Post-game Reactions

Ryan fielded a few questions for Raptors Republic on tonight’s matchup, including this one on the potential breakup of the Big Three.

Why hasn’t Ainge began breaking up the big three, and getting picks/prospects for them while he can?

Ryan: There are a few reasons nothing has happened yet. Part of it is that teams are still evaluating what they need and part of it is that you nail the expected return: picks and prospects. That’s a serious bounty and Boston’s early performance has done little to strengthen Ainge’s negotiating position. Now that Paul Pierce has returned to all-star form, Ainge has more to work with, but there’s no guarantee he’ll get an offer he considers palatable. It’s possible Boston will ride out the season as is.

Read the rest over at Raptors Republic.

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  • JCP

    Wow… reading that article really shows what we have to be thankful for at Celtics Hub. Just read that dribble from "altraps"… after literally hating on Danny Ainge he goes on to say how the Celtics could do well in the playoffs only in 4-5 game series but, and I quote, "The real hitch is beating the West in the final. Good luck with that." Really? Aren't the Heat and Bulls in the East?

    For an extra treat, check out their terrible commenters…


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