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You got to hand it to these Celtics, these guys fight and refuse to quit.  They may lead the league in moral victories while also leading the league in close losses.

While watching this game, I found myself thinking that I really would have liked to see some E’Twaun Moore.  Oh and Paul Pierce, but definitely E’Twaun Moore.  It just seems like he could have gotten some valuable minutes in that second quarter when the Cs were getting bah-lown out 39 to 27.

The number one reason why this loss doesn’t feel as bad as any other time the Cs get put in an 0-2 hole is that Sasha Pavlovic wasn’t terrible.  He wasn’t great, but I fully expected him to get buuurrrnnned by the Heat (hence the crudely SeaShored photo to your left).  Just slightly behind Pavlovic’s prowess is the fact that the Celtics hung tough with a Miami team that had to play their starters for most of the game.  Once this Heat team figures out how to beat a two-three zone (hint: put James Jones in the game) it should be all over.

This is just a quickie to tie you over to Hayes’ more lengthy recap coming up.  I’m sure you will read things about “offense”, “a lack of defense” and you’ll probably laugh a lot.  Which is not easy to say after a tough loss.  Before Hayes gives you the giggles, here are some of my random thoughts about the game:

  • Mario Chalmers is the starting point guard on the NBA all “terrible/awesome” team.  There are times when Chalmers looks like the second coming of Chauncey “Mr. Big Shot” Billups and then other times he looks like Mario Chalmers.  He looked like MC to start the third quarter (18 turnovers in a 1:30). In case you’re wondering, Tony Allen starts at the two and JaVale McGee mans the middle.  The small and power forward positions are still up for grabs but will undoubtedly be sewn-up this season.
  • Just to remind you, the “terrible/awesome” team is derived from Hayes Davenport’s characterization of McGee in this recap from last season.

  • Would-Be Huge Turning Point: Ray Allen hits a three at the six minute mark of the fourth quarter to cut the lead to 9.  The ball is immediately out-letted to a cherry-picking LeBron James who is about to deflate all Boston momentum.  Luckily, Erik Spoelstra felt like he needed to flex the muscles he bought using that contract extension and called a timeout.  I’m no professional lip-reader, but I believe I saw Spo’ say, “this is my team, LeBreezy!”
  • Norris Cole is the first player in NBA history to draw a charge while levitating.   You have to give the little guy props, the dude is fearless and you have to respect that. Also, his over-the-top celebration of every made basket fits right in to the Heat way, and you don’t have to respect that.
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    • Batman

      Yeah i would have liked to have seen Moore in the third quarter when our offense stalled because we tried to run it through BassMaster

    • Chris from Danvers

      Good thoughts overall on the game. The Celtics should have easily been blown out in this game – I though that before it started – but really show what they have. This group is solid and strong…and showed what they got! Much more impressive game than I thought it would be.

      Overall report card

      KG: B not a bad game, but has to be more assertive. Let a few guys blow by him
      Ray: A+ is this guy really 37? Looked smooth as usual
      Rondo: A love the new Rondo…..hope he stays. Great job with the outside shot
      JO: D was this guy really MVP of the training camp….must be because it was two weeks long. Got to get more involved
      Sasha: D- can't wait to get PP back. Did have 5 points and took a nice charge. Great 12th man.

      Chris Wilcox: INC looked good on boards. Hope that shoulder bruise heals fine
      Avery Bradley: D- wow…..need more from him
      Marquis: B another solid game….nice seeing him shooting the threes
      Brandon Bass: A gotta love this guys enthusiasm
      Keyon: A+ wondered what this guy would add, now I know

      Three things to take away
      1. Defense needs a lot of work…..good thing they went to the zone

      2. I heard Donny Marshall say this may be the most complete bench they've had in Big 3 era. So far, looks like it. Athletic, tough, and fast….nice 40 points.

      3. Like the grit. Not only in the come back, but when Haslem nailed Brandon Bass, there was a lot of talk out there. Loved how Keyon and Brandon Bass gave it back, along with KG

      Referee report card: D+ Seriously, NBA has to do something about this. Bad tech by Danny Crawford. Dick Bavetta blew total call when Bosh lost ball (however, he should inspire the Big 3….still runs up and down at age 71). Several missed calls. Horrible, HORRIBLE offensive foul call on Brandon Bass at end of game.

      • ElRoz

        hoping an injury to a Celtic will heel fine…too early to hope that just two games into the season! That's wiht Pierce and Pietrus likely to miss anther week or so at leas

    • OKCeltic

      I agree. I just don't get why they don't play the rooks a couple of minutes here and there. Can't learn just watching. Look what Cole did tonight. I wouldn't expect that from EM or JJ, but you never know.

