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Celtics May Land Mickael Pietrus

Mickael Pietrus is “leaning heavily” towards signing with the Celtics according to CSNNE’s A. Sherrod Blakely. Pietrus was just waived by the Phoenix Suns and if, as expected, he clears league-wide waivers Saturday, he’ll be free to join the C’s before their opener on Christmas Day.

Pietrus, who turns 30 in February, was actually moved to the Toronto Raptors earlier this month but the Raptors rescinded the trade after Pietrus experienced some knee-swelling and an irregular MRI result (the specifics of the MRI are unreported, from what I can tell).

Pietrus has a reputation as a strong wing defender and a three-point threat although both of those claims come with caveats

His defensive rep is based in part on his athleticism and physicality. It’s also based on some of his high-profile defensive assignments in the playoffs, including his work checking LeBron James in 2009. But Pietrus also has a reputation as a player whose focus can drift and whose defensive effort can slip as a result. Boston’s cultural intensity could quickly cure him of that habit, a gamble Danny Ainge may be willing to take (Ainge has reportedly eyed Pietrus in the past).

Pietrus’ three-point pedigree marks him more as a high class mongrel than a purebred. Last season, he shot .391 for the Magic, a team that prioritizes spot-up threes off Dwight Howard double-teams but slipped to .342 after being traded to Phoenix. For his career, he’s a 36% shooter behind-the-arc. Credible, but unspectacular.

For the Celtics, Pietrus isn’t a sure thing. His overall productivity numbers are poor (his last three years in PER: 9.87, 11.96 and 11.69) so he’s going to add little offensive punch (what the team really needs) but he’s a good finisher at the rim and could be the kind of player who benefits from running with Rajon Rondo. He’d also be another bench guy on the right side of age 30 (if only barely). Plus, with Jeff Green out for the year, Paul Pierce battling heel problems and Marquis Daniels a perpetual threat to go down with an injury, Pietrus could also sop up some minutes at the backup-3 as the Celtics’ schedule gets hectic.

  • The Truth

    Easy signing..No question about it

  • llemur

    most wanted

  • skeeds

    at this stage we'd sign anyone. Pietrus is actually a very good acquisition. He is the kind of player who is average, but average across the board. It's important to have a substitute who can come in and not be either a defensive, or offensive liability.

    Oh, and, Bass, Pietrus… Is Ainge gathering every guy that played well with D12? Because if that sounds like a decent plan!

  • ElRoz

    oh that would be a very nice addition to back-up Pierce as a defensive oriented SF with Daniels as a SG….

    BUT: what's with the MRI results?

    Can he play or is he going straight to the injured list?

  • Ryan

    I hope this happens

  • cos

    Decent player but I dont think hes what the Celts need. They need someone on the second unit who can create his own shot and hopefully shots for others. I can't remember if he's any good at posting up but if he can (and does it) it would probably improve my opinion of him. Decent player, celtics need another 3, doesn't necessarily do what this team needs.

    • Kricky

      Sure. But where are you going to find a guy like that at this point who will sign for the minimum?

      AirFrance would be a great addition. I think he's better than Battier (at least at this point in Battier's areer) or Anthony Parker — two guys we coveted at the trade deadline last year.

      • cos

        Haven't thought about who other to get, but I'd rather have one of the guys in china (although they don't necessary create their own either).

        One other reason why im lukewarm on this idea is if we consider his 2 best qualities are def and 3pt shooting — who on the second unit would create the open for 3 for him. that definitely hurts him.

        I still contend they need someone from the bench athletic and able to create his own shot.

  • Tos

    Um, Isn't anyone concerned with the fact that he isn't healthy??? If he was healthy he'd be a Raptor right now. I say this is a bad decision all around, and I was an advocate of his last year. Another iffy player is NOT what we need, not even a little bit. Haven't we learned anything?

    Another suggestion: Michael Redd (Coming off injury, but at least he is an offensive player that can hit the 3 pretty consistently).

    • jon

      he's healthy again thats why the celtics are going for him.

  • CG12

    I'd do this deal all day. This is a classic low-risk, high-reward move. If Pietrus can give us anything resembling what he has done over the last few years, it could be a big help. It's been a couple of years, but Pietrus was huge against the Cs in the playoffs in 08-09. He hit some of the biggest baskets of the whole series with some back-breaking corner 3s. If he does sign, it makes it very crowded at the back-up 3 spot, with Pietrus, Quisy, and Pavlovic. I'd think that one of them would have to go, unless there is some reason why more depth is necessary (I'm not even going to say it out loud).

  • NPN


  • Rob

    we can finally get a defensive stopper again. Marquis is good but not as good as pietrus. Hopefully this isn't like the david west rumors because those got me way to excited. Where we are at this point in the offseason we need to sign this guy fast

  • Mark

    AIR FRANCE is Landing at Bostons Logan Airport to bring home # 18…… gonna be a good year for a World Championship Title Run!!!!!!!!!!!

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