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Highlight Gallery: C’s-Bulls

We’re breaking out our game highlights countdown into a separate package from now on. Additional notes and stats on last night’s game will follow later Saturday. They won’t be pretty, mind you. But they’re coming.

Now, we’ll continue our review of this one with a couple of actual positives from last night’s loss, an irritatingly correct call by the officials and a charming failure from one of the Celtics to cap it all off.

3. Like Frampton before him, Chris Wilcox came alive last night. In a short burst in the second quarter, he joined Rajon Rondo on the break for two transition dunks. Here they are.

2. Here’s Rondo’s charge on Derrick Rose, which some of you may see as the third foul on Rose that was never called. My read on this is you could fairly call it a charge. It’s defensible, I think. But I hate this rule. Because it also looks like a block to me. There needs to be more latitude for a “play on” in cases like this. Encouraging guys to flop and to slide in underneath a guy with a lane to the hoop does nothing for the game.

1. This play is perfect. First, a perfectly still Rondo uses some sort of voodoo power to strip the ball from Rose, who’s plowing down the wing. Rondo tears back upcourt and finds Ray Allen for a wide open three. Ray misses the shot but the Celtics will take that look anytime. More often than not, he knocks that in for three points. Then more good things happen: Brandon Bass snatches an offensive rebound and kicks it back out to Rondo. Rondo finds Allen, who makes a perfect back-door cut to the rim for an easy layup.

0. This last one is for Hayes, who argued vehemently against Avery Bradley seeing the court at all in our 5-on-5 on Thursday. Here, Bradley takes the ball to the rim and then… well… you can see for yourself. Whatever he’s doing, it’s not anything that smacks of, as Hayes notes, competence.

  • guest

    It's here. We all knew it was coming and now it's here. The time to start rebuilding is now.

  • Batman

    Avery’s drive was the most pathetic and funny thing I’ve seen in a while

  • cos

    I know someone here has celtics credentials… can someone please suggest to Doc or Rondo, the nick van exel teardrop/layup might be helpful to rondo. Maybe inquire if its a shot rondo can have in his toolbox.

    I've been hoping rondo would work on something like the teardrop for years. And in my opinion, its a shot that would work for rondo as he can get to the paint at will and doesnt have to take all the abuse of getting all the way to the hoop. plus, as an added benefit, he'd make a bunch of baskets. While rondo has improved in finishing at the rim, its nowhere near where it could/should be.

    • smalltownID

      Cos, I predicted Rondo's transition percentage would tank for that very reason. Nothing in his toolbox other than his sinuous footwork which fools no one anymore in transition (it really isn't a time for cute passes, just the easy one). Although tough to be tough on Rondo when he was the only one to compete for the entirety of the game.

      Free Etwaun.

  • LACelticsFan

    Rondo has been playing at allstar level, no need to crap all over him. Give the guy a break, alot of fans wanted CP3 and to jettison Rondo to Hornetland, but this kid has played extremely well. He has showed an improved jumpshot while still not losing his want to get the ball to the scorers of the team, the Big3. They really need to step up and play. But even more so, than that the bench scoring has been atrocious, Doc really needs to unleash those young legs with Rondo on the second night of the back to backs. That will satisfy Rondo's need to run. This is his team right now

  • yoyo

    It wasn't voodoo that allowed Rondo to strip the ball from Rose, it was a foul.

  • Batman

    It was actually him being a ninja

    • Ryan DeGama

      Also leaning towards ninjitsu. Seems the only way he could get that ball.