Post-game Reactions

Orlando @ Boston
7:30 PM
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 99.0 points/100 possessions (19th)
Orlando: 105.2 points/100 possessions (2nd)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 98.3 points/100 possessions (10th)  
Orlando: 99.3 points/100 possessions (16th)

Probable Magic Starters: Jameer Nelson (PG), JJ Redick (SG), Jason Richardson (SF), Ryan Anderson (PF), Dwight Howard (C)

Injury Report:
Orlando: None. Boston: Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen are both doubtful. Keyon Dooling and Chris Wilcox are probably out. UPDATE: MICKAEL PIETRUS IS OUT TONIGHT WITH A SHOULDER INJURY.

View From The Opposing Bench: Magic Basketball

Boston’s list of 2011-12 victims isn’t impressive: they’ve beaten Detroit, New Jersey, Toronto and Washington (x3) this season. Tonight, they get another chance to take down a winning team as the improbably strong Magic ride into town. But, while Glen Davis will be on the court, Ray Allen probably will not, having injured his ankle in yesterday’s win over the Wizards. Rajon Rondo may give it a go but the C’s go into this one as underdogs even if they both suit up.

The Magic are the second best three-point shooting team in the NBA at 40.1% (Boston is first at 42.7%) but unlike the Celtics who are only 26th in the league in three-point-attempts per game, the Magic capitalize on their proficiency; on average, they take 25 threes a game. As has been the case for years, much of Orlando’s success comes from being able to post Dwight Howard up underneath the basket and then spread the floor with shooters.

There are two keys for the Celtics on defense tonight. The first will be single-covering Howard, a near impossible task as he’s put up three 20-20 games in his last five and Jermaine O’Neal has struggled with foul trouble this season. However, you can still beat Orlando by limiting their looks from the arc. Hedo Turkoglu is shooting almost 48% from three this season, with additional danger coming from Ryan Anderson (41.9% on 7.8 attempts per game!) and JJ Redick (39.6%). If they see too much daylight, the Celtics are going to lose.

If Paul Pierce is fatigued after his all-world game against Washington yesterday, Mickael Pietrus could see longer minutes against his former team, and spend them racing around the perimeter challenging shots. With Allen out or limited, this could also be a good game for Avery Bradley to lock down someone on the perimeter (Redick, perhaps). Is he capable of doing that against an elite team? Or will he overplay his man and land in foul trouble?

On the offensive end of the ball, it’s a crapshoot. Unless it’s against a team like Washington, Boston is alarmingly dependent on Rondo for pace and shot creation. If he’s playing tonight, and playing well, the Celtics could score the ball effectively against an Orlando defense that has struggled this season. Or at the very least, Boston should be able to get the shots they want (they’ll get few second chance points, as Orlando is the best defensive rebounding team in the league). If Rondo’s out or off his game, Orlando is likely to cruise to victory.


Orlando 101 Boston 89

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Ryan DeGama

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  • guest

    For the love of god, anyone going to the game tonight please get a "WE WANT HOWARD" chant going.

  • CelticsBIG3

    As I said a couple weeks ago I want to hear that like I wanted to hear the "MVP" chants for Kobe in the 06-07 season. Total B.S.

  • I_Love_Green

    What. There is no way we can win tonight. No Rondo, Ray, Pietrus, Dooling, or Wilcox.


    • Ryan DeGama

      Your starting backcourt: Bradley and Pavlovic!

      • I_Love_Green

        Sweet Jesus this is going to be ugly!

        • guest

          ugly for who??????

          • I_Love_Green

            The magic!

  • guest

    Dwight is going to have a Chamberlain like night tonight with half the friggin team gone…….

  • skeeds

    Pf.. no man, you know what the best way to lure Howard in Beantown? How bout we beat their ass really bad tonight.
    Howard only wants to leave Orlando to go to a better team. Future teammates PP, Rondo and Bass making a statement tonight is the best recruiting pitch we can make.
    Rondo going for a triple double would be awesome. IF he even plays…

  • lakershater13

    Okay so with missing those 5 guys clearly its the perfect night to play the rookies significant minutes. If the Celtics lose tonight I would rather see them lose playing the rookies. Lets see what Johnson, Moore and Steimsma can do. Only way I see my C's winning tonight is if Pierce and KG both have a serious throwback game tonight. So Doc PLAY THE ROOKIES!!!!

  • skeeds

    wait, so Pietrus is out, and Rondo ain't playing either. yeeah… great stuff…

  • ripsonics

    honestly.. forfeit. This is going to be the worst game we have ever seen. Paul and KG will need to combine for 50 Easy.

    go c's.

  • hdavenport

    One-point deficit, Bradley and Pavlovic are now tied for the team lead in FGs with two. This is kind of stupidly fun.

    • skeeds

      whatcha talkin about man? Sasha's got the moves! woohoo!!!

  • ripsonics

    did baby get a tribute.. not watching the game cause im in CLASS.

    and i really hope he didnt get a tribute.

    • skeeds

      yeah he god a "thank you" and a cheer

  • hdavenport

    Celtics are:

    -shooting 32%
    -being outrebounded

  • Patrick

    Did you expect them NOT to be be outrebounded?

  • Rachel

    Anybody else not getting csn?

    • hdavenport

      The game's on NBA TV.

      • Rachel

        Yeah, I don't get that. Csn is frozen.

  • skeeds

    was… that… a full half of Celtics D…??? It's been so long I can't remember how it used to look!

  • guest

    Jesus, who is this team up by 10 cause it sure as hell isn't the 2011-2012 Celtics……If they win this, maybe we should explore playing without 5 guys more often…

    • hdavenport

      Doc should kneecap Pierce so the team really gets good.

  • Patrick

    CSN is working for me – I haven't had an issue at all with it tonight…oh god…Steimsma is on Dwight

  • LACelticFan

    AMAZING WIN woohoo, we needed this one.

  • skeeds

    Just to paint the picture of how badly we destroyed the Magic tonight. They made 6 field goals in the 2nd half. that's six. Three of which came during scrap time…

    also, it appears that Sasha has some kind of badass alter-ego we didn't know about…

  • I_Love_Green

    OH MY GOD I'M SO HYPED RIGHT NOW!!! Everyone was injured but we stilled smashed the shit out of them!!!


    • janos

      Hi Green, is Janos

      I gives plus 1 you, very excite post,, . Maybe check haynes next times first before doing swears on celtics, but is still a very nice one.

      WHen checkhighlights i thought was not true scores, but it was!!

      GO CELTICS !1

      • I_Love_Green

        I apologize Janos for my profanity but I was very excited.

        Yes go Celtics!

  • jon

    we won and it was a blow out

  • Chris from Danvers

    Ahhhhhh, just like old times!

  • strips

    i guess that's what happens when you give guys time to play. would've wanted to see more from steimsma and johnson. nice win overall. God knows the team needed that win.

  • Anthony

    And that's why they play the games guys. 41-20 in the second half is pretty impressive. If they can win 3 of the next 4 (at Orl, Ind, Cle, at Cle), Celts can start Feb at 10-10 (.500). Given the circumstances – lockout, injuries, trade rumors, etc. – I think most of us can live with that. And as I've stated in previous posts, in the 5yrs of the big 3 era, Celts play their worse ball from xmas to mid-january.

    Dont get sold on the news about Celtics' demise just yet. Let's keep playing well, get healthy, correcting the early season mistakes, and finish the season strong. Ubuntu!

  • janos

    I hope batman was able see this game.