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A couple days ago, ESPN Insider’s John Carroll wrote a piece suggesting that Danny Ainge should trade Paul Pierce, as well as presenting what he believes are the five “best fits” for trade partners.

Who’s this John Carroll guy, right? Why does he think he’s qualified to talk about Paul Pierce’s value? Listen, pops: John Carroll was the Celtics’ interim head coach in 2003-2004. He coached Paul Pierce. Did you coach Paul Pierce? You did? Oh, sorry Mr. O’Brien. Didn’t recognize you with that haircut. No, it’s nice.

This is an Insider article, so I don’t want to post the commentary or else ESPN might send its enforcer after me (it’s Sage Steele). So below are the unedited trades Carroll put forward. Carroll notes that “ancillary players” may have to be included for the salaries to work out.

1. Pierce to the Atlanta Hawks for PF Josh Smith
2. Pierce to the Memphis Grizzlies for SF Rudy Gay
3. Pierce to the Indiana Pacers for SF Danny Granger
4. Pierce to the Utah Jazz for Paul Millsap and future draft pick or Enes Kanter
5. Pierce to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin and Patrick Patterson/Jordan Hill

What do you think? Don’t yell at me, I’m just posting them.

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  • Jivansky

    No to trade. Paul Pierce will be a Celtic for the rest of his playing career. Pierce bleeds GREEN.

    Go C's!

  • skeeds

    I am a big fan of Josh Smith's game, but not worth trading Pierce for, more importantly because he's expressed a desire to play with Rondo anyway. If ATL shops him, there are other ways to get him.
    As for Rudy Gay and Danny Granger, lets set our facts straight guys. Those two guys are averaging less in all major categories than PP this year. While on winning teams. And while Pierce was going through a slump for most games.

    So, thanks, but no thanks.

  • Chad

    I would take Danny Granger in a heartbeat. Sorry Pierce.

  • Mike j

    I like the trade for Rudy Gay

    • Tos

      I agree.

  • Mike M.

    i'd take any of these trades they can only help us in the future, and the season looks too bleak to make one more run

  • Joe

    I think you would have to highly consider most of them. I don’t like the mildap trade though.

    By doing these and then letting kg and Allen’s contracts expire, I think Dwight would come to Boston as well.

    Josh smith, rondo, Dwight anyone?

  • shaq

    Smith is overrated, gay and granger are both role players stuck in all star bodies. Kanter could be great but he would get traded before he got that far… Terrible trades.

  • justabloodygame

    If Josh Smith had a brain on his shoulders, then I'd definitely like that trade, he's got the talent to be a perennial All-Star/MVP candidate. Alas, his basketball IQ is equal to that of a Washington Wizard.

    • drdec

      I think you are underrating Josh Smith's BB IQ just a little bit. It's more accurate to say that his BB IQ is equal to that of the Washington Wizards. As a team.

      • justabloodygame

        Perhaps, but I think that says more about the Wizards collective lack of B-ball IQ than it does about Josh Smith's hoop smarts.

  • Not to big on the idea to trade Paul in the 1st but if they was to make a move it should be for Rudy Gay he has a great game and fits well with Rajon. Far as Kevin i wouldn't make that trade cause you can always offer Ray Allen for him done the line for this season. Overall Keep Paul he's a celtic for life, trade Ray for Kevin get Jeff Green back next season and don't sign KG.
    Follow me @spacelessrocket i can go on for days about this for any team haha

  • Kafel

    Not one of them is better than PP, so NO. Besides he is a true Celtic and should retire as a Celtic.

  • aljr

    I like the trade for Josh Smith, only because he is rondo and dwight best buddy

  • CG12

    Fun to speculate, but there is no way PP is going any where.

  • Francis

    Danny Granger appears to be regressing, and Smith is a known commodity. I would think the Gay trade, if it were actually available, would be a no-brainer. His numbers are slightly down this year only because his minutes are slightly down in order to keep him fresh during the compressed season. He's only 25 years old. He plays hard, crashes the boards, and offers a diverse (if streaky) offensive game. Plus the effect on overall team speed/athleticism from switching Pierce for Gay cannot be understated. Go watch the Grizz play. So much of their success is predicated on overwhelming teams with speed and quickness on the perimeter (Conley, Allen, Gay, Mayo). Gay's contract is rather unwieldy, but since Boston doesn't exactly have a track record of landing huge FAs, so best to acquire players via trade.