      • red

        no one could be worse than Sasha and i know a lot of people gets on Avery case about his bad play but there is a chance with time he could improve Sasha is not going to get any better JJ,bradley ,Moore or Stiesma would be better and on the same note JO can only play 10 minutes before he is out of breath and Useless it`s time to throw JJ and Stiesma in the fire and see what they have

        • OKCeltic

          I don't totally agree about Sasha but I fully understand your point. Unfortunately, Doc's hands are a little tied at the 3 until PP and MP get healthy. It would be nice to see the youngsters get some run though.

          • Mr Cross

            Sasha also had to guard 2 tough forward in the last 3 days.
            Tomorrow will be a test to see if he can at least go against the hornets

    • Phil

      So is Norris Cole secretly the son of the broadcasters, or did they just randomly decide to start his rookie of the year campaign early? They ignored the six or seven bad plays he made through the fourth quarter, then couldn't control themselves when he made the foot on the line two.

      Overall though, I came out of the game encouraged. Replacing Pavlovic with Pierce is more than an eight point swing, and while you obviously don't play in a vacuum, the C's really missed him tonight, especially with Daniels' foul trouble. They're still a longshot to win anything big, but it doesn't look like they're gonna go out with a whimper like the Mavs and Lakers probably are. I'd be happy with an entertaining season ending with a tough out in the playoffs.

    • Zee

      Respectable loss. Could've won had Rondo guarded Cole better and not thrown a bad pass as well. We were within 3 points. Just need Pierce and Pietrus on the floor. Things are looking good in my opinion.

      • ElRoz

        how good are they looking: Wilxoc is hurt…will miss time…already

        yes the team has played well…but it is likely that there will be very little left of this bunch in the next 20 games or so…Pierce and Pitrus will miss extended time…don't believe the BS – like KG in 09 and JO and Shaq last year
        so now Wilcox goes down….this team will be eliminated by mid-season it seems.

    • Mark

      I still don't have high hopes that his team is championship caliber. They will probably not get there this year no matter what. I have to say though I think this team will be just fine when Pierce and then Pietrus get on board. The bench is probably the best since 07-08 as they proved tonight. The C's have a punchers chance to make this interesting this year.

      I would imagine Doc isn't playing the rookies because of their inability to grasp the defense? Probably not a great excuse considering the overall horrible defense displayed these last two games.

    • Morpheus

      NBA needs to do something about the officiating. NOW. ASAP. PRONTO.

      • lakershater13

        You had to see it coming after the C's were over the limit 5 mins into the game.

        Rondo and Doc both get T's. I agree with the reactions of both. Lebron gets breathed on and its an and one. Rondo gets bumped by Bosh and nothing is called. Doc was pissed after call after call was simply terrible.

        Bass gets called for an offensive foul. Replay showed defender was still moving/ in the air when Bass hit him.

        Bosh loses the ball completely and foul gets called on Celtics anyway.

        Refs still locked out or what?

        The Celtics had a real shot to win this game at the end and the Rondo turn over really hurt. So had the Refs been better who knows if they would have had a better chance but watching horrible calls and hearing the announcers talk about how horrible the calls are is very frustrating for us fans.

        • Phil

          The call where one ref overruled the other shortly after that bad charge call ended up giving the Celtics two points that they should've lost since it was an obvious charge, call it a make up call if you want, but it evened that one out. The officiating was also extremely loose for the Celtics on D throughout the whole fourth quarter. Calls went the Celtics way too. It wasn't 100% lopsided, and it didn't decide the game; the Celtic's play (and the Pierce injury,) did.

          Its easy to blame the refs after a loss, but its just lazy fan rationalization, its rarely the actual reason. Try looking at things objectively and remember the times the C's get a break, because it does happen. If the C's cut down a few of the turnovers, they win the game. Its that simple.

    • ElRoz

      Rondo hurt them a bit at the end…7 turnovers for the guy

      JO was a ZERO. KG got to get the boards and be more assertive on offense….where did his offense and rebounding go?

      If all stay healthy (unlikely) this will be a very good team come playoff time with Pierce and Pietrus at SF…..maybe they could get rid of JO if he keeps playing like crap? 1 rebound?

      as for expecting Doc to play rookies…he will rather run KG, Rondo, and Ray to the ground than play rookies…he never does. He is not even playing Wilcox that much if you look at it. That's why Pierce and Peitrus need to return…otherwise Doc's big 4 will be tired by the end of the season – he just does a lot of lip service about rookies I think.

