Post-game Reactions

Indiana at Boston
7:30 P.M. ET
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 104.8 points/100 possessions (5th)
Indiana: 96.8 points/100 possessions (21st)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 101.1 points allowed/100 possessions (18th)
Indiana: 96.7 points allowed/100 possessions (7th)

Key Injuries:  Boston: Mickael Pietrus (knee) is still out, probably until next week. Ray Allen appears to be back from his flu. Jermaine O’Neal is permanently day-to-day.
Indiana: Jeff Foster and Tyler Hansbrough are day-to-day.

Probable Indiana Starters: Darren Collison (PG), Paul George (SG), Danny Granger (SF), David Moorer West (PF), Roy Denzil Hibbert (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Eight Points, Nine Seconds

The Pacers figured more prominently than any other team in the Celtics’ offseason activities, even though the two teams didn’t actually exchange any players. First the Pacers expressed interest in a three-team deal with Boston and the Hornets that would bring Chris Paul to Boston, send Rondo to the tenth circle of Indiana, and bring Darren Collison and a few other guys to New Orleans. Indiana getting involved got Danny Ainge all fired up, and he actively tried to push this deal forward. Feelings were hurt. Would have been much better if the Pacers had just stayed out of it and let an idle offer of Rondo, Jeff Green, and JaTwaun Bradley die on the first phone call.

Then, instead of just letting other teams handle their business, the Pacers jumped in and signed David West out from under the Celtics, just because they were willing to offer him a much better deal and more playing time. How annoying is that? This must be about retribution for the time Paul Pierce stole that water.

Now the Celtics face the Pacers with with the goal of drinking the cool, refreshing water that is a home victory from the plastic bottle of determination (strong metaphor).

The Celtics are catching the Pacers in a vulnerable spot: the guy who burns most of their usage (Granger) is playing horribly, and their new offensive weapon (West) appears to be still working his way back from mincing his ACL last season. Granger’s always been something of a double-edged sword for the Pacers; as a volume shooter, their success depends on him maintaining average efficiency levels, but lately he’s been taking shots from more valuable players on his own team. Also, aren’t all swords double-edged? Why do people say that?

The one guy who could bestow trouble on the Celtics is Roy Hibbert, who lately has been the team’s best scorer and rebounder at the Celtics’ weakest position. If Jermaine O’Neal can’t play, this game could be the first real test for Greg Stiemsma, the person who every Celtics storyline is somehow about now.

Celtics 97, Pacers 93

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  • phreesh

    Just make sure to toss that plastic bottle of determination into the recycling bin of vengence.

  • Katana's Hayes, Katana's…

    • hdavenport

      I guess this is my real question: what kind of sword has two edges, one that hurts you and one that helps you? I feel like a "double-pointed spear" would make more sense. Because you could poke yourself with the spear.

    • X-RIP-X

      Danny Trejo anyone? 🙂

  • janos

    Hi Haynes, is Janos
    Hope Celtic win because not have very good night. Daughter bring over boyfriend my home and i dont like. Something up this guy. Im not the nieve , I know daughter going to have guy try to stick it in, but this one is worst. Not bring over present and drink too many my pepsi. Also I do the very funny joke Seinfeld, and he not get it. he say why you dont do the Family Guy ? I say Family Guy is shit man. You dont go father house and not laugh the jokes ???

    • AussieCeltic

      I love this guy!! Go Celts!!

    • Janos, hopefully Rondo gets a triple double tonight and dedicates it to you

      • janos

        Thank you Michael but I doubt . I dont think knows me because Rondos do a contest last year and I submit nice entry beautiful picture sunsets and no reply. Maybe Haynes can put good word for me….?

        Look, When I court wife (now x wife) I arrive suit, nice hair and laugh all stupid joke. Is respect. not show up tore blue jeans. I make them a chhicken soup and do very funny joke soup nazis, seinfeld. number one show jokes. Nothing. Afterwords ask daughter is guy a jewish, i dont care im not a racist but she just get more mad me. Daughter not young , is over 30 year old and should know better

  • TheAC

    Watch Ray drop 30 tonight and shove it in David West's face

    • ripsonics

      knock on wood.

      i just did.

  • lame

    is it paul's foot or is he just out of shape?

  • ripsonics

    this is the worst offensive performance I have ever witnessed.

    • skeeds

      tied as worst half in C's history!!! Last one in 99, happened twice more, in 55 and 95.

  • skeeds

    I think this game is exactly what the word "fugly" was invented for. Because this is f@ckin UGLY!

  • Chris from Danvers

    Wow……back to the drawing board here. Paul really looked like something was going on with him. That shooting performance looked like PP from the Jim O'Brien days. And, wow, looks like the bench had a late supper or something. Hard to believe the best player on the court was someone recovering from the flu.

    • High Rollers

      Definitely not good to be downwind of this stinker. File that under atrocious. Lotta work to do.

  • ripsonics

    I dont mean to be dramatic… However, that was one of the worst games I have ever seen. Most likely because this is my second year with league pass, so i havent watched the team play every game since they have been together… But the lack of effort, and boxing out, and will to win. 25 points in the first half…? Are you kidding me? Paul Pierce.. I get it, wasn't falling for him. Brandon had a bad game.

