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Will Kevin Garnett Be Suspended For His Scuffle With Bill Walker?

Hayes will have a full recap on the Christmas theatrics shortly, but in the interim, I wanted to throw this question out there, since I don’t think there is a clear answer.

On one hand, this was the end of the game, a heat of the moment exchange by Garnett after a tough loss. It was also likely provoked by some Bill Walker trash talk after KG’s missed jumper.

On the other hand, that should not excuse KG. Garnett was clearly the aggressor here. He made a strong slap/grab toward Walker’s throat before being saved by Baron Davis of all people. Normally, you would think the NBA would just shrug something like this off if it was just a shove, but this –as the video shows — is a little more than that. Certainly worthy of a fine for KG’s wallet and perhaps a bit more.

For now, I lean towards the no column as far as a suspension goes, especially since it’s likely Garnett was fouled on the play as well.  With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if KG gets more than a slap on the wrist for this. 

Whatever the result, the Big Ticket has to be smarter in this situation. This team is shorthanded as is without Paul Pierce, while heading into another tough matchup on South Beach Tuesday night. Take Garnett out of that equation and you can all but pencil in a 0-2 start for Boston.

For now, I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinion on this. Will Garnett be suspended and/or fined for this hit? And should he be?

  • Batman

    He won't be, and he shouldn't be
    He didn't ACTUALLY choke him…regardless if that was his intent
    but Garnett needs to draw a line. too much is on the line

    • USTUPID?

      Are you stupid? thats unsportsman-like and unprofessional. He should be suspended and fined. Garnett always has a temper problem, he should get kicked out of the league for not being a grown up about playing. Someone should remind him that hes not 15 playing in the park with his boys.

      • Calusa 615

        Good response, throw him out of the league! As always it the retaliation that gets called. Watch the play, KG was fouled and then scrub Walker had something to say. Playground? 15 year olds? Wow, you really should really keep your comments to yourself. by the way I am not a Celtics fan, just a BBall fan. This isn't the pansy ACC, this is the NBA.

      • Your Dad

        You sound like a damn tool man. Plain and simple stfu!

  • Joe Namath

    Better yet, if he does, will anyone care?

    • ggee

      Stop trolling Namath

    • James

      Uh, the whole city of Boston. Hello?

  • mike100

    I hope he doesn't, but he grabbed Walker's neck and pushed his face. How do u not suspend or fine someone for that. The rules are u can't put ur hands on someone.

  • CG12

    Bill Walker is a punk. He was when he played for the Cs. He fouled KG and then talked smack. But KG has to be smarter than that. I’d guess no suspension. It was basically a push.

    • USTUPID?

      Punk? Thats great strategy. Get into the mind of someone who has a weak one, and Garnett definitely does. Gets mad at everything because hes a little Bxtch. It was a push AFTER the game was over, so he should definitely get fined + suspended.

      • Your Dad

        Once again toolbag – you’re clearly just a hated of the greatest basketball franchise of all time. Do us all a favor and refrain from making any further comments before I go KG on your punk Bill Walker hoodrat ass suckaaa!

  • I_Love_Green

    You don't talk shit to KG after he loses. Its just not smart. Anyways I think Walker should be suspended for the old "Hey man I don't wanna fight" then gets teammates to hold him back, "LEMME AT EM! LEMME AT KG!!"

    • Tos

      Haha, thought I was the only one to notice this.

    • Calusa615

      Good call. Walker showed his colors, yellow. Tough guy when he had half the Garden between him and KG. Garnett was wrong, he should know better, I wonder what the punk Walker said, maybe he was getting back at KG for having to carry his bags on the road or after being beat in practice so many times he really thought he did something. Don't talk smack and run, good thing Perkins wasn't thers, Walker would have eaten his teeth.

  • He should sit 2 games & a $20,000 fine , this guys a low class idiot , a public relations night mare , it wasnt long ago he made fun of another players skin condition calling him a cancer patient.

    • Celticsfan

      Easy now. Two things:
      1) Charlie Villanueva is an a-hole.
      2) KG said he was a cancer to his team. Which sounds like a crafty excuse at first, but when you think about it, its EXACTLY the kind of crazy thing KG would say.

      KG is a nice guy who winds himself tight in order to get the best edge he can. He’s hated for this but he could care less what anyone else thinks.

      • Jason C.

        Nice guy? I know lots of nice guys, none of them punch other men in the dick.

