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This is an artist's rendering of B. Robb lugging all the fan mail.

We here at CelticsHub.com don’t get a ton of mail sent through our celticshub@gmail address. When we do, it’s usually messages promising proven SEO secrets, Nigerian princes promising money as long as we give them everything they would need to steal our identities, or people asking if they can write for the site*.

Occasionally, we’ll get a few gems that we will read, possibly laugh, and go about our days.

Well, I hope to change all that by introducing this periodic mailbag. We will answer your emails when we a) get enough legitimate emails that would fill a post; b) have time; and c) have a long enough break in games/news that we need to eat up time/space.   Since the Celtics don’t play until Wednesday, we thought today is as good a day as any to kick it off.

So without further delay, here is our (inaugural? Have we ever done this before?) mailbag. I forgot to mention above that when we do get legitimate basketball-related emails, they are often from fans with an ax to grind or who think we are the Boston Celtics.


Our first email come from Dan in what I think is probably New Jersey. The following is a response to a Three on Three I did with Devin from Nets Are Scorching. As you can see, he is upset with me because I don’t think MarShon Brooks is the greatest basketball player alive. I’m exaggerating, but all I did was compare him to Nick Young. Not complimentary for sure, but jeez, relax:

How did you have nothing but negatives to say about MarShon Brooks on Nets are Scorching? U realize he’s 10th in entire NBA in pts/48 min and 11th in entire NBA in PER. Completley uncalled for and infact very incorrect for you to not say one positive thing about him and only negative things. The stats support that he has been nothing but fantastic so far.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reading! Isn’t Devin great? Anyhoo, the simple response to your first question is this: I don’t have to. I actually don’t have to say anything, positive or negative, about MarShon Brooks because it would be really silly to draw definitive conclusions or get excited from anything produced in such a small sample size. The question Devin posed was an over/under on how many shots Brooks would take in the game against the Celtics. I said 20. He took 16 and his time was limited in the second half due to suffering a mild ankle sprain.

You do realize that Luke Harangody is now leading the league in poinst per 40 minutes (HoopData) so he is way better than MarShon Brooks. I mean, the stats support that Luke has been nothing but fantastic so far…

That last one got far more catty than I had hoped, but what can you do? My intellecutal integrity was challenged. Plus, when I first read it I just happened to be thinking of everyone who has ever bullied me.

Our next one comes from Darran, who is from somewhere in Canada. I already asked Ryan and, unfortunately, he doesn’t know him. Darran seems to have been tripped up by the frequent “Boston Celtics vs. CelticsHub” issue. Some times I don’t even know which is which.

I am from canada and you guys costed us a trip because of the lock out. we had tickets to the miami heat game at the beggining of december and also the patriots game. we flew all the way there just for the patriots game and had to miss the nba game. You costed us money. It would be nice if you got us tickets to a different game.

Hi Darran,

Man, it would be nice if I got you tickets to a different game. Especially since I don’t even have tickets myself. It would be like giving you money for nothing.

Let me first start off by apologizing for you having to see the Patriots vs. Colts game. Before the season, I would have given your parents kudos for picking the classic Brady vs. Manning battle. Then Peyton’s neck started revolting against him and the Brady vs. Orlovsky matchup just didn’t light the same fire. I have personally forwarded your email to the Patriots so hopefully you’ll be hearing from them about tickets to a future Pats game.

As for the Celtics game, I am a little hesitiant to contact the C’s about this one because I’m not sure how you got the tickets. I never heard that the C’s were selling individual game tickets prior to canceling a quarter of the season. This leads me to believe that you bought them from either a disreputable online ticket dealer which probably had some fine print about “no refunds” and “purchase at your own risk” or a total asshole season ticket holder who lied to you. Only you and your parents know which one.

  • This next one really speaks to me because I was once this 8th grader.

Hello my name is Jesus. Im a 8th grader in the [some school in Somerville} and I am working on a project and I was wondering if I could interview a basketball player like Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, or Paul Pierce. My project is on me wanting to be a basketball player as my future career and I wanted to know more on how they got there. Please contact me back on my email and thank you.

Hey Jesus,

Thanks for reading. I would suggest trying to contact these players directly. Two out of the three players you listed have twitter handles (@paulpierce34, @RajonRondo) and each of them have personal websites that you can email. I would try getting in touch that way. You’ll have better luck getting a PR person to talk to you than getting one to read this mailbag.

