Post-game Reactions

It’s weird to talk about winning opportunities with such uncertainty in the air, but this is where this Celtic team has found themselves.  After dropping a Big Three Era-high 5 games in a row, the Celtics’ collective mood got caught in a sort of fog of ambivalence.

The Celtics don’t like to lose.  You could see annoyance on their faces after losing a tight one to Dallas, frustration when they let a big lead build against Chicago, and then when Oklahoma City burned them in the fourth quarter — positivity?

The loss to OKC was easily the most complete game the Celtics played during this five game skid and that fact was not lost on Paul Pierce:

“Overall, I thought we really defended them really well.  I really liked the effort we had tonight, the way we played on the glass, the way we competed, and I was telling the guys if we keep playing like that night in and night out…because we can feel we are getting closer and closer to where we need to be even though we lost tonight.”

It’s one thing to get back to feeling confident enough in the way you are playing.  It’s another thing altogether to go out and beat the other team.

I’m not sure if Paul actually feels that way, or he knows that the Celtics have a favorable schedule coming up.  Let’s take a look at the C’s next ten games:

This section of the schedule looks pretty good for the C’s.  Not a whole lot of scheduled losses in there.  Let’s break down some scenarios:

Best Case Scenario:

8-2.  Let’s assume 10-0 is completely out of the question.  The Celtics lose one game in each of the home-and-homes while avenging early season losses to the Pacers and Knicks.

Most-likely Scenario:

7-3.  On the conservative side, but let’s say the Celtics steamroll through the Raptors, Suns, and Wizards only to catch Orlando on the SEGABABA making them 4-1 at that point.  Let’s also say they lose to Indiana (SEGABABA) and New York, two teams that can definitely beat the C’s.

Worst Case Scenario:

5-5.  The Celtics lose to Phoenix (because they seem to lose to them every year regardless of personnel), both games in Orlando (they’re playing much better than the C’s right now), Indiana (because the C’s haven’t beaten them this season), and Carmelo Anthony proves to be too much.  Phoenix has been pretty terrible this season, so the C’s could theoretically win that game but also drop one of the home-and-homes with the Cavs, thus still leaving them at 5-5.

* * *

We’ll know a lot about this Celtics team after tomorrow night’s game against Toronto.  If the C’s come out and destroy the Raptors, the locker room is going to feel much more inviting.  If the Celtics lose at home to the Rap Show, this team is going to be in real disarray.

Given the team’s intensity level on Monday night, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say the C’s will go 6-4.  I’m hedging a little, but that home-and-home with Orlando and then the immediate return home to take on Indiana is giving me pause.

What do you guys think?  How will the C’s do in the next ten games?

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  • @2min_2_win_it

    I'm thinking 7-3
    With Pierce and Pietrus on the floor to slow Melo (not stop, just slow) they should get a W against them
    dont see them getting over Orlando or Indiana.

  • Ibrahim

    My hope is 9-1 (loss to either Orlando or Indiana), and my guess is 8-2. This is when we will revive our season.

  • lakershater13

    Assuming they go 7-3 which I am hoping they do they will be at .500 a third of the way into the season at 11-11. After the NY game they play 5 out of six at home and then only play 5 games at home over a 19 game stretch including a 5 game and 8 game road trip. They need to get to April with a decent record. In April they play Miami 3 times, Atlanta twice, @ NY, Chicago, and Indy. they also play Orlando but we dont know what type of team they will have on the court at that time. April is also the month when they play the back to back to back.
    Celtics schedule scares me at this point. They need to either play the young players they have or trade for some young athletic players they can use to get them where they need to be. Obviously the Celtics will not compete for a top spot in the east but they need to avoid being the 7th or 8th seed. They get into the second round of the playoffs and anything can happen if they still have a healthy team at that point.

  • hype

    With Stiemsma starting: 8-2
    Without: Don't wanna think about it

  • skeeds

    Yep , we need to get on a roll. I'm very eager to see if the bench can have some great contribution too. I know Pietrus can. I like that guy's style. Time for Wilcox, Quisy and Dooling to wake up.
    The extended first unit (with Bass) is getting there, everyone's adjusting to their roles nicely, even KG bought to the whole post game thing.

    Bottom line, we know that nothing gets a team on a roll better, than being on a roll already. And this team desperately needs some easy games. Having our 2 best efforts against the 2 top teams (record wise) was unfortunate…

    • CelticsBIG3

      I know that Wilcox' issue is his calf, but what exactly happened to Dooling that has kept him out of the last several games. If they mentioned anything about it, I missed it.

      • skeeds

        I faintly remember something about a knee, I might be wrong…

  • W2.


  • CG12

    I'll go with 7-3. I do agree that tonight's game against Toronto has the potential to give the Cs some real momentum, one way or the other. The recent losing streak is obviously not good, but there are solid reasons not to declare it the end of the world. But eventually they need to start winning, and Toronto is a team the Celts must beat.

  • Gman

    No Bargnani or Bayless – C's better win easily

  • mkb

    it will be 3-7

  • Batman

    Thats right