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I Am Awesome!

Yes. This is a “pat myself on the back” post because a) I’m a jackass and b) I predicted something correctly. Back on January 8th, I predicted that the next ten games will tell us everything we need to know about this Celtics’ team. If they struggled, it was time to blow it up. If they played well, then anything is possible.

I’m exaggerating. Instead of boldly predicting a Celtics’ turnaround, I gave three feasible situations and provided commentary as to what each would mean. Let’s recap:

Best Case Scenario:

8-2. Let’s assume 10-0 is completely out of the question. The Celtics lose one game in each of the home-and-homes while avenging early season losses to the Pacers and Knicks.

Most-likely Scenario:

7-3. On the conservative side, but let’s say the Celtics steamroll through the Raptors, Suns, and Wizards only to catch Orlando on the SEGABABA making them 4-1 at that point. Let’s also say they lose to Indiana (SEGABABA) and New York, two teams that can definitely beat the C’s.

Worst Case Scenario:

5-5. The Celtics lose to Phoenix (because they seem to lose to them every year regardless of personnel), both games in Orlando (they’re playing much better than the C’s right now), Indiana (because the C’s haven’t beaten them this season), and Carmelo Anthony proves to be too much. Phoenix has been pretty terrible this season, so the C’s could theoretically win that game but also drop one of the home-and-homes with the Cavs, thus still leaving them at 5-5.

As we all know by now, the Celtics went 8-2 and achieved my so-called “Best Case Scenario”. I love how I wrote that 10-0 was completely out of the question. In retrospect, the two C’s losses were completely winnable games (Phoenix because they are bad team, and Cleveland because the C’s gave that game away). Could you blame me for being pessimistic? At the time the Celtics had just accomplished their first 5 game losing streak of the Big Three era.

After going back and reading the comments it looks a couple of you were optimistic and for that I say KUDOS! For those of you of that thought the Celtics were done, SHAME!

And with that, I leave you with the scariest thing I saw tonight:

That would be the Lou Williams Bobble Head. I’m not sure which will be haunting Kobe’s dreams more tonight, Lou Williams or his bobble head.

  • Stephe

    No matter what this team achieves this year, it's getting blown up in the offseason. No GM in the world would spend all that cap money of older players like that.

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