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Updates on Rondo and Allen’s Injuries

To start, an apology on a lack of coverage of yesterday’s matinee win over the Wizards. While we at CelticsHub watched the contest, a certain other sport had our direct attention for the rest of the afternoon. With that said, there were a number of noteworthy items to come out of yesterday’s contested highlight by Paul Pierce’s triple-double. Let’s start with the status of Rajon Rondo.

The Boston Herald has the point guard hoping to face the Magic tonight:

“It’s really on me,” Rondo said. “Whenever I feel I can be productive, then I can come back.

“The important thing for me is when I can get the ground. Right now I don’t think I can do that without hurting it a lot worse. And with the way I play, I definitely hit the ground a lot. So when I’m good with that, I’ll be back.”

There is no definitive timetable for a return by Rondo.

“He could (miss more time), but I’m not concerned long term or anything,” Rivers said. “He’s close, but we’ve just got to get it right.”

Ray Allen could also suit up, after only playing 11 minutes yesterday thanks to a jammed left ankle. Normally not a reason to be concerned, but Allen did have surgery on both ankles back in 2006, making another it worth watching. Allen was non-committal about playing today after the game yesterday, according to The Boston Globe:

“It feels better, but we’ll see by [today]. It was the way [Vesely] was setting screens. He was stepping out and extending and every time I tried to go around it, his foot was in the way, so it just seemed like a train wreck waiting to happen.’’

I’d be shocked to see both guys playing tonight, but with this team needing wins now, balancing health and compeitiveness becomes tougher then usual, as defeating the Magic without a starting backcourt is a tall task.

  • I_Love_Green

    I really hope one of them plays. I'd rather it be Rondo because I don't think Avery and Ray have the same perfect timing that Rondo and Ray do when he's running off of screens.