Post-game Reactions

Last night was a really special game in that it was especially terrible.  To give it the proper due, we’re going to extend the highlight lowlight gallery beyond our normal 3 or 4 clips.  To gain a little perspective about how bad the game was, let’s look at the numbers courtesy of our good TrueHoop friends HoopData.com.  According to their awesome advanced box score, there were 82 possessions and the Celtics’ offensive efficiency was 90.2.  These two numbers are less than the slowest and most inefficient teams in the NBA by a wide margin.

All season Doc Rivers has been begging his team to push the pace.  Two nights ago, he bemoaned the Celtics’ lack of execution.  Last night, the Celtics played completely antithetical to what Doc’s been asking them to fix.  All of this frustration came to a head in the first quarter as Doc Rivers FREAKED out after the Celtics’ failed to execute a play even after a timeout:

(big ol’ h/t to RedsArmy and Abdullah for this one)

After reading my rapid reactions, Ryan DeGama and I discussed the game in the context of the season.  Ryan sees last night’s loss as a “scheduled loss”.  A game in which a tired team failed to show up on the road after getting shown up at home.  There is was one specific reason why I will not concede the to the “scheduled loss” sentiment:  the Raptors are terrible.  So terrible that they could have easily lost last night despite Celtics’ inability to run plays, play defense, listen to their coach, or care.  So terrible that Ryan’s grandmother could defend any of their starting five (yes I asked, and yes she is referred to as “DeGam Gam”).

I could go on and on about how terrible last night’s game was (let’s face it, I already have) but I’d rather let the tape do the talking.  First let’s look at some of the plays that really embodied how the Celtics played last night on both ends of the floor and then we’ll end the post on a slight high note.

1. Both Rondo and Allen are allergic to composite leather.

I really want to know: is this the worst basketball sequence you have ever seen?  Rondo tries to pull up for a transition jumper and the ball inexplicably back-spins out of his hands.  Ray Allen, taking exception to how badly the ball has just treated Rondo, chucks it as hard as he can at Jose Calderon.

2. Speaking of Calderon…

I would start an internet campaign to make “Siesta” Calderon’s on-court persona for the way he lulled the Celtics to sleep on this layup.  I would, that is to say,  if the Celtics had been awake in the first place.

3. When there’s some bad defense, there’s more bad defense…

Can someone tell me who Pierce was guarding here?  At first he doubles Aaron Gray for some reason (gravitational pull?) and then he recovers to no one as his man dribbles down the lane for a dunk.  The answer is “no one”.

4. Stay of Execution

Rondo was wildly ineffective in this game.  I still have no idea why E’Twaun Moore didn’t play.

4.  Avery Bradley’s Wide Open

Two obvious questions: why is Bradley out of bounds and why is Kevin Garnett passing to him?

5. Finally, There’s Life

This is the Celtics style of basketball that I know.  Multiple passes and pick and rolls ending in a layup.  The Celtics may have been running this play in a walk through without the defense.  It’s just so frustrating considering that the Celtics should have been executing like this all game.

Bonus Clip

Major props to JaJuan Johnson.  Look at how he runs the floor on these two consecutive plays.  If Rondo is anything close to the All Star Rondo then Johnson gets a dunk here.

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  • IBleedGreen

    The Lakers were as bad as the Celtics last night against NY, so I think the tight schedule does play a role in both teams' losses.

    • IBleedGreen

      Lebron's fault

      • CelticsBIG3

        Never would have been a lockout had the Miami SuperTeam not happened.

        • Ryan DeGama

          This is not true.

  • ripsonics

    have we decided that this is worse than the loss to the suns..? (joke)

    or worse than the loss to the cavs after we were up?

    JOKE. Seriously.. trade rondo. I am holding true to that statement. I hope that I am wrong.

    • IBleedGreen

      I've never been a Rondo fan, but I don't think it is necessarily all his fault or we have to trade him. He can still be a good point guard on a good team. I just want all the "Rondo is an elite PG" talk to end. I thought Boston has some of the most knowledgeable fans in the country, how the hell do you see Rondo as an elite pg, that's just ignorant.

      • Anthony

        I think the main problem with Rondo is that he thinks he's an elite PG and he feels entitled. He's definitely a great PG but he's still too inconsistent and everybody will continue to let him take that jumper. He need to stop sulking and just play ball.

        Hypothetically saying… At this point in his career, I would definitely trade Rondo for Westbrook, Rose, CP, DWill, Steph Curry (assuming his injury is not an issue) and probably Kyrie Irving, John Wall. I would also consider players like Rubio, Jennings, Mike Conley, Lawson and Raymond Felton if it was part of some packaged trade. That's not saying much for Rondo since those are just players in his position. He needs to step it up.

  • someguyinsac

    I think Doc going ballistic was the only highlight this game had for the Celtics.

  • skeeds

    Isn't it obvious what went wrong? this wasn't a "scheduled" loss. That would be a game where the starters play 25 minutes each except JO and KG who don't play at all. Then the bench do what they can. THAT is a scheduled loss.

    This was just a team too disappointed for blowing the Lakers game, and simply tired to play. Doc didn't accept the attitude so he kept them in hoping they'll get it together, but they couldn't. Sorry guys, we're gonna lose many games like this one, let's chill and not overreact.

  • Batman

    That Rondo pull up jumper is hilarious

  • yeah

    Rondo needs to play better. If Lin can put up 38 against LA, Rondo should be able to put up 50 against TO. I kind of want to see Rondo try to find a way to score on his own for every possession for a game. Just to see what he can actually do.

    • Anthony

      He did that on the season opener against the Knicks.

    • ripsonics

      rondo will never score 50 because he cant shoot. everything would have to come at the basket.. his career high is 32..

      I know what you mean tho.. he should be scoring more, and shooting better than 2-10. I think we should trade him after his next best game.

      • smalltownID

        Therein lies the Rondo paradox. When he plays well everyone wants to talk (ridiculously) about a top 5 pg. The real problem though is no one else in the league thinks Rondo is really all that good bc it is obvious Ainge was shopping him and there were no takers. But I do agree, next time his stock gets high and you can get anything out of him – let it rip. I find it funny how all these Rondo haters are coming out of the woodwork now. I have never wavered on my opinion that he is no where near a top 5 pg in this league.

        • ripsonics

          me neither my friend.. me neither. Someone keeps giving the rondo haters thumbs down.. SHOW YOURSELF!

        • IBleedGreen

          I"ve been saying the same thing for the last 2-3 years on this forum. Let's just cut the "elite PG" discussion until he learns how to shoot and not throw the ball away.

  • smalltownID

    2 questions, Why is Bradley out of bounds, and Why is KG passing to him…..Hilarious. These lowlight highlights are keeping me sane. Thank you.

  • ripsonics
    • pam

      why would the cavs agree to this trade? in terms of future potential kyrie probably has a higher upside than rondo. even if he doesnt reach it, the cavs arent trying to win now anyway

    • IBleedGreen

      You're joking right? Any time will want Irving over Rondo.

      • ripsonics

        Haha yes… I thought we were all posting ridiculous trades.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Well I'm headed up to Boston in the morning for the game. Celtics hopefully won't lay a stinkbomb on me. Anybody know if Rose is a scratch yet?

  • NICK33

    Why not ask the Wiz if they'll give up Wall & Blatche for Rondo & Johnson.

    Wall & Blatche could flourish with the right kind of leadership and Rondo gets to be the man in DC.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Blatche is a stupid a$$hole. He came in this season ridiculously out of shape.

      • IBleedGreen

        Plus Wizards is not giving up John Wall