Post-game Reactions

Sometimes when you’re in a crowded locker room with a bunch of other media miscreants, things get hectic.  When things get hectic, maybe you get distracted and have a slip of the tongue.  Maybe you are me.

If that is the case then you tried to ask Avery Bradley about the hard foul he took from Dwight Howard by using the word “shot” instead of “foul” because you’re hip and original.  But because you are also an idiot, you replaced the ‘o’ with an ‘i’ and now you have been completely blacklisted by the Comcast camera guys.

Such is the life of a blogger.  Working tirelessly to improve your reputation while only sabotaging it more.

Other than laughing at my expense (and please do not hold back), Bradley’s contributions during Rajon Rondo’s absence should not only be acknowledged but also admired.

So far, Bradley has had to face Steve Nash, John Wall, and Jameer Nelson.  Each game he has consistently pressured the ball handler, making it enormously harder for the point guard to establish a rhythm.

For everything Bradley lacks on the offensive end, he is consistently making it harder for opponents’ offenses to get set up and run their stuff.  Bradley’s contributions become all the more important when you consider how little the Celtics are getting from E’Twuan Moore right now.

Consider the following: in the past three games, the Celtic’s starting point guards have committed more turnovers than they usually do (Nelson committed 5, averages 2.6; Wall committed 7, averages 4;  Nash committed 4; averages 3.4).  Not a perfect analysis for sure, but definitely food for thought while we watch Bradley going forward.

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  • I_Love_Green

    Hahahaha oh lord.

  • sk35

    I was going to say, I don't know what kind of access you have to the locker room but how do you know about his bowel movements? Good thing you quickly corrected yourself or the situation could've become awkward…

  • CelticsBIG3

    That was awesome, ha ha

  • ripsonics


    This post is pretty good proof as to why we all love the hub so much. Keep up the good work.. And of course –

    Go C's

  • timmy4prez

    hahahaha fn noob, nice question

  • crazyone

    excuse me avery….yes how does your ass feel having taking that really hard shit?

  • Jamie

    Is it me or does AB resemble a young Atlanta Hawk era Doc Rivers??

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