    • ElRoz

      a tough 3 road game start for Boston, plus crappy refs….starting to smell like 0-3 start…but understandable considering Pierce and Green are out…and 3 road games.

    • High Rollers

      Grit-tastic. We’ll win eventually.


      Q1 Miami kept stealing the ball, 
      While the Cs couldn't play without a foul call.
      Cs had a smaller line-up so they could score,
      Silly fouls and turnovers–let's have no more!

      Rondo jawed at the official and got a tech,
      Like the Knicks 4th quarter, what the heck!
      Then he started scoring and playing large,
      As evidenced–from Chalmers he took a charge!

      Eight turnovers for the Cs but a 12-4 run,
      Cs down only three at the end of Q1.
      Then so many turnovers to start Q2,
      Doc took an early timeout to see what to do.

      15 Cs turnovers, to 23 points they led,
      That's why at the half the Heat's 15 ahead.

      Wade and Lebron, those guys can dunk,
      While the Cs seem to be in a shooting funk.
      RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, can it be enough?
      Not while the Heat every shot they can stuff.

      The Cs needed a change-up, to set a new tone, 
      For the first time ever Doc's guys played zone!
      The Heat had to think and change things a bit,
      Q3? Cs down 8 at the end of it.

      RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, his shots so fine, 
      His career total? Twenty-five hundred sixty-nine!
      Let's hear it for our new guy, Brandon Bass, 
      Who has given us a presence on the offensive glass!

      Is it my imagination or does it seem in Q4,
      The game's about the refs, not the players any more?
      In Q4 the biggest problem who plays for the Heat?
      The rookie Cole whom we just did meet.

      Tho' perhaps it wasn't Boston's best basketball night, 
      You have to admire their "Truth-less" fight.


    • IBleedGreen

      Too Fast Too Strong Too Good – Miami that is

    • ripsonics

      I dunno.. We looked good at times, and it's obvious how to beat a zone – penetrate. And with those two in bron and wade.. I just dont know how they were unable to handle that. That's gotta be the key to beating them.. Cause man isn't workin, plus we out scored them in the second half by 7.

      Ray. Allen. Is it obvious that he's my favorite player..? He's a baller.

      Gotta hand it to bass and dooling. They Brought it. When dooling shot that pull up on the wing.. WOO! Bad baby… Bad.

      Hey KG? SHOW UP.

      Word. Go C's

    • ElRoz

      Hey here is even more bad news: Wilcox is hurt….this means even more minutes for the starters, sicne Doc apparently does not want o play Stiemsma…and JO has given very very little…so Doc will play and play Bass and KG.

      So two games into the season Wolcox is hurt…..

    • sightline75

      MarShon posted some points………
      Im still upset if you didnt realise.

    • ozcelts

      Rays form is great but why play him 40 mins on first night of back-2-back in a game we're most unlikely to win

      Why not play him reduced minutes so there's fuel in the tank for the Hornets game?

      • Mr Cross

        Mostly because the hornets game doesn't matter as much as the heat.
        Playing the starters forces them to adjust and learn to counter the speedy defences of the heat.
        Besides, look towards a showing of the bench 2morrow

    • _Banania

      Rondo 44 min
      Allen 40 min
      C'mon Doc !

    • NPN

      The way the NBA officiates the Heat, no one stands a chance agianst them this year in a 7 game series. It really is hard to watch at times. I'm not blaming the loss on the refs because we did plenty to hurt ourselves throughout the game but they are just so bias to superstar talent.

    • Jamie

      The problem right now is with PP out, our starting 5 is really playing 3 on 5 when we have the ball. Other teams don't respect JO or Pavlovic to even look to shoot.

      Dooling and Bass are huge pick ups. I had not seen Dooling much cause he played mostly on bad teams, but he can play both guard spots and is a really good 3 point shooter.

      Doc has already lost all confidence in Avery bradley. I would be shocked if Danny doesn't move him by the trade deadline if it is at all possible.

      Rondo can't try that pass down 3 with less then 2 minutes to go. In the middle of the 2nd quarter you try that, but he knows they need a really good shot there, and that was just a horrible decision.

      The charge call on Bass late against Cole….awful

    • Brian

      First off the two remaining starters for the Awesome/Terrible team are Michael Beasley at Small Forward and Andray Blatche at Power Foward.

      Waiting for Pierce and Pietrus to come back with Pavlovic and Bradley nailed to the Bench. More minutes for Moore who I think is better than Cole.

      Playing the Zone helps the weaker Defenders on the team and you should also be able to put in some younger guys and cover up their flaws with it as well.

      I don't even see what the point is in starting O Neal. Start KG at the 5 with Bass at the 4.