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Highlight Gallery: Celtics 91 Knicks 89

Nostalgic for last night? We’ve got the cure!

3. In Pursuit Of Ray Allen

Kevin Garnett is taking some heat from Paul Pierce for taking all those inefficient long two-point shots so he’s expanded his range the last couple of games. So far, it’s mostly an amusement, but if KG has that range, the C’s would be smart to stretch floor even further. It probably goes tilt if he starts running off double baseline screens, though.

2. JVG’s Theory

The Knicks challenge the C’s a number of times before good ball movement eventually finds a cutting KG for a layup. There’s a nice overlay here as Jeff Van Gundy unspools a conspiracy theory about the league punishing his brother’s 2010-11 schedule criticisms by forcing the Magic to play in Indiana on Super Bowl weekend this season.

1. Pierce Beats Buzzer

Replays had this ball leaving Pierce’s outstretched fingertips at 0.1 seconds.

0. Buzzer Beats Pierce

Replays had this ball leaving Pierce’s fingertips a tenth of a second after the clock hit 0.0

  • tbunny

    Great game. The Knicks have been fun the last couple years.

  • "Knocked away… ball STILL lose Pierce gets it back throws it up?! AUAUAUOOHHHH HE PUTS IT IN!!!!!"

  • I'll accept the ruling about that three at the buzzer, because I'm just blind and really don't get as good of an image to see as the refs did. But that was *really* hard to tell one way or the other. I still can't tell from any image I've seen so far if that was good or not, so I'm just ready to let it go.

    But here's an idea of how good this shot was… My roommate dislikes most sports. He'll occasionally look over when I'm watching a game. He happened to look over when Pierce took that shot, and he just went, "Damn! Again? Did I just see that?" Then, of course, came word that the shot didn't count, but he was still impressed that Pierce had the time to recover the ball and get a shot off that close to the shot clock going.

    Which brings me to the fact that I need friends that actually can enjoy sports. What's wrong with me?

    • Careful what you wish for. My sports friends are haters and I'm much happier watching basketball by myself

  • bcwires

    also, PP's almost three in a replay is a clear travelling.