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I am legally required to provide this update, wherein Dwight Howard indicates that he would sort of definitely maybe consider the Celtics. Or at least he wouldn’t hang up on them.

Steve Bulpett stokes the fires of madness over at the Herald:

And if Howard is still available — if the Magic don’t blink and move him before the March deadline — C’s president Danny Ainge will undoubtedly put in a call to Team Dwight.

The question is whether he’ll answer.

“Always. Always,” Howard told the Herald. “I’d always listen to a team like that.

“My thing is I want to win. It’s not something like I’m doing this for money. I win. I want to do it my way.”

Don’t lie. Your hopes are rising, aren’t they? I can tell just by looking at you.

Well, there’s more, but you have to click past the jump it you want it:

“You know,” said Howard, “you look at a team like Boston and look at a team like LA who’s won … especially Boston. Man, those guys came together and they didn’t care who scored all the points. They had done all the individual stuff.

“You know, for me, I’ve done a lot of things individually, but I want a championship. All those accolades that I’ve got over the years, they mean a lot, but it’s just different watching teams hold up that trophy and knowing how hard you have to work to get it.

“They have the championship mentality,” he said of the Celts. “It means a lot. Like I said, I like the team. They play hard and they go after it, and that’s what I like.”

Three thoughts:

1) Bulpett goes out of his way not to manufacture anything and notes that Howard has referenced his regard for Boston before, but once the questions are asked of him, Dwight has little choice but to respond. And since there’s not much negotiating leverage to be gained by disparaging one of the few teams with available cap space this summer, this becomes a story whether it’s a story or not.

2) Dwight Howard is exactly the kind of player Danny Ainge wants. A franchise-altering superstar. Pretty much everything he’ll do over the next couple of years will be with an eye to adding a player of this caliber. So, as long as Howard doesn’t sign an extension with some other team, Ainge will pursue him.

3) I’d bet my life that Howard ends up elsewhere. Okay, not my life. But definitely Brendan’s and Hayes’ and Brian’s lives.

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  • Robbo

    You have to seriously consider taking him on if he is available – if he truly wants a championship ring and wants to play for a TEAM – then go make the deal.

  • Handsome

    No one is suggesting that you don't pursue Howard. If you can get him it is a no-brainer to do it. Ryan is just recommending that people remain realistic about the chances of Dwight coming to Boston next year.

  • Jon

    I'm a BIG BOSTON FAN, I've been on the train for getting Dwight Howard to Boston a little over a year. Then people started hearing he wants to be with the Nets or NY. I haven't heard anything like that outta his mouth yet, only from "sources" or "website rumors" which are only right 50% of the time.
    I think Dwight knows what the Celtics can offer if he stays with Orlando for the rest of the season. He would get offered MAX Cap, plenty of promotional deals that will give him even more money, and offering championship banners with the craziest fans in the NBA backing him up.
    Not to mention we would also have more money to sign another All Star.. His name is Josh Smith.
    Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, Rajon Rondo, and other great players on the team would almost guarantee a Title.. which is what Howard wants.

    • Anthony

      I've been lobbying for getting Josh Smith figuring Howard is out of the question. But I just cant see a team of Howard, Smith, and Rondo working. All 3 guys shoot under 67% from the free throw line and no perimeter shooting. It would be an awesome defense team though.

  • W2.

    Paul whispering in Dwight's ear…."Dwight, Doc is cool and smart and respectful. Kevin and Ray will come back. Baby is ridiculous. Cool off the court, but seriously this isn't an episode of Martin. And Rondo, you wanna talk about lob city. Get real. And have I mentioned we play defense. Think legacy. But no really, do what you want."

    You tell me Dwight is not listening.

  • Nathan

    Dwights thinking: "but i cant go to the beach… and my friends dont play there"

    • High Rollers

      Exactly. Promenades on the beach and year round warmth are not walking through that door. But Boston is a big market. If it weren't, there's no way Amazing Rondo's jersey is the third best-selling in the league last year. So if two out of three ain't bad (marketability and championship caliber vs. … weather), then come Summer 2012 Dwight best chooses Boston. It would be a shocker indeed. Almost as shocking as that beatdown the C's gave his crew the other night.

  • CelticsBIG3

    If these pieces were able to come together we would be a great team this is for sure. Only time will tell. There are definitely strong reasons for Dwight to come to Boston, and if I were a player, Boston would be the only place I want to play.

  • Los

    C's need to do a lot of winning to prove to him they still have what it takes. still think he's leaving somewhere else but you never know

  • skeeds

    I've said it before. The one factor that should count above all, and for Dwight Howard I bet it does, is coaching. Look, I believe he wants to win. A guy like him, as dominant as him, he doesn't want to be a Karl Malone.
    I doubt he'd want to go play for D'Antoni or Avery Johnson. A real coach, like Carlisle and Doc, can guarantee they know how to make it happen. They both have made spectacular runs, Carlisle last year, us, in 2010, a run that proved Doc is one of the best.

