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Highlight Gallery: Suns 79 C’s 71

Thanks to the magic of selective video editing, here are a few clips from last night’s loss to the Suns that will not turn your stomach. It was a good night for Avery Bradley in particular.

3. Greg Stiemsma was briefly let out of Doc Rivers’ doghouse to deliver this impressive bit of transition defense. Then he was immediately returned to said doghouse.

2. Paul Pierce has been struggling with lift this season, but it’s coming around. Compare and contrast these two plays from the last week.

This next one is more typical of the kind of thing you see from professional basketball players:

1. Bradley played the strongest game of his career last night. A few choice selections that avoid that hoariest of AB clich├ęs: the mid-court steal.

(The jumper looks pretty good here, doesn’t it?)

0. Even our lowlight chaser comes with a silver lining today. Pop quiz: Which of the following two plays best illustrates the value of Marquis Daniels on offense?

If you chose “why on Earth are you taking a 22-foot jumper ‘Quis?” you get a gold star.

  • Tos

    I don’t understand why Doc refuses to play Stiemsma… Only thing I can come up with is that he doesn’t want to showcase him because he prefers him not to be included in an unavoidable impending trades.

    • tbunny

      That's some deep speculation. We're not there so we don't know but my theory would be that Doc is trying to develop Steinsma and is pointedly not letting him play till he gets the system.

  • Morpheus

    That Bradley pull up J was nice. See it's plays like that that make you think hmmmm this kid has something, then you watch his other ugly, forgettable jumpers and you're like "ok this kid sucks, he belongs in the D League already".