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SEGA Re-Genesis: C’s 100, Wiz 92

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Offensive Efficiency: 105.3 points/100 possessions (great for this season)
Defensive Efficiency: 96.8 points/100 possessions (also great)
Pace: 95 possessions (average)

Lost in all the bitching last year about SEGABABAs was the fact that the Celtics were 5-0 when the second game came at home. True to that stat, they didn’t look like they’d lost much of a step tonight. You could almost see their old bones being physically replenished by the inspirational energy of the home crowd and hearing four different Guns N’ Roses songs over the PA in one game (the Garden plays too much Guns N’ Roses, I’m saying). So basically the SEGABABA might not actually be a huge problem if the Celtics are at home…

…but 12 of the C’s remaining 18 SEGABABAs are away, so it might actually be a huge problem. Even tonight, in an encouraging win, potential issues of schedule density were out there. The Wiz only stayed in the game tonight because of their ability to consistently beat the Celtics down the court, score on second-chance possessions, and stage end-of-quarter comebacks. But the Celtics won anyway because they played smarter, more deliberate basketball and Ray Allen made six of seven threes. Nice to see fatigue not cost the Celtics their style of play tonight after they completely lost their minds in that Hornets game.

Click through for a bunch of highlights and player breakdowns!


Maybe three minutes into Stiemsma’s first NBA start, Tommy Heinsohn compared him to Bill Russell for his timing on blocks. Excited for the future of the great Greg Stiemsma vs. Bill Russell debate. My position is that they’re both amazing players, but it’s too hard to compare them across different eras of basketball. If only we could have seen them go head-to-head, you know?

Exaggerated praise from Tommy regardless, Stiemspunk looked great. He’s an actual midrange threat, he cleans glass, and, maybe most surprisingly, he doesn’t look scared. We’re so used to young Celtics running around the court like scared baby ducks, desperately hoping nobody passes to them. Very refreshing to see a guy who isn’t terrified of doing his job. I know that nothing gets this corner of the Internet more excited than an overperforming nobody the Celtics picked up out of nowhere, so I’m geared up to talk about Greg Stiemsma a lot.


The Celtics currently lead the league in three-point percentage at just under 50%, but that’s an insufficient tribute to Ray’s long-range brilliance this year–he’s been much, much better than that. Ray is currently flushing threes at a 61.1% clip, which happens to be Dwyane Wade’s exact percentage so far this season…at the rim.

Ray’s shooting is such an important component of the offense on nights like tonight. The Celtics were continually frustrated under the basket, because attacking the rim takes a young person’s energy, so long-range gunning became their best scoring option. And Ray just completely bailed them out. He’s an actual shooting genius. If he’s lucky, maybe Tommy will compare his shooting form to Greg Stiemsma’s.


Sports medicine experts agree that the two hardest things to do when your heel really hurts are jump and run. Pierce did both of those with prowess, leading them team in rebounds (eight) and getting free for a bunch of great looks, including this backdoor cut.

He still limps a little just to let everyone know how awesome he is to be playing so well with an injury, but the minutes don’t appear to be making his injury worse. He hit 8 of his last 13 shots after starting 0 for 5.


1. Five Celtics in Transition

Bass with the deflection, Wilcox with the rebound and the perfect outlet pass to Ray, pass to Rondo, pass to Daniels. I have no idea how cars work but I’m guessing this play is reminiscent of that process.

2. Pierce to Allen for 3

This was pretty much a dagger. Interesting choice by Blatche to drift off the greatest shooter of all time to triple-cover Pierce.

3. Greg Stiemsma’s Showcase Reel

This was only the first half! Sucks for Boston crowds that it’s not fun to say “Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeg” when he checks into games. They’ll figure something out.

0. A JaVale McGee Moment

It’s really impressive that McGee scored 17 points on 14 rebounds given that he has no control of his body whatsoever. He’s the best.


My favorite Tommy rants are the ones where his rage overpowers him and he can’t form any ideas, other than how angry he is.

  • hdavenport

    If anyone is having the problem where all the text centers when you click into a post: clear your cache and it should look fine again.

  • jj mm

    cool post. Keep the sarcasm going, I like it.