        • celticsfan

          haha i should have said off the bball court. ray allen elbowed anderson varejao in the dick as well, so i dont think attacking dicks is an appropriate measure of a nice guy

  • someguyinsac

    I'll go with the NBA conspiracy reasoning here;
    Heavy fine, but no suspension which could possibly doom the ratings for the Tuesday game if there's no KG and/or PP in the game.

  • He SHOULD get two games, will probably get one.

    There's no excuse for laying your hands on another man. KG talks as much trash as anyone in the league, and the second someone talks trash right back to him, he has to resort to violence. It's pitiful.

  • Mike

    He should be fined
    If it was a first yr rookie he would be
    Garnett is always complaining and whinning on the court

  • lame

    Doc needs to stop playing the starters so many minutes anyways.

  • Carmen

    I think it's aggressive if another man walks within a couple inches of your face to talk to you. As a celtics fan I am ok with fining/suspending KG. As a face of the NBA he should be smarter than this, but Bill Walker wasn't completely innocent either.
    Also, call the foul! A foul was called to put the Knicks up. The reply clearly shows a foul. Refs need to be consistant.

  • nicole johnson

    they better suspend Garwreck for choking Walker, because I bet u if it was the other way around Walker would be suspended for at least four games. Fucc Boston and Garwreck with their old ancient asses they suck can't wait to watch the Heat destroy they punk asses on Tuesday………..

    • Calusa615

      You need to learn to spell and clean up your language. Your comments carry no weight because of your lack of language skills.

      • Your Dad

        Props to calusa. Nicole Johnson sounds like a hooker from bill walkers neighborhood. What’s the matter nicole? Are ONE of your “baby daddys” a knicks fan and the other ones heat fans? Go get tested and then buy “hooked on phonix” you could really use some help…

    • Deb



  • Isaac

    This is obviously a stupid mistake by Kevin Garnett since they ll be playing The Miami Heat this coming Tuesday. Paul Pierce is already not feeling well, now you're going to have KG suspended.
    Good Luck to Doc Rivers beating this year Miami heat team !!!

    • Celtic fans are probably going to dislike your post, but I completely agree. The Heat look very strong, and the Celtics are going to need to be on their game to have a chance to win. A hobbled Pierce and a suspended KG isn't a recipe for success.

  • James Patrick

    What's with all the trolls here??? Santa not bring you guys anything for Christmas? lol

  • Jason C.

    Example of why these kids should be forced to undergo at least 2 years of college. I'm glad the NBA implemented that, because look at all these hooligan millionaire street thugs that somehow get granted respect because they play basketball better than we can. Maybe a little schooling or coaching would've helped him become more mature (though there are exceptions ie: Iverson). Take after Goodell on this one Stern, repeat offender here, give him the book. Two games, a hefty fine, hit this thug in his pocket where it will hurt him the most. I'm sick of this idiot, first he throws countless punches without taking nearly enough heat, then he makes fun of cancer patients, then he throws punches at other players crotches, now he's trying to choke someone out (I don't even think it's the first time he's done that either). This guy is a dirtbag.

  • moralhighhorse

    As a celtic fan, while I realize a garnett suspension means the team is in an early hole, he has to be suspended. Hands to the neck cannot be tolerated. Period. Additionally, there have been too many issues with Garnett – Villanueva, Quentin Richardson incident, Channing Frye. He is not 19 anymore. I like the passion he brings but he has to know where to draw the line. Pierce, for example also has passion, is savvy to get under the skin of opposing teams but doesnt cross the line.

    the silver lining is that the "old man" can always do with some more rest :). We need him at the top of his game for the playoffs – not for a couple of relatively meaningless early season games.

  • jim

    One game suspension. It's early in the season and a message needs to be sent that, even though that's out of character for KG, it shouldnt br tolerated. It won't hurt Boston this early and will send the right message,

  • Celtchick

    Maybe while da Celts are gettin they asses kicked someone could teach nicolejohnson the English language?

  • Chris from Danvers

    KG shouldn't be suspended for that. About time someone got in Walker's grill. This guy has been talking big ever since he was with the Celtics. He complained about the way KG treated rookies. Come on dude – due something to earn the vet's respect. And, Walker's biggest claim to fame when he was with the Green – going after Tracy McGrady is a preseason game. Tracy McGrady of all people. In the preseason! This guy has got game, but he has to learn to run his mouth less. Otherwise he is going to be Riflemouth II without the talent.