Post-game Reactions

3. Ray Crosses Paul George Over

Here’s Paul George thinking Ray Allen is an easy assignment because he’s slower and five inches shorter, and then Ray throws a 36-year-old crossover in his mug and leaves him in the Indiana dirt. Then Ray passes it off to Avery Bradley, who literally shoots himself out of the game and possibly the rotation.

2. E’Twaun Moore Passes Avery Bradley in Career 3-Point Total

The Avery Bradley-E’Twaun Moore career 3-pointer race is really heating up! Here’s Moore squeaking past Bradley for the lead.

That brings the Bradley-Moore Shootout grand total to:

E’Twaun Moore: 2 (in 40 minutes)
Avery Bradley: 1 (in 254 minutes)

Back and forth they go! Who will emerge triumphant??

1. Rondo Hauls It In And Scores

This might have been the only legitimately great play of the night. Pierce gets trapped in the paint and lofts a no-look to a cutting Rondo, but the pass is a little off, so Rondo reaches out and Gronks the pass in traffic. Even more amazing is that, even with his momentum carrying him away from the basket, he retains enough control to spin and bank it in.

Fox Sports Indiana even showed a replay. What nice guys.

That shot tied the game and put the Celtics on a 7-0 run! Then they gave up a 10-0 run.

0. Lowlight Highlight Reel

I considered cutting together all of Jermaine’s blown layups and dunks in a “supercut” of sorts, but that would take me nine hours so here’s one terrible play where Jermaine really shines.

-Rondo drives and dumps it off to Pierce in perfect position.
-Pierce completely bones the layup. How many layups did they miss tonight? 8? 12? It might actually be 12.
-Jermaine gets the rebound, but gets blocked when Hibbert jumps one inch to contest his shot.
-Pierce gets the loose ball, then passes it out to Jermaine, who unfortunately has put on two baseball gloves and muffs it.
-Rondo mercifully fouls George Hill to end this charade of a possession.

0A. KG Aggressively Throws Pass Into Backboard

Two lowlights for a terrible game! Here’s Garnett seeing a wide-open Jermaine under the basket, then hucking the ball off the backboard square at 150 mph. Classic Garnett: violent, angry turnovers.

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  • Batman

    That Garnett pass was hilarious

    • Air France

      Sadly yes. What the hell was he thinking?. Or maybe he was just trying to knock out Jermaine O'Neal.

  • skeeds

    I can imagine him throwing the ball while barking to JO "JUMP YOU FAT LAZY M)@%@ER!!!"

  • LACelticsFan

    At this point Moore pass Bradley in the rotation. Bradley defense like glue, offense like water. Right we need some offense off of that bench, again need Steimsma to truly be in the rotation.

  • smalltownID

    Holy crap I could not stop laughing at that pass. Great attitude and way to deal with this pathetic team right now. Love the lowlight highlight reel HD. Keep it up.

  • CG12

    KG's inability to assert himself is one of the most distressing plot lines of this season. When was the last time you saw KG go by somebody? The book on him is clearly to get up on him, and, as often as not, he will not even look to take it to his man, but will instead just turn away from the basket and look to hand off as soon as possible.

    Man, its like Bradley stole Hayes's lunch money or something, and now he's taking revenge. I get that Bradley's offense has been very weak, but continue to feel that there is hope he will improve with more floor time. Moore is, in any event, a far more polished offensive player. So it's a question of whether giving Avery time for his D and to bring his offense along is more valuable to the team than Moore's immediate readiness, but limited ceiling.