    • Zee

      Indeed! :)

  • JesusShuttlesworth

    As much as I love watching Celtics, I can't stand listening to Tommy Heinsohn. He should really shut the f up


    No JO tonight, he hurt his leg, 
    Stiemsma got the start–that's right, Greg.
    He scored the first hoop, then a block, then a block,
    His enthusiasm was appreciated by the crowd and Doc!

    Right from Q1 the high scorer is he.
    A Wizard flew down the court, that was John Wall,
    Who taunted Stiemsma and got a technical call.

    KG "five, five, five" brought in Brandon Bass, 
    (Geez, Ray has to stop that cross court pass).
    The Wizards' coach Saunders, his name should be "Flipped,"
    He was tossed as into the ref he ripped.

    Watching Bradley's defense was so much fun, 
    Wilcox came back, didn't get much done.
    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, he is playing large, 
    At the other end Rondo took a huge charge!

    At the end of the half, the Cs down by one,
    The young Wizards are having way too much fun.
    Several Cs turnovers in the first half of Q3,
    Stiemsma started scoring helped by Pierce for three.

    The Cs worked hard, against such a young group,
    Low percentage for each team when they went to the hoop.
    RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Cs turnovers galore,
    Then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE again in Q4.

    Marquis got it going, along with Bass, 
    Pierce for three off a KG pass!
    Again RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Cs took care of biz,
    Special thanks to Ray, tonight's scoring Whiz.

    • janos

      Is good poem mycelts. Last poem not as good but be honest i not read whole thing.

  • mike B

    somethin wrong with tommy complaint video. error occured. i MUST SEE

  • CG12

    Let the Stiemsma worship begin. Your remarks about the novelty of a bench guy / young guy actually looking to make plays, rather than get rid of the ball as soon as possible, are so true. An issue the Cs have continually had the last few years are having the bench guys get in and no one is trying to make a play with the ball. Um, guys, someone needs to do something with it. Hence a lot of ugly and of shot clock chucks. Thus far Dooling and Wilcox, in particular, have looked guilty of that at times.

    Bass, too, when he is supposed to try to run the offense, instead of just going at his man. Bass is awesome and I love the energy and athleticism he brings, but I don't think it has taken long for the book on him to reflect that all he does is go one on one against his man. That is why he has ended up getting triple teamed in the paint when he goes off the bounce. He needs to adjust for that and look to dish occasionally.

    Avery has been a mixed bag – defense amazing, offense not good. But he has been playing assertively on offense, taking the shots you would hope he can make and having some success getting into the paint. Related to the above remarks, he has not just been a relaying station, moving it along the perimeter as fast as possible. I have some hope that with more reps he will start to get steadier and have a better feel for the flow of the game. And he was frigging OWNING Jordan Crawford last night. He could barely get it over half court. There was on possession where Crawford narrowly avoided an 8 second violation, and then tried to pass it off for around 10 seconds, couldn't, and then chucked up a contested 25-footer, which he bricked. I was chortling on my couch.

  • Jamie

    If Bradley can just become an average offensive player, his defensive on ball ability will make him very valuable.

    I'm not ready to dump on Dooling and Wilcox yet. We had a short camp and both of those guys have been around a long time so they will figure it out. My one thing I will say about Dooling is he is very much a shoot first point guard and if Danny could find a more true point before the deadline he should go for it.

  • tbunny

    So now that they've won three in a row are all the doomsayers supposed to say they were wrong when the celtics were 0-3?

    The celtics are intriguing so far: a core of older veterans still capable of very high level production on given nights and a couple young stars who are already very good and could be great together. The big issues are age and depth and a production problem at 5. But if Rondo and the other younger players start putting together night after night of work, they could be surprisingly good.

    • I_Love_Green

      Look who we beat winning those three in a row, nothing to get pumped about.

      • High Rollers

        Gotta start somewhere.

      • Zee

        But we were within 3 points against Miami on their court the other night at the 2 minute mark. We didn't even have Pierce in the game. Surprising, their new kid Cole caught fire. Even unexpected by the Heat.

        We should've beaten the Knicks on Christmas day, but just as Tommy said in the video, they received a phantom call that cost us the game. We should be 5-1 right now.

