Post-game Reactions

Three transition plays from this one, because it seemed like the Celtics did all their scoring off of OKC missed shots.

3. The Slowest Transition Basket Ever
Pierce goes coast to coast in about the time it would actually take to go from coast to coast. Slowness kills! I love the deliberate way he pounds his dribble, and the way each one takes him in a different direction.

This was part of a flurry of activity for Pierce, scoring eight straight points and 10 of 12.

2. Rondo Rides Alone
This is what an actual end-to-end score looks like. He really burns through that hole in the paint.

But like any great rushing QB, Rondo is nothing without his o-line: that hole only opens up because KG plows Serge Ibaka out of the way.

1. Rondo Threads Needle to Pietrus
This was one of Pietrus’s funnest threes tonight, but the unsung hero of this play is the pass. If Rondo’s 40 feet from the sideline and Pietrus is 30 feet from halfcourt, then the pass is about a 50-footer. And Rondo, on the run, hits Pietrus’s breadbasket in step.

Perfectly straight, perfectly timed, and it needed to be both. Look at that pass again. Keep watching it until you learn!

0. KG Accidentally Scores on Alley-Oop
A rare scoring lowlight this evening! This play makes the cut over all the turnovers because it made me the saddest. Three or four years ago, KG would have caught this lob from Rondo midflight and sat on the rim before casually dropping it through the rim. Remember that? When reporters were always asking Rondo how they established their lob connection? Those were great times. Today, this happens:

That is a blown alley-oop, Marv Albert. KG doesn’t need your pity calls! Wash out your eyes with this:

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  • lakershater13

    I truly think the Celtics can still compete for the championship. They need to make a trade to do so. With the roster they currently have i think they will finish probably 6th in the east and get knocked out of the second round if not the first. They need to go get a guy like Blatche or Cousins. Both should be available for the right price. O'neal has an expiring contract and is a serviceable center. Send him to a team with a young player (Bradley, Moore, JJ) and a couple of picks. Celtics have multiple extra picks they have acquired. This years Celtics pick is looking like a high lottery pick at the moment.
    Both Blatche and Cousins would be real good players in a disciplined system learning from KG. The Celtics main problem this year is they cannot get anything going at the rim in a pick and roll with Rondo. To me it has been sad watching KG try to finish at the rim sometimes and not be able to get off his feet. The one play the Celtics have used in the big 3 era is the random Rondo to KG lob. That play was a back breaker. Celtics need a young explosive big that can catch lobs from Rondo and run the floor with him.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Blatche is an outshape, lazy, bum. Cousins is a dude with a bab attitude, me first player. Neither fit the Boston Celtics.

    • Jamie

      Blatche is horrible. he plays no D and always complains about the coaching or lack of touches. he doesn't fit on a winning team in any way.

      Cousins about the same. Both are toxic.

    • Anthony

      Lol…I traded for Josh Smith in NBA 2K12. He played with Rondo at Oak Hill Academy and according to rumors, listed Boston as one of his preferred trade destinations. Athletic and can play D. Can cover the Lebron, Odom, Nowitzki, and other bigs that give Celts problems. Just a thought.

      • CelticsBIG3

        That would be fantastic in real life, but we have no trade assets to aquire him. Not to mention the fact Horford just went down.

  • Sophomore


  • I thought despite it all, the C's played a decent game. When RUSSELL WESTBROOK is making several contested threes late in the game, you might as well go home. This is currently the top team in the league and we didn't even look like we exerted our will on this game, and still kept it close until RW morphed into Reggie Miller.

    Might I say, best loss of the season so far…?

    • dslack

      Absolutely agree. RW was 23% from 3PT coming into the game. The Thunder aren't THAT good from outside, and the C's were right in it until the last minute. Pierce finally looked like Pierce. I was quite happy with this game.

    • CG12

      You are not alone. I am actually feeling strangely okay with this season. Sure, 4-8 is very bad, but most of the losses have made some sense.

  • james patrick

    am i the only one pissed off here? what happened to the heart on this team?

    • dslack

      I thought they showed plenty of heart last night. They just lost to a team that's younger, more athletic, generally better, and that was hitting lucky three's late in the game.

  • skeeds

    god that last clip seems like it was half a decade ago…

    • CelticsBIG3

      It probably was

  • smalltownID

    4 questions: Why is Paul Pierce running 3 miles now and not a month ago? Why do the big 3 make so many dumb passes possession after possession? Anyone come off of their Bass high yet since he's had one good defensive possession in 12 games and kills offensive chemistry? Has Rondo dropped out of the top 100 in transition percentage yet?

    • lakershater13

      Pierce did not think there would be a season. He voted against the new deal and expected others to do the same. He injured his heel the first day of practice. Had to sit out a lot after that.

    • Jamie

      Because he couldn't run 3 miles on a bad heel. Otherwise the injury would have just gotten worse.

      • smalltownID

        BS is what that is. He injured his heel during training camp because he came in out of shape. I can't believe you're giving him a pass on not working out over the off-season. I'd still take too many contracts to the original Big 3 over this nonsense. At least the original big3 were professional and did everything they could to be ready to play. Lost a lot of respect for PP this year. KG too, nonsense being out of shape. Mchale and Bird weren't even that good of friends (Bird's own words) and they got together in French Lick to work out in the offseason.

    • dslack

      The big 3 make bad passes because they're physically overmatched. They make passes that would have worked in the old days, but now defenders can keep up with them and jump the lanes.

      • CelticsBIG3

        No I have to disagree about the passing. Ray Allen's only down fall this year has been foolish crosscourt passing. Not at any age or physical condition is crosscourt passing acceptable in a basketball game.

        • smalltownID

          Thank You Celtics BIG3. That is what I was looking for. There really is no excuse for a veteran making poor passes

        • CG12

          The crosscourt pass turnovers have been really, really frustrating. There were 4 or 5 turnovers last night that were straight up goofs – just throwing ill-conceived, poorly-executed passes.

  • The NBA needs this. They’re suglgrting, teams are suglgrting, they need a huge publicity event and Lebron’s deal is the right event at the right time to really help the league out.I’d say the NBA is the architect of most of this hype and Lebron has agreed because it can help out a charity. Otherwise it would just be a standard press conference announcement like all the other big free agents.BTW its not like the players come up with these nicknames for themselves. Shaq started calling Pierce “The Truth”, for example.