    Rondo – not impressed. Kevin – not impressed. I just dont get this team sometimes. When they bring it they're great. Those passes by rondo tonight in the fourth quarter! MY god.. quit throwing the effing home run ball and make the simple play. He was awful tonight.. really. Everyone on the pacers outplayed their counterpart tonight except for Ray Allen.

    Whatever.. awful game, and they better bring it to Dallas or i say blow up the team…kidding…but really?

    • High Rollers

      That was one brief trip above the .500 mark.

    • Dpm

      They're being forced to blow the team up at the end of the season anyways…well not so much forced – Danny Ainge did plan/sign each of the contracts to end this year. 20 mill free from KG and 10 mill free from Ray. Re-sign Ray to a 2 year deal at 8 to 10 mill and sign a max player to KG's 20 mill or two 10 mill deals.

      They won't blow the team up early because they won't get anything remotely fair in a trade…the other team would essentially just be getting an expiring deal on an average player in KG

  • Greenman

    So is the entire 4th quarter going to make Tommy's Complaint corner? Eddie Rush sucks.

  • Morpheus

    Look at those minutes tonight from KG, Ray and PP. Not good….not good at all. Doc needs to calm the F down or he'll have them laying in coffins by April.

    • ElRoz

      why April? This team is 0-3 this season against medium-good teams….tonight was tough and sad proof of why health and rest in April are no longer relevant to this group.

      I hate to say this crap, but though they were w/o Pierce in NY and Miami, they were well-rested and with Pierce tonight…and stunk.

      • High Rollers

        You might want to wait for a larger sample size, ElRoz.

  • Don't say Nuffin

    Here's a legitimate question: Would you say, that this season, Ray Allen is the C's MVP? To me it's either Ray Allen, Brandon Bass or Rajon Rondo.


    • ripsonics

      so far Ray Allen. No Doubt.

    • ElRoz

      I say Ray Allen so far, Rondo cannot shoot well and this is a continuing liability, especially when he had 12 shots tonight while KG and Bass had 8-7 shots each.

      But I say team MVP talk is anti-climactic when the team is 0-3 against medium-good teams so far…sad to admit.

      • High Rollers

        Rondo was five of twelve… just barely under 50%.

  • High Rollers

    That game was so ugly, I'm only just now starting to come to and think maybe, just maybe the guys heads were with Jeff. (Well, Ray's was probably in a flu fog. But the other guys'.) Big time surgery Monday. Hope everything goes smoothly.

    • High Rollers

      Maybe they'll get a chance to visit him before the Dallas game Wednesday…

  • kron

    Watching that 2nite sickened me,terrible stuff,I’m over in Ireland and stayed up for that muck, so disappointed.

    • High Rollers

      Stick with'em. They got a man down, and they care about the dude. They'll get back on track. Just a hunch.


    The Pacers are a young and athletic team, 
    The Cs will need their bench, so it would seem.
    Tommy praised " Killer Bees," Bradley and Bass,
    Who cares if David West on the Cs took a pass?

    Ray feels better, let's see what he can do,
    He had six threes the first night of his flu.
    Q1 Bass had a block, JO had three,
    14-14 end Q1, terrible shooting we did see.

    This fact is interesting, not just a filler, 
    Pacer longer than Foster? Only Reggie Miller.
    Q2 started out scary, the Pacers got hot, 
    Feel terrible that Marquis can't make a shot!

    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, at last in Q2,
    JO, used to be a Pacer, showed what he could do.
    The visiting team can choose the end where they start,
    Cs were at the  "wrong" end, is that why they fell apart?

    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, FOR THREE, JO's second charge, 
    Rondo coast to coast, the Cs playing large!
    Stiemsma with the block, he got all ball, 
    But, of course, a foul the ref did call.

    Rondo to KG for an alley-oop, 
    Still too few rebounds for the Boston group.
    Ineffective ball movement, setting up plays late, 
    Make the Cs at the end of Q3 down eight.

    Early Q4,   RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, 
    Then a George  Hill/Pacers run stopped briefly by KG.
    The lead got down to seven, but for the Cs no break, 
    Some ridiculous calls the refs did make.

    No matter how old or how much talent a team's  got, 
    Some nights even great players can't make a shot!

  • ElRoz

    Wow…and there is really no excuse to look to – the only guy in the C's that could have had an excuse was Ray Allen, and he played great. The team has just given a solid proof of why it is being dismissed from contender talk….I am somewhat shocked. This was the first good team they played since NY and Miami games….so they are 0-3 against medium and good teams…not a good sign at all.

    Frankly too much proof of what this team is NOT anymore. KG got 8 shots only? Bass only got 7 shots?
    I say if a couple more things like this take place in the next 2-3 games: blow the team up and start rebuilding now if you can because when 2012 free agency comes along, Danny might not be able to get the players that are out there…like with David West, who strangely proved right tonight – Indian is a better situation it seems.

    • High Rollers

      Ray had some killer turnovers late. One game during the regular season is never solid proof of anything.

  • misel

    they have 4 days off, here’s hoping they get things sorted out…

  • James Patrick

    We're just way too hot and cold right now. Pacers are good, but we're just out of synch. Damn this lock out.