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Highlight Gallery: C’s 91, Magic 83

3. Wilcox’s Rude Slam

Chris Wilcox gently reminds you that he is actually very athletic despite his facial hair.

Someone from the coaching staff forgot to remind him that the Celtics don’t dunk anymore.

2. KG Gets Howard’s Spit Out of Here

This is what a brilliant defensive mind KG has: he knows Howard’s going to take this hook before he even lifts his hands. See how he jump-stops just before Howard makes the turn to go up for the shot? Imagine being able to anticipate a dude’s move like that. Ya can’t!

(Should’ve been a goaltend. Oops!)

1. Twaun Finds Twine

This was my favorite of E’Twaun Moore’s four threes, mostly because it gave the Celtics the lead and was the emotional climax of the evening, but partly because it makes a really loud thwap as it goes through.

Headline writers must love guys like Moore whose last names are homonyms with very common words. Tonight they were like, “E’Twaun Moore had eight points in the fourth? Awesome. ‘Moore the Merrier,’ ‘Moore to Love,’ ‘Have Some Moore.’ That’s three. Peace.”

0. Avery Bradley Smorgasbord

Just a horn of lowlight plenty served up by Avery Bradley tonight! So many unforced boners to choose from. Ultimately I couldn’t decide which of these turnovers was funnier. I was paralyzed.


Earlier tonight I was trying to remember if Ryan Anderson was Mormon. I have concluded that he is not.

  • ozcelts

    I thought the consensus was KG had lost his hops?? Not quiet- nice swat Mr Ticket

    • strips

      now that it looks like he's got his swagger back, that's MR. BIG TICKET to you, mr. ozcelts…spectacular d by KG indeed

      btw, what happened to the last clip about ryan anderson being a mormon or something?

  • janos

    Hi haynes, is Janos
    Sorry not do post much this week I have the small problem goverment but is mostly fix now. When i go to the job last night celtics lose 20 point but i come home today morning BEST news win?? how is posible! Now everone want be the support team cheer, but here celticshub we know is good team true form day 1!

  • CelticsFan

    Great recap.
    Just FYI, think the last video may be wrong

    • janos

      thank you celticsfan for like my recap, plus one you my friend.

    • hdavenport

      Fixed it!

  • NHBluesMan

    even if that was a goal-tend on KG (couldn't tell myself) it makes up for that iffy no-call on Dwights offensive goal-tending earlier

    GREAT win by the Celtics, it was encouraging to see them fight back and get the W.

    anyone else think we'd be ok trying to trade Ray for some valuable pieces, since Pietrus, Moore, and Dooling can hold down the 2 spot? I love Ray Ray, but i'd love banner #18 more

  • smalltownID

    Here is a stat for all of you thinking we got a steal with Bass. BBD = 54 charges last year. BBass=4. I like Bass's consistency offensively even though he kills our chemistry. However, I will take the guy who is clutch at the end of games (usually and especially in big games), plays defense EVERY game, and has all the intangibles over the guy who plays almost no defense, shoots 5% better from the field and is identical in rebounding. I have come down off my Bass high. They keep saying he will learn the system but you either play defense or you don't. It was sixes at best in this trade.

    • CG12

      You are remembering Baby with very rose-colored glasses. All you need to see was Baby chucking and clanking jumpers in Q4 last night. He almost single-handedly killed their offense. Howard made some comments about guys knowing their roles and trying to do too much – it sounded an awful lot like he was talking about Baby. Bass's team defense is not as good as Baby's, I will give you that, but the CHub guys have been saying consistently how the advanced metrics show that Bass's one-on-one D has been outstanding. That matches my impressions from watching the games. Bass's athleticism and ability to create buckets for himself is something the Cs can't get from other sources. The occasional forced shot is the price you pay for that assertiveness. I will take that any day. He even had a nice assist last night!

      • Los

        Exactly, just look at how he's frustrating his own team, even Van Gundy got on his case about it. He tries too hard to be something he's not. At best he's he's a valuable sixth man. His one on one defense wasn't that great. Taller players could just shoot over his stubby outstretched arms. Not to mention Bass is way more athletic so he's got some shot blocking ability something BBD couldn't do. Team defense isn't learned in one day it takes time but Bass will get there.

        • smalltownID

          You both forget that BBD was the ultimate team player, reinventing himself every year based on what we needed. Did you see BBD own KG last night? That is right, O-W-N. Nothing says team player like playing defense and taking charges. Yeah, Bass was so much better than BBD last night. He shot one more time than BBD and happened to make it. Unless you are a 5, wide open from 20 feet, every person on the team should take that shot (generally).

          The guard play was the problem, DH was completely ignored. Guaranteed it wasn't directed at baby.

  • tbunny

    If the celtics could play the Magic every game their record would be like 46-20. The magic have no heart! Big Baby was practically the only guy hustling in the second half. Even when they stink I love this Celtics team because they have heart. I don't want Dwight: if he gets challenged by a good defender and his point guard is being pressured, Dwight is just ordinary. And he has no heart. I'd much rather watch old PP and old KG than Dwight, who is way overrated in my opinion.

    Gritty win with terrific team defense. If they can bring that kind of defensive intensity every night they are going to win a lot of games.

  • tbunny

    Plus Dwight spends 10 minutes every game whining like a baby. Nice leadership Dwight.

  • JustAFan

    Bradley's stat line for this game almost exactly mirrors Nelson's from the last game (5 turnovers in a little under 25 minutes, similar points and assist numbers). Watching the game it was clear that Jameer had a chip on his shoulder and decided to give Bradley a taste of his own medicine with the full court pressure, and AB wasn't ready for it.

    But there's no need to pick on him with lowlights, especially after the Celtics got an amazing win. As a fan I can't be down on this kid after he showed real Celtic heart giving the team everything he had Monday night. It looks like it'll take more than half a season's worth of career playing time for him to develop anything resembling an NBA-caliber offensive game, but give me a defense-first young guy in Green who's willing to work hard for this team and I'll root for him every time.

  • Los

    Anyone else hope that BBD would take every shot last night?

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