  • -jp

    None of these trades are very good, maybe granger if got out of his shooting funk

  • W2.

    I like the Gay trade or the Millsap w Kanter trade. The rest are just silly.

  • skeeds

    Meanwhile, although the Gay trade is the best of all of those, we have to consider it's the most unlikely too. Memphis has something going on, and they know it. I'd bet money they won't let Gay go. They didn't max out on Gasol to trade their 2nd best player and go back to being mediocre.

    Midseason, the most Memphis would give would be TA and Mayo. Those they can afford to lose for Allen and Bradley for example. But expecting them to give up Gay for Pierce is as optimistic as hoping they'd give up Gasol for Jajuan and a draft pick.

  • Jon

    Paul Pierce will retire a Celtic. IF for any reason they don't make it to the Playoffs/Finals.. Then I think Danny Ainge will trade him for Josh Smith.
    Either way I think Josh Smith WILL be in Boston next year along side of Dwight Howard.
    we might even have enough to grab Kenyon Martin or J.R. Smith.
    We all know if KG and Ray Ray don't get traded.. they will be resigned and reitre a Celtic too.
    Hopefully Jeff Green will be back in Boston next year. cannot wait until next year.

    Let's go C's-

  • donald

    Paul Pierce should not be traded at all… I’ve been a Boston Celtics fan for a long time and I feel a championship coming this year. Paul Pierce run Boston. Of course they got two great players, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. Do you see them trying to take over the time. Not at all because Paul Pierce been there with the Celtics through thick and thin

  • I want Pierce to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin and Patrick Patterson/Jordan Hill..this is good trade for both teams..lets do this Ainge 🙂

  • I would do any of these trades, love Paul and appreciate everything he's done for the team but this core isn't going anywhere, I actually probably like the Millsap/Kanter trade the most, Millsap is a beast and Kanter is a good prospect, although by all accounts Kanter has been disapointing this season.

  • Anthony

    All these trade options are interesting but even if they were really available, I say the only trade I would make is Rudy Gay. None of these guys, except Gay, brings more to the table than Pierce

    1) Josh Smith is young athletic but nowhere near Pierce offensively and clutchness.
    2) Rudy Gay is young, athletic, great size, good offensively and defensively.
    3) Danny Granger is 2-3 years older than Smith and Gay, and more perimeter oriented. I think Paul George has more upside than Granger right now.
    4) Paul Milsap is very underrated but Boston already have an undersize 4 in Bass. Enes Kanter is still unproven.
    5) Kevin Martin is pure scorer but Pierce is still much better than him. Even with Jordan Hill/ Patrick Patterson this is the least favorite of the trades.

  • Chris from Danvers

    Not sure I like any of these options. But, if it were to play out

    Option 1: Rudy Gay….similar game to Pierce and solid player

    Option 2: Josh Smith…..he'd actually by number 1, but it is known he wants to come to Boston and is friends with Rondo. I say wait to 2013, when he is a free agent, and see what can be done as part of the rebuilding.

    Option 3: Danny Granger…..good choice, but less upside because of age.

    Option 4; Kevin Martin…. Good player, but really woudn't be small forward

    Option 5: Paul Milsap….not bad choice, but agree with previous comment….like hacing another Brandon Bass.

  • Bleeding Green

    Duh. You are all so blinded looking through your green glasses. First of all, Paul Milsap is not Brandon Bass. You are trying to compare 17pts / 9.4 reb / 1 blk and a PER of 25 to a player with 12 / 6 / 7 and a PER of 14.68. Not even close. Second, you are all overvaluing Paul Pierce. He is a great player, don't get me wrong. But he is 34! He's an entire year older than Kobe who is 10 times better than Pierce and even he is on the decline (despite coming flying out of the gates so far this season). Why would a team like Utah or Memphis trade away their core players for an aging wing who in a year will be no more than perimeter shooter? Get real people! Pierce has been a great player but nobody is going to give up the farm for him at 34 years old!