Post-game Reactions

After the Celtics got embarrassed by the Phoenix Suns Friday night, Paul Pierce addressed the ongoing speculation that his days in a Celtics’ uniform might be numbered. When asked about the Danny Ainge’s recent comments about pursuing trade opportunities and the rumors that Pierce himself is on the block, Pierce looked sullen.

And after a thoughtful pause, respectfully answered the question:

No, they understand. You know what the Celtics have done for me over my career, I’m more than happy. They kept me this long and I’ve been able to play in a lot of good situations. You gotta understand the business.”

“It’s been a while since I’ve been down that road. But I don’t think about it actually.”

Later, when asked if he felt he would still retire as a Celtic, Pierce responded:

“Of course, I feel that way. Yeah.”

Pretty typical stuff from a guy who’s really been through these types of things before.  The actual transcript does not accurately capture Pierce’s tone.  It could very well have been the fact that the C’s lost to a team they should have beaten.  Or maybe it was because Pierce didn’t play particularly well.   Whatever it was, Pierce seemed a bit beaten.

See video of Pierce’s comments at ESPN Boston.

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  • janos

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    I like talk you guys serious for moment. recent this week, I do a post on investirgate Blake to team. This get the minus two vote and I very upset. I make reply these guys if notlike Blake who best come team ?

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  • I_Love_Green

    I'm open to trading anyone on this team. Anyone, except for Paul Pierce.

    • Batman

      What about Rondo?

  • James Patrick

    It a shortened lock out season, It's simply impossible to get anything of true value to make a difference this season. Look what happened last year with Jeff Green. He never had time to really get familiar with the program. Now there are people who want to trade our Big Three, bring more people in who aren't familiar with things? You really think that's going to get us anywhere? We could lose the next 10 in a row. Trading any of our core is an absolute mistake. And seeing Piere in any other uniform would break my heart. What happened to Celtic Pride? Celtic Pride is in wins and losses. It means it's just being proud to be a Celtic no matter what.

    • Ryan DeGama

      The point to dealing any or all of the big three would not be to improve this year. It would be a white flag on 2012 and an attempt to get a head start on the rebuild/reload.

  • LACelticsFan

    Any attempt to trade the big four would not garner us equal value down the road. And we still have the classiest org in the game. You don’t trade a Paul Pierce after the has only worn the shamrock his entire career. You shown some loyalty and class and let him dictate what he wants to elltric. And I love Blake Griffin, but there is not a player in the league that the Clippers would trade him for, that maybe the reason you got a couple of thumbs down. Griffin has given that entire community life, I know because I live in it. Gotta be realistic. We can’t just pick and choose whomever we want to be a Celtic. They gotta want to be one too. Boston is not a glam team to play for right now, and the only way to change that is to wn, aren’t winning right, and the team as of stands is to its last legs, so no young talent is going to come happily. We gotta build some of those players, and frankly we haven’t,except for Rondo. I am gonna stay patient and hope we develop JJ and Moore, and Bradley.

  • LACelticsFan

    Realize that about 31 mil comes off the books with just KG and Ray. Only Pierce, Rondo, Bass, Avery, and JaJuan are on the books for next year for about 34 mil. Add in Moore and hope Greg gets a second season to prove his worth. We are paying Rasheed and Shaq $$$$ still , all that comes off the books next year. Another clean slate to attract another young SG, another C. Then resign KG and Ray at about 7 million per so we still have the midlevel exceptions, provided one or both are willing to come of the bench.