Post-game Reactions

Boston vs Detroit
7:30 P.M. ET
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 102.7 points/100 possessions (16th)
Detroit: 95.4 points/100 possessions (26th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 109.3 points allowed/100 possessions (25th)
Detroit: 113.1 points allowed/100 possessions (29th)

Key Injuries:  Chris Wilcox (shoulder) is out. Mickael Petrius (knee) is still not quite ready.

Probable Detroit Starters: Rodney Stuckey (PG), Ben Gordon (SG), Tayshaun Prince (SF), Jonas Jerebko (PF), Greg Monroe (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Piston Powered

There’s nothing like getting to finally play a home game after three straight road losses.  Seriously, I say this because I can’t remember when this has ever happened.  Luckily, the Celtics get their Captain, and last year’s leading scorer, Paul Pierce back.  Barring any ridiculous injury/natural disaster, the Celtics look primed to pick up their first win of the season.

This is said with cautious confidence.  I would never guarantee a win because that is stupid.  I will say, however, that our buddy Dan Feldman over at Piston Powered ends his preview with an obligatory “0 and 10 Watch”.  A welcome sign for tonight’s game.

Some Things to Watch For:

I need to make this quick because BRobb and I need to get to the court but here are a few things that are kicking around my head:

  • End the Slow Starts:  I really want to see the Cs get out to a lead early and maintain it.
  • All Bench Unit:  Will this Frankenstein lineup put anything together?
  • E’Taun Moore over Avery Bradley:  Doc Rivers said Moore had jumped over AB in the depth chart after the New Orleans loss.  AB has been getting in early in the first half so I’m interested to see if Moore gets any early run.
  • Defense? Will it show up?  We know the starters can play it but the jury is still out on this newfangled bench.
  • Bassmaster: At least one monster dunk?  Does he keep the solid-backup PF play going?  Celtics fans haven’t been used to that…

Enjoy the game!

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  • I_Love_Green

    If we lose tonight…..


    But we won't…err I mean we shouldn't!

  • someguyinsac

    Well at least one team's breaking their losing streak tonight.

    I'm going with the C's on that one. 😉

  • Banker

    Whos ready for westbrook rondo trade

  • ElRoz

    E. Moore has moved ahead of Bradley for that all important 2-3 minute appearance on the court then a quick yank back to the bench….and then one wonders why the C's (unlike other teams – Miami and SA, for example) never see their rookies play.

  • Batman

    Mm celtics dancers looking good tonight 😀

  • Chris from Danvers

    Looking to see the Celtics coming together. Things I am looking for:
    1. How is Paul's heel? I believe it is better.
    2. Will Steimsma play more tonight? I hope so
    3. Will this bench unit continue to click? I think so
    4. Will Jujuan Johnson play a role off the bench in the absence of Chris Wilcox? I wish it were so.

    Lots to watch tonight.

  • Batman

    RONDO HAS MADE A 3 IN TWO STRAIGHT GAMES pinch me in dreaming

  • Batman

    Put in the damn rooks Doc

  • Batman

    I wanna see a garbege time lineup of

  • guest

    Can we give Brandon Bass the 6th man of the year award already?

  • IBleedGreen

    Just a suggestion:
    Start Brandon Bass over KG and let KG play 4 stretches of 8 minutes for 24 min/game.

    • IBleedGreen

      4X8 = 32 min. sorry

  • sightline75

    MarShon Brooks: 17 points, 7-12, 1-2, 2-2. Why did they trade him. Doc said it doesnt matter what position they play, "Just get me the best players available". Sometimes DA, you are a moron. Imagine a second unit with Brooks, Bass, Steisma, Dooling and Pietrus. Three guys that can go for 20 each night depending on the matchups for the 2nd unit. JaJuan is a non factor. And you traded to cover his position at the start of the season! *&^@$%!!!!!!!

    • sightline75

      21: 8-13, 1-2, 4-4.

    • Phil

      First of all, the Celtics never had an intention of drafting Brooks, they basically traded draft picks with the Nets. They drafted Brooks because the Nets told them to. The Celtics were choosing between three players at their spot, and Brooks wasn't one of them. Direct your anger at the drafting, not trades if you really want Brooks.

      That said, the guy is averaging over 10 shots a game to get less than 17, and his defense isn't good. He's an offensive chucker on a bad team, let's wait before anointing him as the next great thing. He would play for the Celtics just as much as E'twaun Moore, and that's the problem the Cs face in drafting.

      • sightline75

        JJJ will turn 23 before the end of the season, and will still be the 3rd string PF on the team, for probably another 2 years. So by the time he 25 we may get 7, 4 a night out of him. So i dont understand why he would be considered a good pick, unless the expected greater improvement from him in training camp, the preperation has not been ideal.
        Brooks is not a "chucker". And if you take into account that the Celtics have been prepared to draft defensive players with the idea of teaching them offense; Avery mainly, but Rondo could also be in that group, then why not take a scorer and try and teach him defense. Brooks is a nice size for a guard and has length, speed and agility. He's a natural scorer and was considered a steal by many teams in the draft. 52 points against Notre Dame(top 10), 43 against Georgetown(#12 i think). He can score at the rim, from downtown and with midrange jumpers. His game actually reminds me a bit of PP.

        • sightline75

          If Ray and KG take a back seat next year, which of those 2 rookies would be most likely to soften the blow in their respective positions?
          So, if they werent looking at him then the blame goes to the front office. The scouts need a rocket.

  • someguyinsac

    PHEW! finally a win1

  • ElRoz

    I don't think I was seeing things, but Rondo seemed either upset and seemed to pout for the whole game…or he seemed to have some sort of ailment like a flue or what not?

    There was to em something CLEARLY not right with him…either another disagreement with Doc or some fever or I don;t know what…but he looked unhappy and tired.

    • mark gilbert

      You're not seeing things, Rondo pouts anytime that the ball is taken from his hands in the half court offense. I was unable to watch the game last night, therefore, I apologize if my comments don't apply to last night. However, it has been a consistent occurance over the last three years for Rondo to pout whenever Pierce initiates even one half court offensive set. Doc will recognize when certain teams simply are not guarding Rondo at all when he has the ball and if it is hurting the team he will give Paul the ball to initiate sets. Most of these times occur in the fourth quarter of close games during the regular season. However, in the playoffs, it happens much more often for obvious reasons. Rondo will often be so irritated when Doc calls for it that Pierce will many times have to meet Rondo at half court and physically take the ball from Rondo.