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Around The NBA: Did You Know?

The NBA season is not yet a month old, but teams have already played between 11-14 games.  You all know about the lockout, the shortened 66-game season, the Rondo trade rumors, the old out of shape Celtics, and their current 4-game losing streak.  But what about all the other little interesting factoids around the rest of the league?  For the first edition of Around The NBA in 2012 I figured why not just do a complete, Did You Know piece.  I take you fine readers of CelticsHub.com to be true NBA fans, but maybe even you will be surprised by some of this stuff.

-San Antonio (8-0) is the only team unbeaten at home in the West, while Philadelphia (5-0), Chicago (5-0), Indiana (5-0), and Milwaukee (4-0) are perfect at home in the East.

-Spurs are 0-4 on the road.

Michael Redd is on the Suns.  He has played 2 games scoring 12 in his debut and 2 the next night.

-T-Wolves rookie Ricky Rubio came off the bench for his first 10 games, but has started the last 2 including an 18 point, 12 assist, 4 rebound, 5 steal performance last night vs. the Hawks.  He is also averaging 8.3 assists per game (8th in the NBA).

Lamar Odom, who had his feelings hurt and demanded a trade from the Lakers, is in his 1st year with the Mavericks.  Thru 13 games he is averaging significant career lows in: Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, FT%, FG%, 3FG%, and Minutes.  Could I have saved time and said career lows in everything?  Yes, but I wanted to spell it out.

Nate Robinson landed with Golden State and is putting up 14 a night.

-The Wizards (1-11) have the worst record in the league and have only scored more than 90 points twice this season.

Rajon Rondo is currently 3rd in All-Star voting among Eastern Conference Guards.  (Derrick Rose & Dwyane Wade).

-Rondo has the only triple-double this season.

Dirk Nowitzki surpassed 23,000 career points and now ranks 28th all-time.

-Active points leaders: Kobe Bryant (8th), Kevin Garnett (24th), Dirk Nowitzki (28th), Ray Allen (29th), Tim Duncan (32nd), Paul Pierce (35th).

Kevin Love (25 ppg, 14.6 rpg) is the only player to record a double-double in every game he’s played.  (12 games).

-Six rookies are averaging double digit points per game: Kyrie Irving (17), MarShon Brooks (14.3), Brandon Knight (12.3), Iman Shumpert (11.8), Kemba Walker (11.1), and Ricky Rubio (11).

Rich Keefe is the Celtics Reporter for 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston.  You can follow him on twitter: @Keefe21

  • Morpheus

    I'm sure there are some other gems in there like Bosh attempting more 3s per game than Wade and Bron, who are shooting less than one 3 pointer per game.

    Dwight breaking the 50 year old FTAs record

    At age 33 years young, Kobe is having a career year. What triangle?

    • skeeds

      More like having a career ending year. Right now, he's shooting up before every game to be able to play. Granted, he's playing out of his mind. But he's practically grinding his wrist joint into a pulp, beyond any repair. This can't end well.

      Then again, I've lost count of the times I've said this about Kobe over the last years. I hate him, so much, can't stand the guy. But god damn he's unbelievable…

    • janos

      Hi Morpheus
      Those very good point , esp howard shooting one, is very rare happen, more import then talk Philly. and are more interest than guy posted. column incomplete and not good one. Many point miss not good or fun to read, just string of one lining, not a proper. I can do a google to, maybe put me on the team. No, that is stupid right? So this.

      I am surprise Haynes keep this guy around.

      • Morpheus

        Janos, your posts should be written into the Hub HOF.

  • High Rollers

    Who will figure out that what's happened lately isn't the end of the world first… Lamar Odom or the Celtics?

    As for the C's, Monday night's tilt could be just the thing to clear the skeletons from the closet of their collective psyche.

    P.S. First game back for Perk. The missing piece will be front and center for the other team. Now, what are you gonna do about it? Fold up the tent? Or find the fire? Playing hard is not enough.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Would be nice to see the Celtics come out strong… Knicks got rolled over by OKC last night.

      • frosty

        they didn't have melo tho

  • janos

    Hi Rick, is Janos
    One more DId you know this celticshub nba site BOSTON CELTICS, not talk player all over world. Ther much discuss NBA Celtics this week then this ok? PERKINS play tomororw very good team Thunders will be big test celtics so do a write on that or something better. Thank you.

  • High Rollers

    "Thunders will be big test celtics so do a write on that or something better. Thank you." Yes. Big test. Thank you.

  • Guest

    @Janos, could you possibly write any worse?

    • Tos

      Clearly english isn't his first language. Get a life.

  • High Rollers

    Tonight's game is HUGE. The C's will finally figure out for themselves what's left post-Perk, and if it's worth fighting for.

    And Janos gets more thumbs up than anybody else on here.

    So there it is.

    • High Rollers

      Still. Worth. Fighting. For.