Green

    The pace they are playing, and the score of the game should be telling them something.

  • LovinTheColorGreen

    So tired of all the hype around Rondo. As a lifelong fan who has played and coached the game and watches constantly, I can honestly say that the key to the Celtics success both now and long-term is to trade Rondo. He is both a half-court offense AND defense liability. Would love to get a Deron Williams, Monte Ellis, etc. for him. Lots of players would thrive playing with Pierce, Allen, and Garnett and he is just vastly overrated. Watson gets 20 at least today.

    • Mark

      I assume you'll be on here eating your words soon.

  • ripsonics

    they all look good today. except for the fact that ray has shot the ball one time at the end of the half. I am hoping they come out and go to Ray in the third quarter..

    rondo is playing well, and hitting his jump shots.. its just a matter of consistency

    he is getting TORCHED on defense tho.. yikes.

  • I_Love_Green


    Rondo to 3J, and then Rondo to Wilcox!! Look at how good Rondo is when he's running fast breaks, AND has bigs to run with him.

  • guest

    Everyone come on! SCALABRINE! -clapclapclapclapclap- SCALABRINE!

  • skeeds

    I'm in no way a Rondo enthusiast, and I don't think he's ever gonna be a "franchise player", BUT. Just look at how he plays tonight, when the defense is generating fastbreaks and he's got a couple of young guys to run with him. Guy's making Wilcox and Jajuan look like the Clippers brothers.

    Forget building around him, how about building WITH him? For the love of god, Ainge, just get this guy some guys that fit his style!

    • I_Love_Green


    • Morpheus

      Therein lies the paradox with Rondo.

  • guest

    It's absolutely disgusting how easy the Bulls get free throws.

  • I_Love_Green

    Rondo with a beastly performance today. Fantastic effort by him.

    • skeeds

      yeah apparently it's either triple double monster games or "oh god trade him, trade him NOW!" games with this kid. He really makes my head hurt….

      I mean 32-15-10 and 10/13 at the line, is this the same guy I saw on Friday?

      • I_Love_Green

        15-10-4 is not too much to ask from this guy.

        • Mark

          With all games added up this season this is the Rondo we ARE getting.

  • Batman

    Well now my Celtics fervor has been reignited

    • janos

      HI Batman! I watch game on TV, Rondos MVP game. Did you watch?

      • Batman

        Yep! It was a great game wasn't it?

  • janos

    Where the dum shit say grandma better rondos now? Ilike punch his ass.
    Only one team have most champions.

    • Batman


  • Jame

    Wilcox 8 boards in 26 minutes and gives us more on the break and on offense. Please let JO stay on the pine (when healthy) in favor of him.

  • ripsonics

    We shouldn't be surprised that rondo had a game like this..at all.

    He is absolutely capable to play like this, it just depends if he wants to do it every night. 32-15-10 is not gunna happen every night, but the effort should be there.. If he can do this against the bulls, he should be able to it against Toronto. Let's be real.

    Good win.. Must win.. Good execution for the most part.. Couple frustrating turnovers, but we got the job done.

    I really do love this team though..

    Go C's

  • LACelticFan

    Damn….Rondo had a fieldday. A triple dub, again for our young floor leader. All those saying ship him out, eat it today. What other PG is gonna give us what he brings us. The freethrows are improved, the jumer is improved and the riskiness with passing is still there. Rondo plays a marvelous game, I say let's keep him. 13ppg-9.5apg-4.6rpb-1.6spg-37mpg. Yeah we are going to get that somewhere else. And as for the Raptors game, actually it's to be expected after losing a tough on to our rivals. It's hard to get back up and play a weak team. And if you thought they wouldn't come out hard after we beat them last time. Come on, man.

  • IBleedGreen

    Don’t mind people praise Rondo after he had a great game. But just end the top 5 or elite shit.

    • joadsta

      he is a top 5 POINT guard. Rondo is a pure point guard. Most everyone else people try to compare him to aren't pure point guards. They're all combo guards.

      • smalltownID


        Pure point guards are good free throw shooters, have high assist to turnover ratios, AND HAVE THE BALL IN THEIR HANDS ON THE LAST PLAY OF THE GAME!!!!. As much as the Chris Paul's of the world have stretched our concept of the position, Rondo is stretching it in the opposite direction. He is no pure point guard.

        • LACelticFan

          Rondo is a pass first PG, that makes him a pure PG. He looks to make his teammates better. He looks to make sure they get their points. He runs the fastbreak looking for other guys. He doesnt have the ball in his hands last play of the game only because PP is our ultimate option, and does run well off of screens like Ray does. Plus the flaw in Rondo's game is he doesnt have the pull up like he prolly should. But when you have PP stepback, it will hamper any chance of rondo getting a pull up J for the win. Westbrook/Rose are SG in PGs bodies. Only Deron, Nash, Chris and now Rubio are the other pure PGs, looking to get assists is what makes a pure PG.

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