Post-game Reactions

Semih Erden has been struggling in Cleveland and apparently longs for his glory days with the 2010-11 Celtics. It sounds like Byron Scott wouldn’t mind Erden back in green either:

“I was a little disappointed (in Erden),” Scott said. “This stint of three games that he hasn’t played, what I’m hoping is that gets through his head, and when he gets another opportunity, he’ll take advantage of it.

“If he plays hard every night, he has a chance to be a good player.”

It’s unlikely the Celtics have interest in returning Erden, although we assumed the same about Antoine Walker after he was traded and Danny Ainge brought him back a second time.

Perhaps Erden should take a page from ‘Toine and develop a three (or four) point shot.

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  • Mark

    I never understood why Ainge and/or Doc lost interest in Erden. He was a very capable big man for this team last year and certainly brought more to the table than Murphy did. I find it hard to believe he couldn't crack the big man rotation this season as well. For the veteran minimum, or just above, why not?

  • I agree this comment "He was a very capable big man for this team last year" .erden must come back.there aren't 5 numbers in this team.erden is the better than JO.he will very useful for this team

  • Josh

    Bring Semih back. He doesn't want to play for the Cavs and noone can blame him. He will play very hard for Boston cause he has firends here., he wants to be back. I saw semih in europe he plays with his hesrt.
    He battled with so many injuries last year. If he ever comes back to Celtics he is now healty and will be a good one.