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Game 14/66: Suns (5-9) @ Celtics (5-8) Open Thread

Phoenix at Boston
7:30 PM
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 99.1 points/100 possessions (16th)
Phoenix: 101.4 points/100 possessions (11th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 100.6 points/100 possessions (17th)  
Phoenix: 103.5 points/100 possessions (25th)

Probable Phoenix Starters: Stephen John Nash (PG), Jared Dudley (SG), Grant Henry Hill (SF),  Channing Frye (PF), Marcin Gortat (C)

Injury Report:
Phoenix: None.
Boston: Rajon Rondo is not in the building, so Avery Bradley will start. Keyon Dooling and Chris Wilcox are out. Jermaine O’Neal is permanently day-to-day.

View From The Opposing Bench: Valley of the Suns


I only just remembered today that Kevin Garnett flicked Channing Frye in the clementines last season. What a treat that rivalry is. The next and last time the Celtics faced the Suns, Garnett added insult to Frye’s actual injury by burning him for 28 points on 12 of 14 shooting. That was a simpler time: Vince Carter and Nenad Krstic started. Mickael Pietrus was on the other team. Aaron Brooks was in the United States. The only Celtics bench player still with the team was Avery Bradley, who shot 1-4. The more things change, man. The more things change.

This season, both teams are old and struggling with the young talent that has disrespectfully taken over their divisions without permission. The once high-powered Phoenix offense has fallen out of the top ten, making them a great matchup for the declining Celtics defense. Only one will emerge tonight with the coveted sixth win.


Avery Bradley is somehow starting tonight, but at least he’ll be matched up with Steve Nash, the most offensively lopsided player in history. Bradley, possibly the most defensively lopsided player in history, will have his hands full with Nash on one end, and they’ll both basically check out of the game on the other end. It would be great, though, to see Bradley drive past Nash’s cardboard cutout to the rim on several occasions tonight. Other players will also enjoy favorable matchups: Pierce will go up against Grant Hill, possibly the only time he’ll get someone older than he is. Garnett will face Frye, and already knows his weak spots. Ray Allen’s struggles, on the other hand, could continue: the Suns have upgraded on defense from VC to Jared Dudley, who shines at overpowering smaller guards and looking like Jim Jones.

C’s 94, Suns 88

  • I_Love_Green

    Rondo is definitely the TOAT, toughest of all time. Alright maybe not of all time, but I can really only think of Kobe that plays through as much as Rondo does. I love that guy.

    • hdavenport

      You know he's NOT playing tonight, right? He did tell Sherrod Blakely earlier today that he would, but apparently the medical staff has just "shut him down."

      • I_Love_Green

        Yes but he wants to play Hayes. DON'T TAKE THIS AWARD AWAY FROM MY RAJON!

  • Ryan DeGama

    Bradley starting is a gift on par with the return of Arrested Development.

  • ElRoz

    WOW…Dooling and Wilcox have been mostly non-contributors…now JO might not play?

    Bradley is starting? ….man….I have serious doubts about a win tonight…hope 'm wrong. At least Stiemsma will see some minutes. right? With Doc you'll never know.

    The AB starting is perhaps Doc's try to slow down Nash…perhaps it will work…make thins difficult for Nash.

  • lakershater13

    I hate seeing Rondo out but hopefully Moore gets to see the court a lot. Also maybe with Bradley getting some starting minutes he will be a little more confident. His offense has been sad to watch this year with so many of his shots getting blocked.

  • I_Love_Green

    Anyone wanna help JO….

    • skeeds

      sorry man, proper sized center with proper center moves. No one could help if they wanted to. Remember Doc saying there aren't that many true centers to worry about? heh…

  • skeeds

    It's been a long long time since I last saw Steve Nash play, but some things always apply. The moment he drops his man on the pick, I cringe… Hands down the best pick n roll player I've ever seen…
    Hope Bradley tires him out, (not likely, Nash's on whatever magic potion Ray is) but god do I love watching that guy play…

  • hdavenport

    Nice cross and jumper from AB! THE BLOOD TYPE!

  • Eric

    Phoenix's D looks better than ours right now

  • IBleedGreen

    A. Bradley or E. Moore – pick your poison

  • lame

    seriously how is paul that out of shape…

  • ozcelts

    JO's making Gortat look like Wilt out there

  • skeeds

    Did they lower the baskets or something? I haven't seen this team dunk so much since Tony Allen was in town! I love it!
    They seem to have contained the Gortat problem for now, let's see if we can win this thing!

  • Steve

    Seriously love the pregame analysis it made my laugh out loud

  • Sophomore

    No question, this Celtics team could go to the Finals!


  • Batman

    Move along nothing to see
    Just keep playing, hope to make the playoffs, bow out gracefully
    then full rebuild