Now for wanting to be a professional basketball player, I have a few questions: 1) How tall are you? In my experience, being tall goes a long way in becoming a professional basketball player. 2) Who is the player you most admire and try to emulate? If you said Carmelo Anthony, I think you should choose a different career path.

Special Non-Tweet Response to Constant Tweets

For the past couple of weeks, the @CelticsHub twitter account is getting completely slammed by @KIDPRINCE22 who desperately wants the Celtics to trade any and all of their bench for players that either can’t get jobs in the NBA for various reasons or are terrible (save for Courtney Lee). Here is a quick smattering of Tweets and a succinct response.



* * *

Again, that address is celticshub@gmail.com!

*For the record, thank you for your interest in the site, the Celtics, and writing. Unfortunately, we are not looking for any more writers right now. When we needed writers last season, we were lucky enough to snag Hayes and Ryan so we know talented people are out there. If we are looking to hire anyone else in the future, you’ll see us posting about it.

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  • someguyinsac

    Pssst Brendan…. Your Spell Czecher was apparently taking a nap when you wrote "Ocaissionally". 😉

    I like the mailbag idea and maybe someday "kidprince" might suggest a logical trade and not a royally whacky one.

    • MattR33

      Ahhh, but what you dont know is that Kid Prince was then going to flip Thabeet and Lee to the Clippers for Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

      The Kid knows how to run a team!!!!

  • You know what's funny? It actually was. I originally had "Occaissionally" and then I took out the second "s" and the red underline still showed. I was surprised so a tried a couple of combinations of doubling consonants and when none of that worked I said, "screw it. I'll just go back to it." And then, you know, I didn't.

  • High Rollers

    Love your response to Jesus. Especially the last part.

  • janos

    Hey Braydan, is Janos
    This good improve celtics site, i like see windows fan mind and learn different view NBA CELTICS.
    Unfortunate many these fans dumb ass.

    I like send you guys a letters get some time, how i send? you have fax or just emails?

    please send me addresss for write and fax email you guys.

    dont take crap, Haynes team is the best!

  • MattR33

    I'm with Dan…

    Marshon Brooks would sure look a lot better right now in green backing up Ray Ray then the Keyon Dooling/Avery Bradley/ E'Twaun Moore combination does.

    Obv the jury isnt out yet on Brooks or Johnson, but -at least in the short term- it appears Brooks could be helping us more than JaJuan.

    • Los

      yeah but would he crack the rotation? he really doesn't play great d and that's seems to be a prerequisite for doc

      • MattR33

        Could our defense be any worse this year? lol — I hear what you're saying though.

        • Los

          Good point I think time is the biggest enemy though. A lot of new players getting used to a new system with little practice time and practically no offseason is a recipe for disaster for any team. I'd like to see how the defense holds up later on in the season

  • Steve

    I remember a few seasons ago when you were entertaining and informative. I didn't realize your window was shorter than KG, PP and Ray. You can do better.

  • I_Love_Green

    Hi Janos,

    You can send them an e mail to celticshub@gmail.com

    • janos

      Thank you

  • janos

    This gives me the double post today. Please know Haynes I only post once. I not do spam to you.

  • alienbruh

    I like this idea. But no need to be flippant to anybody… like Dan.
    Keep up the good work though.

  • Chris from Danvers

    Like the mailbag idea….however, some of those trade ideas….scary.

    Incidentally, nice comments on Brooks. While he would look good in Green, we've been through this before where a guard looks great during the first half of the year, Celtics fans say, "Hey why didn't we pick him when we had the chance," and we soon find out why. While I'm not 100 percent sold on Moore yet, Johnson is a project (much like Perkins was when we got him…and you saw how much he grew in four years). If we wait, Johnson will be great.

    • MattR33

      The Brooks thing is different becuase we had him but then swapped him for Johnson and a 2nd round pick in 2014. So it's not "why didnt we draft him?" it's "why did we trade him?"

      But I agree 100%, it's easy to be an arm-chair critic after a few games. It's what makes it fun. We need to let it ride out and see what happens.

  • LStrike

    Loved the mailbag! Very humourous responses.