        • Zee

          And again, Pierce wasn't even in the Knicks game. Celtics are just fine this season.

  • High Rollers

    Hayes, you're such a Debbie Downer. Hopefully the C's get some road rage and go on a SEGABABAHAA (Second Game of A Back-to-Back Home And Away) tear.

  • skeeds

    those away segababa's are what Bass and to a certain extent Pietrus are here for. Both are capable all around scorers. That will open lanes more for Marquis and looks for Dooling too.
    Doc shouldn't even play KG over 20 mins on a segababa all season. He should go all Pop on him and sit him, even if it costs W's.

    • High Rollers

      Good call, skeeds.

  • Chris from Danvers

    Think the athleticism of the second unit is going to go a long way to helping with the dreaded SEGABABAHAA. If you noticed, Bass's strong scoring, Wilcox's four rebounds, and Daniel's seven points all helped keep Washington at bay. At different times this season, Dooling has been able to do that with his scoring, and obviously the Steamer's defensive presence is being felt, too. The second unit, which was going to be so important to this year, is definitely coming through….not quite polished yet, but a nice work in progress. Pietrus is going to help that immensely, and if Pavlovic is the 12th man, then the team is in good shape.

    • High Rollers

      The only guys really disappointing at this early juncture are Pavlovic and AB- … a.k.a. Avery Bradley. Of course, their defensive contributions may be a bit harder to see, especially AB-'s with his lightning quickness (and so few minutes on the floor). When he starts playing both ends with his head on straight, it'll be a net gain for AB+ and the C's. Nice review Chris.

      • CG12

        Going to have to disagree a little. I have a hard time calling Bradley or Pavlovic disappointments, given the pretty low expectations for each of them. I was really down on Pavlovic last year and in the preseason, but he actually looked okay the last couple of games he played. His defense was really good, he hit a couple of 3s, and looked comfortable with the ball. Bradley's D has been great and his offense has been pretty weak. But not because he looks scared out there. He is just missing shots that it looks like he could make. I continue to think that he could turn the corner once he gets enough reps to feel comfortable out there. If he gets a few games later in the season where he has to play heavier minutes, it could really help him.

        • Zee

          And I would have to disagree with you on AB. Bradley takes ill-advised shots. And for some reason he averages one blocked shot per game. Footnote: he is the one having his shot blocked.

  • ripsonics

    I liked tonight's game because I honestly could watch Ray Allen shoot for the rest of my life… Who couldn't.

    The guys look much better than earlier and PP brings the needed dimension to this offense. I'll be excited to see how we do against Dalas, (too early to call that game a must-win…?) and then against the Bulls. We beat the bulls, then we can really start talking.

    Good win – fun to watch

    Go C's

  • janos

    Hi Haynes, is Janos
    I like new celticshub NBA site, is more video and color page. I guess hole world go HD now. Did I tell you I get the HD TV for xmas from my kids, is so nice. I seen show HAWAI 5.0 on HD, water blue good.

  • Devin_in_Maine

    I just thought it was great that an unknown skinny white kid off the bench was so in the head of the Wizards right from the start! He got two blocks right off the bat, his first block ended up in the opposing coach getting ejected. His second block resulted in Blatche permanently altering his shot when Greg was on the floor. He even drew a technical foul for taunting from John Wall. You could see it from the looks on their faces that he was in their heads from the moment of that first block. Superstar players do not get Teed up for taunting an unknown rookie. Superstars typically ignore rookies. Way to go Greg!

  • W2.

    JavMcg = Taller Tony Allen

  • W2.

    Steimroller = Shorter……Brain Cardinal…..Bruce Bowen. Less buff Ivan Drago?

  • strips

    he's like the poor man's kaman…with a higher ceiling i hope…

  • High Rollers

    Be sure to keep thinking about Jeff. His surgery's next Monday.

  • hype

    A future starting lineup featuring the defensive prowesses of Rondo, Bradley and Stiemsma would be incredibly entertaining to watch for many years. Low likelihood but I dream:

    Rajon Rondo
    Avery Bradley
    Josh Smith
    Kevin Love
    Greg Stiemsma

    Not bad