Post-game Reactions

The only highlight that matters tonight is Paul Pierce passing Larry Bird to move into second place on the Celtics’ all-time scoring list. It happened on a three-ball early in the third quarter.

Doc Rivers on Pierce’s accomplishment:

“It’s just awesome. I told the guys you’ve got to have several things: One, is longevity. The second thing is health. And then I said the third thing is you’ve got to be old as hell, because you’ve got to stick around a long time. And then the fourth thing: you’ve got to ball. You’ve got to play some amazing basketball. You know, passing Larry Bird – that’s impressive.

“Here’s the part I wish people wrote more about Paul: Paul had a chance to leave us when we were bad. And instead of moaning that he wanted to go to a championship team, he stayed. And he said, ‘I simply want to be a Celtic and I trust that we’re going to win a title some day.’ He had no reason to believe that, at that time. I mean, we were pretty awful. I wish people talked about his loyalty more, because I think that’s special, especially in this day and time, when everybody’s jumping from team to team. And that’s their right, too, I don’t begrudge that with anybody, but I do think it’s special that Paul Pierce decided that he wanted to be a Celtic for his life. And I think that’s pretty cool. In this day and time, in any sport, I think that’s special.”

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  • Jason

    Doc's right; his loyalty is underplayed. Did you hear the BS Report with Bird? Bird talked about Red and loyalty. Not that I wouldn't see Ainge's side if the day came and he decided that it was best to part with Pierce, but still I wonder if maybe Ainge won't reciprocate. Pierce has earned that, no?

    Congrats Captain. You have (and still do) make this C's fan very proud. You came to the Celtics with talent. But all NBA draftees have talent. You've carried this franchise on your back, getting them as far as you could with limited help, survived and came back from a stabbing, endured severe down times, all the while being heavily criticized. You stayed, kept faith, improved rather than giving up and ultimately brought Boston another banner. And now you've passed Larry Legend and your own status in Celtic and NBA history is cemented. It's a wonderful story and it's not even fiction. You did it and honestly are still as efficient and as valuable as ever. It really is a pleasure rooting for you. Basically … thank you.

  • Jason

    Btw, during the game, Dickerson asked Blakely why Pierce is underrated and of course his answer was pathetic. The real answer is because Pierce isn't a human SportsCenter highlight. Yeah, occasionally he gets on there, but mostly he just does winning things despite not always doing freakishly exciting things. SC gives you the high flyer, the super fast, etc. Pierce doesn't give you that. He only gives you everything else. In my book, he is THE most complete basketball player in the NBA. Just on offense he is as complete as anyone. Name a place on the floor he can't score from. Name a shot he can't make. 3, deep 2, mid range, drive, pull up, stutter step, spin, baseline, wing, corner, fall away, elbow, left, right, shoulder fake, pump fake (draw the contact and still knock in the shot), hesitation, finger roll, in traffic, up and under and oh yeah, he'll cross you over or dunk on you every now and then just for good measure. You name it; he's got it in his arsenal. Sure other players have some aspects of their game that are more dominant, but NO ONE has more dimensions to their game. Oh, and he'll drop 10 dimes AND (not or) grab 10 boards if that's what the team needs. And he'll set screens and play good to great defense on top of that. All that skill, all that IQ, all that team play gets undervalued because he's not chucking 30 times a game, because he's not breaking ankles or soaring, but make no mistake, Paul Pierce is a basketball savant. He's also loyal to his franchise/teammates/city, tough as nails, a leader to his team, an NBA champion, Finals MVP, an all-time Celtic and an inner circle HOF'er. Again, congrats and again thank you.

    • CelticsBIG3

      All so absolutely true. It's difficult at times to explain to people why he's my favorite player ever but that really sums it up.

  • sightline75

    Its a shame that a few super freak athletes that have highjacked basketball at the moment. Smart teams and smart players are fun to watch.

  • Jivansky

    Congratulations to the Celtics captain, Paul Pierce!
    He deserved it!

  • Handsome

    Is it weird that I was a little proud of Jermaine for getting a technical immediately following Pierce's record-breaking shot? The Bobcats tried to be sneaky and they raced right up the court while the Celtics were congratulating Pierce and they drove right at the basket.
    I'm pretty sure Jermaine gave the ballhandler a nice hard foul and a mouthful for trying to take advantage of the Captain's moment. JO also was the first player to jump in when Thomas looked like he was about ready to fight Pierce a few minutes later. It's good to see that he has the team's back in those kinds of situations.

  • Morpheus

    Congrats Paul.

    Hey just the other day that other guy broke another all time scoring record, moved ahead of Shaq.