Post-game Reactions

“Why do you guys do game highlights even when they lose?”

Because highlights ruuuuule!

3. Ray Allen Jimmies Open the Backdoor

Paul Pierce, now fully a point guard, hits Ray Allen on the bounce after Allen finds the biggest open lane you will ever see. As you can see, Antawn Jamison has still not listened to the audiobook on help defense that Anderson Varejao got him two Christmases ago.

Clip is extended to include this Mike-Tommy exchange at the end.

Mike: “The back door was wide open.”
Tommy: “The back door, the screen door, the garage door. Every door!!!”

“Back door, front door, side door,” would have been the obvious choice there. But if you’re looking for the obvious choice from Tommy Heinsohn, I suggest you stop looking.

2. Pierce Gets Pulled Over for Dunk Driving

Here Paul Pierce performs his impression of an Airbus A380 coming in for a landing at Rim International Airport. Antawn Jamison reprises his role of Air Traffic Controller.

1. Brandon Bass Exorcizes His Demons

Bass completely freezes Jamison ten feet from the basket and pours hot dunk all over his face. This concludes our trip inside the Antawn Jamison Defensive Bewilderment Mystery Cave.

Here’s an actual headline from December 24th, 2011: “Antawn Jamison Decides to Give Defense a Shot.” Here’s an actual Antawn Jamison quote from that article: “I think defensively I have to not be a liability, and when we watch film coach can always rely on me being in the right spots and not being the teaching point of our film sessions.” Aww.

0. The Last Nine Celtics Possessions

The last nine Celtics possessions went like this:

  • Sasha Pavlovic missed three.
  • Paul Pierce turns it over on a bad pass.
  • Ray Allen misses a layup.
  • Pierce misses a jumper.
  • Pierce misses a shot at the basket.
  • Ray misses a jumper
  • KG rebounds Ray’s miss but travels.
  • Bass rebounds on defense and immediately loses the ball.
  • Pierce misses a jumper at the buzzer.

I captured them all on video and cut them together. Here it is.

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  • Jivansky

    No need to worry about the lose that we took last night.
    We can beat the CAVS on their home court next game.
    Let's go C's!

  • "pours hot dunk all over his face"

    don't know what's funnier, that or the compilation of the last 9 plays. long live celticshub

  • Vic

    I was in a foul mood for the whole day after the loss (on this side of the Pacific Ocean), but this write-up made me chuckle for the first time the whole day. Thanks, HD.

  • IBleedGreen

    I have learned not to get too high or too low this year regardless of the outcome of the game. I just want every game to be competitive and fun to watch. 2nd round exit is the best this team can offer so don’t get your hope too high. Go C’s!!!!!

  • janos

    Hi Haynes! Is Janos
    I working ryan yesterdays for make site improve, not sure he send you memos ? Can we put schedule NBA site socan see future game CELTICS ? right now have check twice and if do a les click better me.

    What purpose ticker is? News different team NBA? Is good idea Haynes. Today I read Dwight Howard, very interest. He is good bring celtics and Blake and other guy too.