    That's why I think the real contenders to sign him are LA, Dallas, and yes, us. Organisations that can provide him with massive exposure, great supporting casts, legendary status, and rings.
    If it comes to free agency, no other team than Dallas can make a pitch as good as Boston based solely on game factors. And me, I've got my money on Dallas. I mean come on, Dirk, Marion, Terry and Odom? Plus Cuban throwing cash at anything that moves? No brainer.

    • Jamie

      If he wanted to win he wouldn't have New Jersey on his list of teams that Orlando could talk to.

  • Mark

    Don't tickle me with the Dwight feather again. I don't see Dwight making it past the trade deadline in a Magic uniform. Orlando knows he's gone and he has danced around that for months. Sure Dwight kind of, sort of says all the "right" things about his situation. IF Dwight is a free agent Ainge MUST make that call but I don't see much interest from Dwight. However, to go against what I just said, I don't see any team on the cusp of a championship having enough cash to sign him. So at least that works in the Celtics favor.

  • Mark

    Just throwing this out there but IF Dwight wanted to play with a young up-and-coming team that could be on the brink of being a contender then don't look past Indiana. Like Boston, Indiana isn't that attractive of a destination BUT they will have all kinds of cap room next season. If they can get out of Grangers deal next summer they could very well offer Dwight and Eric Gordon (who they will target) max or close to max contracts.

    Collison, Gordon, George, West, Howard? Holy crap Chicago/Miami.

    • Jamie

      He wants to play with a team that can win in a big media market. Indy is never happening

      • Mark

        And THOSE teams don't have the money. Without a trade his big market dreams won't happen.

  • Dwight says he wouldn't go to Chicago because it's too cold, now I haven't been to Boston or Chicago (I'm from the UK) but I'm pretty sure that Boston is more or less the same temperature as Chicago, that said I have heard Dwight wouldn't go to Chicago because Adidas don't want him to. If I'm Dwight I definitely consider Boston and as a C's fan I definitely want him to sign with us but I seriously doubt it happens. At this point I don't think Dwight has a clue where he's going.

  • ripsonics

    OK.. I am not an expert on salary cap.. But i know that Paul, Rondo, and AB are the only guys on contract through this year.

    Dwight's pitch should be – you'll be the number one guy, Rondo will give you the ball, we are committed to winning, and with your defensive ability, we'll be the best defensive team in the league hands down. He'll be the number one offensive weapon here and we can resign the pieces that we have already at a bargain – plus probably another good player with the added money that we have. Bring back Pietrus and Bass.. ARE YOU KIDDING!

    Rondo, Ray, Paul, KG, Howard – Starting
    Pietrus, Bass, Bradley + one more – Bench..

    Who would beat that team? No One.

    Secondly.. For those that think DH is going to LA you are mistaken… Dwight and Shaq HATE each other.. Shaq was drafted by Orlando, played really well – and then went to LA. Are you telling me that DH is going to do the same thing….? Not a chance. I would bet my LIFE that that won't happen.. Guarantee..

    Go C's

    • LACelticFan

      You forgot Bass and JJ, as they will be on the books too for a total for 5 guys at 34mil.

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  • Me and my friend are 16 and from Brownsburg, IN and we read this blog everyday. We love it so much we couldn't help but start our own, so we made one that isn't team specific but just focuses on the league as a whole. We have a live updated scoreboard, updated standings and stats, a weekly poll and weekly awards. Also, we have a page called This Day In Basketball History that we update daily. Check it out sometime! One of our latest posts: "David West: The Man Inside the Man"

  • NHBluesMan

    i'd love to see it, in fact i texted my brother the other day and said "i wonder if Ainge is trying to stockpile D12's old teammates (Pietrus, Bass) in order to have a bigger draw on him next year"

    We deff don't have the BEST chance, but as Lloyd Christmas said 'SO YOU"RE SAYIN' THERE'S STILL A CHANCE!!!!!!"

    Perfect world scenario- we get D12 AND KG and Ray resign for vet min's to mentor the younger guys and help bring home banner 18…. possible? yes… probably? not really

  • LACelticFan

    Top shelvers – Eric Gordon, Hornets; Roy Hibbert, Pacers; Brook Lopez, Nets
    Potential top-shelvers – Ryan Anderson, Magic; Nicolas Batum, Blazers; O.J. Mayo, Grizzlies
    Quality role players – Darrell Arthur, Grizzlies; Jerryd Bayless, Raptors; D.J. Augustin, Bobcats; Jason Thompson, Kings; Brandon Rush, Warriors; George Hill, Pacers; Courtney Lee, Rockets; Robin Lopez, Suns
    Upside gambles – Michael Beasley, Timberwolves; Anthony Randolph, Timberwolves; Marreese Speights, Grizzlies; JaVale McGee, Wizards; J.J. Hickson, Kings

    From Sporting News
    Would love to see Brook Lopez and OJ Mayo in green next year.