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Does 0-2 Mean It’s Time To Panic?


We’ll be working together with ESPN Boston throughout the season here at CelticsHub, and one cool feature they will be introducing this year over on the mothership is a 3-on-3 set of questions before every Celtics regular season game. One CelticsHub member will be taking part in each of these, and you can check out the inaugural edition with Chris Forsberg and Greg Payne today by clicking HERE You can check out a sampling of my answers below.   

1. Fact or Fiction: Two losses to start the season are no big deal for this year’s Boston Celtics, even in a condensed 66-game season.

Fact. Obviously the slow start is not ideal, but given the opponents and injury problems Boston has been dealt out of the gate here, it’s hard to get overly concerned. The upcoming schedule also helps to soften the blow as four likely non-playoff teams are next on the docket (New Orleans, Detroit, Washington (twice), New Jersey). Lose to a couple of those teams and you have a problem. For now? There were enough positive signs from the first two contests to avoid the panic button.

2. Which player do the Celtics most need more from in order to get on track and stay afloat while Paul Pierce remains out of action?

Jermaine O’Neal. The “MVP” of Celtics training camp has been anything but in the early going, O’Neal has a step slow defensively and incapable of keeping up on either end of the floor through two games, tallying just six points and three rebounds in 38 minutes of action. He’s also faced regular foul trouble (9 personal fouls) in both losses as well. With Boston being scored upon at will throughout the first two games, O’Neal has to step up, especially on the defensive end, to help make up for Pierce’s absence.

3. Chris Paul took his talents to Lob City, so give me one reason the Celtics should be scared of Wednesday’s game against New Orleans?

Eric Gordon. Having Ray Allen chase around one of the best young scorers in the game just 24 hours after dealing with Dwayne Wade all night is a scary proposition. The C’s need to step up their defensive game against Gordon and the rest of the Hornets to keep themselves from having to play catch-up for the third straight contest.

  • jimmy

    We should panic not cuz of losses but cuz the fact were already dealing with injuries like this…..it has the potential of lingering throughout the year which is what worries me immensely plus the fact kg looks even older than he is now. His jumper just isn’t there and offensive game has just been weak. I hope we can at least win 2nite cuz I can’t stress how much an 0-3 start would hurt

  • LACelticsFan

    We will go from 0-2 to 5-2 with a winning streak, the season is early and we have shown that we canbattle the elite teams in the east w/o Paul and Mikeal, when they join, it should move like clockwork. Should we be concerned about the injuries, yes but what do you expect from a two week training camp. Guys around the league are going to get hurt. As long as we can get healthy by March we should be fine. And no, we will not have fallen behind so far that the other 3 teams in the east(Miami-Knicks-Bulls) wont feel us coming. Once our closer comes back the ship will be righted.

  • I_Love_Green

    This season is gonna be an odd one. We'll go from a 4 game losing streak to a 6 game winning streak and that would be normal. Honestly this 0-2 start was predictable when you factor everything in. No Pierce against a team looking for revenge on their home court, and no Pierce/Pietrus against a team better than us on their home court.

    We're fine.

  • ElRoz

    KG's scoring and rebounding has dipped noticeably during these two games…granted, it is a small sample..but add to that the fact that JO has been a zero.

    Tonight Doc MUST play Bradley and Moore some minutes (5-6 each?) to get Ray Allen some rest.

    Doc would be smart to also use Dooling more, given that Rondo logged 41 minutes and Dooling was on fire yesterday. PLEASE PLAY Stiemsma to reduce KG minutes via Bass-Stiemsma combo instead of the JO-KG one.

  • Jmic20

    Doc Rivers should play E'twaun moore he proves to be a good player…

  • MikeD

    I'm not worried about two losses to good teams without Pierce, especially seeing how had the refs not blown so many calls either of them could have been wins. I'm not blaming the refs for our losses, we did plenty to help ourselves lose. However there is no doubt that the refs were a contributing factor. It's disgusting how they haven't cleaned that mess up yet.

  • jimmy

    I am officially concerned that we may b shoot for a .500 record smh

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    This season was not much happier and i agree with that from my point of view.

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