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Cole Snap: C’s 107, Heat 115


ESPN Box ScoreHeat IndexPeninsula is Mightier

Offensive Efficiency: 102.9 points/100 possessions (below average)
Defensive Efficiency: 110.6 points/100 possessions (very bad, same as Knick game)
Pace: 104 possessions (speedy)

Looking back on this game, it’s hard to remember how the Celtics were able to cut the lead to 3 with only two minutes left. They allowed 69 points in the first half. They turned the ball over 24 times. They were outrebounded, outshot, and overwhelmed by the defense. Yet they still forced Miami to rely on a rookie from Cleveland State to bail them out in the game’s final seconds. That’s good, right?

And it’s fine to look at it that way, too! But this game was supposed to be a blowout, and though it almost was, the Celtics stayed in it. Their old stars are still performing at a high level, and they’re getting some help from new faces. As Simmons definitely knows, the Celtics beat the spread in both tonight’s game and Sunday’s, meaning that they’re performing better than most bettors expected. They’re missing a huge, huge piece, but even without that piece they’ve been competitive against elite opposition. That said: that piece better come back real, very soon.


Holy ghost, Ray was feeling it tonight. After New York, when he only attempted three threes, there was concern that his role in the offense was being limited somehow. Peace, concern! Ray hit 6 of 8 from all kinds of crazy angles and rarely had time to sculpt his body into his perfect shooting form: he was almost always off balance, and he has infinitely more swag when he connects that way. Several clips in the Highlight Gallery.


One game after Brandon Bass made everyone forget about that other undersized power forward, Dooling fully replaced that guard with the neck tattoos. He shot excellently: 4-6 from three, including the shot that made it a one-possession game with two minutes left. Most of all, he successfully guarded LeBron James. LeBron got his points like he will, but Dooling limited him mostly to midrange jumpers, and he only made about half. On LeBron, that’s a good day, and it’s the reason Dooling was +12 in 24 minutes (best on the team by 11 points).


Doc experimented with a lot of weird lineups tonight to compensate for his lack of a decent SF. He went small with Rondo, Dooling, and Ray on the court at the same time. He tried a frontcourt of Bass and Garnett for extended minutes, only playing Jermaine and Wilcox for a total of 31. He even sent out, after measuring his cojones and finding them to be huge, an all-reserve lineup of Dooling, Bradley, Daniels, Bass, and Wilcox for multiple minutes. The reserves didn’t work that well, but going small actually helped the C’s keep up with the Heat’s overpowering athleticism for long stretches, and the move played a huge part in the second-half comeback. Kudos bars to Doc.


Three stats from tonight: Miami had a 57.5 Total Rebound Rate to Boston’s 42.5, they had 8 blocks to Boston’s 3, and 30 attempts at the rim at 70% conversion to 16 attempts from Boston at 56%. You know why? Because the Celtics do not have a good center. They desperately need one, against this team and many other teams. That’s the last time I bring that up (in this post).


3. Sasha Takes Ownership

The theme of today’s Highlight Gallery is boldness. Look at Sasha on this play. In New York he didn’t attempt a single shot, but here he looks like a guy who would attempt at least three shots. He sees a hole in the defense and decides to take it in himself from the arc, even throwing in a pass fake because he probably gets that everyone expects him to give it up.

2. Ray From Everywhere

1. Rondo For Three

You’re objectively wrong if this wasn’t your favorite Celtics highlight of the game. This kind of sneering contempt for a perimeter defender is not generally seen in players with Rajon Rondo’s shooting portfolio. Doesn’t matter: Rondo stares deep into Mario Chalmers’ eyes and flushes a three without even breaking eye contact (I’m guessing). Boldness.

0. Rondo’s Airball Layup

Enjoyed this clip because I feel like that’s how I would react if someone Wade’s size was coming at me. It’s nice when your heroes are brought down to your level for a second.


“WHAT IS THIS? Two fast breaks: on the one side, you got Bosh getting the foul call just for losing the ball without anyone touching him. On the other side, you got Cole getting the foul call because he fell over while he was taking out Brandon Bass at the knees! What a disaster! Call the same game for both teams! I just hope Brandon’s okay.”

  • Batman

    Yeah that Rondo airball was funny and sad
    He needs to take it stronger

    • Tos

      To me, and maybe I'm just giving him too much credit, it looked as if he was trying to alley oop it to whoever was trailing him, but again, maybe that's assuming too much.

      • Jzr

        No, he was trying to do too much. I saw it coming and was hoping he would try to dunk it in Wade's face.

  • IBleedGreen

    Hopefully we can get rid of Bradley and get one of the guys still stuck in China.

  • CG12

    There was a lot of good to take out of last night's game. But I was frustrated that the Cs allowed Miami to do the things they like to do for much of the game. You know Miami is going to try to run on you, and yet the Cs continually had problems getting back on D and getting organized. And there was one stretch where James Jones came in and was repeatedly left open at the 3-point line. News bulletin – THAT'S ALL HE DOES.

    Good to see Dooling making some real contributions. He hadn't shown much in the preseason and the Knicks game. Bass continues to be awesome, as does Rondo. You'd love to get more from KG, who has been solid, but not really exerting an obvious influence on games. Doc has said how he had been telling KG has to be more aggressive. It apparently hasn't taken. I love Quisy and his funky game, but those are some tough match-ups for him. He did a great job maintaining defensive position against Lebron, but the refs are never going to give him the benefit of the doubt. And it is one thing to make leaners in the lane and make weak-side cuts against your average NBA guys, but DWade owned Marquis when the Cs tried to go to him in the early 2nd. Block, block, steal on 3 straight possessions. Almost as bad as Chalmers in the 1st.

    • IBleedGreen

      KG has been disappointing. He can do much more, especially with PP out.

      • dslack

        Or maybe he can't….

  • IBleedGreen

    I believe the thumbs downs were given by the same person

  • KBa

    KG was certainly very disappointing….. bricking jumpers he usually drains. A couple of those jumpers off the dribble looked nice though. He needs to do a lot more if this team wants to get anywhere and he HAS to be better than Bosh! PP's offense lacks when he guards the Queen and Allen can't really outplay Wade. You had to win the PF and PG matchups against the heat.

  • ozcelts

    It would be nice to win centre battle but unfortunately we don't have cattle for that unless KG swings over with Bass at 4

  • red

    Jermain Oneal`s, rotations are slow he has no stamina and he is done as a starting NBA player.It`s time to develop our young guys

  • red

    JO`s lack of mobility causes KG to be out of position many times during the game.We need to develop JJ and Stiesma is just better than Oneil, at this point in their careers .

  • cmlarson23

    I think that what is being missed from the game last night is the critical turnover by Rondo with 1:45 left in the game. The C's had cut the lead to 3 the Heat were panicking, took another bad shot against the zone and Rondo got the ball on the wing and instead of putting the pressure on Miami to get a big stop, he tried to make throw a full court pass down to Dooling and it was immediately picked off, which led to one of Cole's jumpers. Rondo is the key to the season (just like he was last year, especially in the playoffs). I know he is only 25, but it is time for him to take over. While the stat line he had was great, 7 turnovers is just not going to cut it, and that last turnover was the killer.

  • -JP

    We really need to see Stiemsma and JJ tonight on the second game of a back to back. Its not a great Hornets team, the more run you give the young guys early the better they will be and the more fresh the vets will be as well.

  • http://www.mynbatv.com Tommy

    KG has been disappointing. He can do much more, especially with PP out. Watched this game live streaming on this site http://www.mynbatv.com and is actually verry good

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