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The Celtics and Wizards always seem to entertain and tonight was no exception. The Celtics shot 50% from the field, held a feisty Washington team to 41% and registered 26 assists, which is usually a sign the guys are working in concert.

The story of the game was Rajon Rondo, who had a glorious offensive game, recording a triple-double, pushing tempo and completely eviscerating the Wizards’ defense (that’s more a testament to Rondo than a knock on Washington as they were really competing out there tonight. Rondo was just too smart and too quick).

The Celtics’ PG took all but one of his ten shots in the paint, constantly found guys for wide open layups and would have had even more than 14 assists had the Wizards not smartly fouled to force Boston’s finishers to the foul line.

Kevin Garnett came out looking for his shot tonight and it paid off. KG only played 28 minutes tonight but he managed 24 efficient points in that time, with a few coming off of gorgeous Rondo passes. While KG got beat to more than a few contested boards by the Wizards’ bigs (JaVale McGee had 14 rebounds), he pulled down 9 of his own. It’s safe to say Doc Rivers would take this game from Garnett every single night if he could get it.

There’s plenty more to say about this one, and a fantastic highlights package on your way tomorrow morning, the bulk of which is courtesy of Mr. Rondo.

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  • Batman

    I like the reference in the title
    I am really loving Rondo’s newfound free throw seeking and his new stroke

  • Please, oh please can Garnett give the Celtics 20 and 10 on a regular basis. That's wishful thinking, but very good to see he coming out firing tonight and looking for his shot. He needs to take the aggressive route like this in every game.

    Rondo was Rondo and he looked amazing.

  • Avery Bradley looked ok out there as a backup. Some cheap fouls, but I felt optimistic. Less deer-in-the-headlights look on his face.

  • ripsonics

    WINNING STREAK! this was truly fun to watch.. Couple things that I stood out the most.

    Rondo – Duhh.. but here's why: The jumper.. the most consistent it has been in the big three era. I pray every night before bed that it stays consistent. His free throw shooting this year – 67% – a career high, and about 10% higher than last year. I wasnt expecting it to 'shoot' up into the mid 80's, so i'll take the gradual increase. I just like that he is shooting a lot of them – because that means is he is not afraid to drive into the lane. He looks great, lets just hope it stays that way.

    BALL MOVEMENT. We put on a clinic.. damn. Thats the best I have seen them move the ball in a long time, and it just breaks down the defense so well. Loved it.

    Brandon Bass – honestly… this guy. Comes in and does everything we need him to do. I really thought he played well. Didnt score a lot of points, only 8 tonight – but was a +14 off the bench. I just think he is the bees knees. +14 is probably attributed too playing a lot with the starters, but was third behind ray (+16) and rondo (+26 – woah..)

    Defense looks great, KG stepped up for one game, lets see if he stays as intense offensively for a couple more games. not asking for 20-10 every night, but 15-8 would be great, and is definitely something we should be able to expect from the big ticket.


    Go C's

    • CG12

      The Cs definitely looked good in a lot of ways, but we do need to acknowledge that the Wiz are crap. The Cs beat up a bad team, which is what they should do, so I was very happy to see it.

      Rondo is looking like the good, assertive Rondo, which means everything to this team. He doesn't yet show the level of confidence in the 15-18 foot elbow jumper that I'd like to see. If it is your shot, you should shoot it, and after taking it with authority the first few games, Rondo hasn't been doing it the last couple of games. He has to make guys respect it, or else they will just go under every pick and clog the paint. It is a tribute to how nasty he is that the defender can go under the pick and Rondo can still get by his man.

      KG looked good, but not really any different or better than the previous few games. Things just went his way a little more. 15-8 would be great, but I'm not seeing it. More like 13-7. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Bass ends up averaging more ppg than KG. Bass is sooo much better of the dribble than KG. Having someone who actually has a little explosiveness to the cup is great to watch. I am loving the Super Bass-o-Matic 76.

  • -jp

    I am hoping that the celtics can do the same tonight on the back to back. Great effort by this team. Maybe they are rounding into form.

  • CG12

    I'm interested to see how the back-up position battles play out over the season. Pavlovic didn't play at all last night after starting when PP was out and playing surprisingly well the last couple of games. When Pietrus arrives, he is going to squeeze Pavlovic's and Quisy's minutes. I'd guess we won't see much of Pavlovic, and that Marquis will back up the 3 spot and Pietrus will play more 2, particularly against bigger guys.

    I read somewhere that Doc said that Moore had passed AB at the back-up 2 spot. But Bradley continues to get more minutes. People seem to like Moore a lot. I haven't seen enough of him to develop any opinion. AB's defense is a known quantity (bad ass), but his jumper and his handle are all over the place. I see him as a combo guard, rather than a pure point, because he doesn't have the knack of distributing. He can bring the ball up, but doesn't seem to be able to run an offense. Many fans have been questioning his shooting, but the report on him is that he is a very good spot-up shooter. He had a lot of success scoring in the DLeague. It looks like it is mainly a confidence issue.

    Wilcox is supposed to be back tonight, but Stiemsma has been way more of an impact player than Wilcox, who looked lost and ineffective in the first two games. Wilcox is an under-sized center, so perhaps he will play in small ball lineups and the Steamer will play against the true 5s. Jajuan will presumably fall off the 13-man active roster when Wilcox comes back.

    In the preseason I thought this could be a truly great defensive team. The first couple games obviously didn't go well, but I think that was more an issue of getting familiar with one another and, of course, not having PP. A second 5 of Dooling, AB, Marquis, Bass, and Stiemsma should be able to play some serious D. Dooling and AB are both very long and active, Marquis is a master of positional D, Bass brings very high energy, and Stiemsma is protects the rim better than anyone I've seen on the Cs in a long time.

    This is going to be a really fun team. While I wasn't thrilled with the first 3 games, I was still feeling pretty optimistic. These last two games have borne out and reinforced that optimism.