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New England Going For The Weekend Sweep: Celtics 91, Knicks 89

New York Knicks 89 Final
Recap | Box Score
91 Boston Celtics
Grades and highlights will be up later but for now, here are five things we saw.

Five Things We Saw

  1. The Knicks are a different team on defense and the biggest difference has nothing to do with Tyson Chandler. They pressure the wings and trap the ball handler from time to time. They also do a fair share of reaching and poking at the ball. Tonight it worked in their advantage but its effectiveness is completely dependent on the officiating crew.
  2. The Celtics have their equivalent of Anderson Varejao in Chris Wilcox. “Equivalent” is an obvious overstatement, but Celtics fans got to see what it would be like if Varejao wore green for a brief time in the second half. Wilcox was all over the place, getting his hands on rebounds, attacking the offensive glass, and diving on the floor for loose balls. The effort was very much appreciated by the team and the Garden Faithful.
  3. The “No Basket” basket by Pierce was almost the craziest thing I had ever seen. I guess he didn’t beat the shot clock and he definitely traveled (although I don’t think there’s a chance they could have overturned that on a travel call) but for a few glorious moments, the Garden was BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
  4. Tonight was the perfect example of why you wouldn’t want Carmelo Anthony as your best player. He shot the Knicks out of this game in the fourth quarter and when he was forced to give the ball up, the rest of the Knicks seemed too uncomfortable to take a shot.
  5. The Celtics out-rebounded the Knicks 40 to 37 and won. Mark it 8, dude.
  • I_Love_Green

    Ahhh feels good to get a W and have Rondo back.

    Oh and if Pierce isn't an all star reserve I say everyone should boycott the game.

    • ripsonics


      • CelticsBIG3

        Absolutely, that three point shot they took away was ILL…. Totally F'N ILL

  • http://Lovemyceltics.blogspot.com mycelts


    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, what better start,
    Stoudemire jump ball, JO showed heart.
    Rondo got a poke right in the face,
    What do you have to do to get a foul in our place?

    It was a Q1 of runs, each team had a lead, 
    Pietrus for three, kind of offense Cs need.
    Factoid of the week, speaking of offensive yield:
    'Melo's lowest season ever, 40% from the field.

    Bradley's D, along with the heart of KG,
    Toward the end Q1, KG for three!!
    10,000 defensive rebounds, 10,000th that's right, 
    KG, third since counting, made his tonight!

    A Harvard player, 50 years since there's been, 
    The Knicks have him, he's Jeremy Lin.
    At last we see Rondo (puffy eye) and Bradley,
    Watching their defense, gotta love them madly.

    (An aside: things for the Magic not as grand as they'd dream,
    For detrimental conduct Baby suspended from the team).

    Knicks were aggressive, Chandler,  Lin, Fields and 'Melo,
    Cs need more offense from that Pietrus fellow.
    With defense by the Cs hardly part of the mix,
    Cs at the half only down by six.

    The whole game the Cs played five against eight, 
    It's an understatement to say the refs weren't great!
    Ridiculous calls every single game, 
    Especially if you wear the Celtics name.

    Wilcox, Bass doing well, KG looking for his shot,
    The game is better when unselfish he is not.
    Never underestimate Cs, they define hustle,
    They'll roll on the floor, for the ball they'll tussle.

    Tied at 79–as chippy as could be,
    Cs took the lead on RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!!
    Then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, starting to score, 
    Another smooth move, he shot back door.

    Tight at the end, the Captain, that's P, 
    Clock winding down, Paul Pierce? NO three!
    Insult to injury, refs added seconds to the clock, 
    Such good defense by the team run by Doc.

    Woodson on the Knicks' bench, this is no baloney, 
    He might get the job currently held by D'Antoni.

  • ripsonics

    good game.. missed the second half for an intramural bball game, which we lost.. but nonetheless, I am happy the team in green won.

    I think the shift back to rondo running the offense in the first half was uncomfortable for them, but once PP took over in the second half, I think we started to find the groove – and by I think, I mean I know – because we won.


    Go C's

  • Kafel

    Good thing that C's got W but game could go either way.. I agree that Pierce should be an All Star. With his numbers it's simply obvious!

  • Chris from Danvers

    Hey, this team is starting to show all it can be. Starters looked good. I disagree that Pierce traveled, but am surprised the call got overturned….it was hard to tell on replay if the shot was on time or not.

    Five things I saw

    1. This is a solid bench with players' roles being identified.

    2. Wilcox may have indeed been worth the investment.

    3. Rondo always finds a way to take a beating, but the team still looks so much smoother when he is out there.

    4. Paul Pierce was right….after 8 games, he was able to get his rhythm back.

    5. Like how the starters and bench can create different styles of play based on players in the game. There is offense group, defense group, energy group, press group, rebound group, close out game group.

    Overall, this win showed a lot.

  • C's Bball Fan

    So much better compared to the start of the season. The difference between the first game vs. the Knicks and last night was Paul Pierce. If he started playing this way a few games earlier, hey, he might've even been on the all-star starting line-up!

  • OKCeltic

    Don't know if PP could've been the starter but Carmelo shouldn't be.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Carmelo sucks, always has. Ball hog who has pretty much taken Amare out of his own game in NY. Lame

  • French

    Brandon, whenever you promise to post grades later…you never do!

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