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Update: Pietrus Won’t Join Team Until Friday At Earliest

The Boston Herald Celtics Insider Blog has the scoop:

Mickeal Pietrus will start an extensive physical process tonight, and continue tomorrow, ruling out any chance of the swingman joining his new team for tomorrow night’s game against Miami or Wednesday in New Orleans.

“We’re not sending him to Miami or New Orleans,” Celtics President Danny Ainge said today. “He hasn’t even practiced. He hasn’t done anything yet. I’m not sure when that will happen. I hate to speculate on stuff like that.”

An expected but tough blow for the C’s, who are likely to be without Paul Pierce for both of these games as well, as he continues to heal from his bruised heel. So for those of you hoping we’d see less of Sasha Pavlovic in the upcoming week, you’re likely going to have to wait until 2012. For now, an 0-2 start, the first one of The Big Three era, remains as a major possibility as the team awaits a Miami Heat team that appears to be running all on cylinders after its demolition of Dallas yesterday.

Now we are left to wonder if Doc will turn to Sasha again to start tomorrow night to help him redeem himself or give Marquis Daniels the nod to try to help contain LeBron. Also, count on Avery Bradley seeing another shot off the bench to try to slow down Dwayne Wade, although his rotation time may be limited unless his improves his offensive output a bit.

  • ripsonics

    GAHH! Forfeit??

    Hah.. kidding. LETS BRING it to the heat.. we are definitely embarrassed from last years playoffs, so we have something to prove.

    LETS GO C's

  • I_Love_Green

    Gonna be tough tomorrow!

  • red

    I guess i will defend Bradley here .
    He plays scared on offense and if he can`t get over that then Doc will have to play someone else in the Dleague his jumper was very good but in NBA games he hesitates and looks for others to be assertive he has to get over that and let his talents take over

    • Jman

      Doc definetly needs to play someone else…I prefer Wafer here instead of bradley…lol Bradly takes too many shots to prove himself and he needs to be stopped…So lose him. Besides that, as long as they can stay within a few points against the tough teams these first two weeks, they'll be fine for the remainder of the year. The next few weeks getting accustomed to one another and Doc's playbook

      • red

        Bradley took two shots that`s is not too many!!

      • celticsfan

        Wafer was traded with big baby….

        • Jman

          I understnad Wafer was traded that's why i made the sarcastic remark for Wafer should of stayed instead of Bradley…And yes 2 hots is too many for Bradley..He is not ready for championship Basketball…He needs to go elsewhere…He was horrible last yer and still remains to be…

  • Chris from Danvers

    Who would have ever thought that we'd be praying for the day Pietrus would get here. But, really, they can use him against the Heat. Hope that physical is okay and he can play. Would be a big Plus. Can hold his own against LeBrawnless and doesn't back down.

  • skeeds

    brace yourselves Celtics fans. Either Quis plays 40 minutes and holds Lebron to 35, or he'll abuse his former play-pal Sasha and have a 60 point game…

    Either way, this will be ugly for us. I seriously think the Heat could have a 15-0 start to this season. It will take the best teams on their best days to beat them on their home court, and we're not quite there now.

    Let's play like opening night, and hope for the best. Go Rondo, make them pay!

  • Morpheus

    The Heat look like…………..get ready for it………………………………………….the 95-96 Bulls team, or at least the 96-97 Bulls team. Seriously they look fearless, they had their honeymmon period, now they ready to EAT. I don't see us winning this one and it could get ugly real fast too.


    • Morpheus

      They steam rolled the Mavs and it didn't even look like they were trying. We need to control our defensive rebounds and turnovers. Their D is real nasty and they play at a blistering pace. This is what i observed yesterday, so i could be talking out my ass.

  • red

    play JJ at SF until pietrus is healthy

    • skeeds

      Amen. This game is 90% lost before it even starts. Throw the rookie in and let him get a taste of what guarding Lebron is like. He could make a living in this league if he learns how to guard big, strong 3's like Lebron and Carmelo.

      We have to give the rooks minutes right now, if they're gonna be able to help in any way throughout the season.

  • celtsfan

    I say we do NOT play Sasha. he literally sucks. should have traded him instead of wafer (not even kidding) I say we start Bass instead of Sasha/Quis. I know Bass isn't a backup for PP but we can move some of the players around. Definitely do not start Sasha though. Even Quis is better than him. or JJ.

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