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CelticsHub contributed regular season and playoff predictions over at Chris Forsberg’s ESPN Boston Celtics Report. Here’s where our heads are at three days before the season tips:

CelticsHub’s Brian Robb (ESPN.com TrueHoop Network)
Predicted record: 41-25
Season outcome: Lose in Eastern Conference finals
Summary: The loss of Jeff Green is a major blow, but I still land on the optimistic side of the fence for this squad. After last year’s disappointment, the sense of urgency is greater than ever for the senior members of the C’s, and I see one final deep playoff run for this core. The new-look bench should help take some of the onus off the starters and with the addition of another veteran scorer (via buyout), Boston could sneak up on people. The X factors? Health and the ability for Rajon Rondo to excel consistently.

CelticsHub’s Ryan DeGama (ESPN.com TrueHoop Network)
Predicted record: 38-28
Season outcome: Lose in Eastern Conference semifinals
Summary: The compressed regular season will not only weather the aged Celtics but hang a lantern on their offensive decline. Danny Ainge wisely tried to upgrade the talent at the top of the roster but failing a Hail Mary at the trade deadline, this proud bunch will again run out of gas in the early rounds.

CelticsHub’s Brendan Jackson (ESPN.com TrueHoop Network)
Predicted record: 40-26
Season outcome: Lose in Eastern Conference finals
Summary: It’s not going to be easy, but I think the Celtics will be the third best team in the East behind Miami and Chicago. This makes them poised to play a tough Eastern Conference team in the first round that could easily bounce the older, injury prone Cs. Think Boston v. Indiana. The Celtics get bounced by the young, deep Pacers and storylines abound. David West gets to say “told ya so!” to Ray Allen and the once-Champion Celtics go down in much the same way the 2003-2008 Detroit Pistons era did. On the flip-side, say the Celtics manage to stay healthy and fresh going into the playoffs. Not only that but they also hit their stride going in and win their last 7 regular season games. They steamroll through the first round, and manage to get through the next two rounds against really tough opponents. The last hurrah is a trip to the finals where no matter the outcome, the C’s can still hold their heads high. I think ultimately it will be somewhere in between but I’ll err on the side of the positive. The Celtics will lose in the Eastern Conference finals and the Big Three era will go down in an ESPN Instant Classic dog fight. The series will be so intense that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade‘s over-celebration will be appropriate.

CelticsHub’s Hayes Davenport (ESPN.com TrueHoop Network)
Predicted record: 40-26
Season outcome: Lose in Eastern Conference semifinals
Summary: Even with the improvements made around the East, I think the Celtics are good for a playoff seed in the 3-4 range. But though they won’t be an easy matchup for anybody, I don’t see them beating Miami or Chicago in the playoffs.

Check out ESPN Boston to see everyone else’s predictions for the C’s in 2011-12.

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  • Dave

    So being a blog writer for the Boston Celtics doesn’t require being a fan?? Come on guys, I’m sick and tired of you guys sounding as pessimistic as columnists who make their living on mis-informed b.s. calling this team washed up, yet as this core keeps rolling they continue to redefine the meaning of “old” in the NBA. I don’t expect unrealistic predictions, this team won’t win all 66 games. But seriously guys, slow up the objectivity and give us something not so bleak. The dark ages of the title drought are behind us, this is still a legitimate team… Why doesn’t anyone believe anymore?!

    • Morpheus

      It's called "Facing the Facts" big guy.

    • I_Love_Green

      Open your eyes please.

    • ripsonics

      dave… dave… dave…

      Our team is still good! we just arent better than those two teams in the eastern conference. If you compare these predictions with the guys over at ESPN, our boys here at CHUB are pretty optimistic.

      Go C's

  • Dave

    Guys, I would like to edit one thing in my previous post. Though I may disagree with the attitude being observed lately on this site, I have no right no question your fanhood. You guys get to write about the team we love! Thats being more of a fan that I ever could. So from one Celtics fan to another, sorry guys. Go Cs!!!

  • ElRoz

    If they can add a Posey or Pietrus as a back-up, defense oriented SF to go along with Marquis, their bench will be fine.

    Health and chemistry come playoff time is another major key: PLEASE LORD, LET THE STARTING FIVE STAY HEALTHY!

    A bench with Dooling, Daniels, Stiesma, Wilcox, Bass, and a Pietrus or Posey is not a bad bench at all…in fact it could be a tough, hard-nosed bench if not a scoring machine.

    I apologize for not including Moore, Bradley, and Johnson…the are wild cards as of now.

  • guest

    Sad but true: DeGama ftw.

  • Callahan

    Message to Celtics fans, ESPN and others. Anyone can be beat no one or no sports team is untouchable.

  • CCbtho

    Obviously the Celtics haven taken a step back because they’re not getting younger. But the Celtics can still compete with the more athletic teams like the Bulls or Heat despite wut some in press think or wants us to believe.

    ESPN has a tendency to sensationalize and over analyze sports figures or teams. I don’t take much stock in what ESPN predicts about the Celtics, Heat, Bulls or any team.

  • Pesqueraf

    oh man
    i can't stop laughing at the notion of a lineup featuring dooling, marquis daniels, james posey, brandon bass and greg stiemsma being called a scoring machine.

    • Morpheus

      That was my initial reaction, then i thought about it again and my reaction was the same….lmao.

    • ripsonics

      guys.. posey OR pietrus..

      does that help?

      it shouldn't… because that is ridiculous. There is no line up on the celtics that can be dubbed "a scoring machine" — love em, but they are not a high potent offensive team.

  • smalltownID

    ElRoz, don't let the others scare you off. You provide some good comedy from time to time.

    The C's only have hope if healthy and it just seems ludicrous to think this team can stay healthy. Paul couldn't make it through the shortest pre-season in history. 🙂 None of us doubt the abilities of our core, but you have to stare reality in the face. I will be happy if the big 4 and Oneal play 33 games together this season. Unless we get the greatest last pick ever back than we just don't have the bench. 🙂

  • red

    we as fans shouldn`t be so demoralized even with all the injuries we where in the series with the heat last year with no contribution from BBD at all, a hobbled rondo and green not doing much we need the young guys to develop this year so we have to start putting pressure on them. Doc himself has said avery has got to play and develop this year so he can be a force in the playoffs i also think JJ has to learn the system and start contributing we have enough if those two develop we have pieces the pressure is on Doc to develop those pieces something he hasn`t done in the past

  • James Patrick

    Never would even be in this spot had we not traded for Jeff Green. Okay, had to get that last one in. Onward and Upward. lol

  • Zee

    So basically there is no need to have celticshub.com is what we're getting down to?

    • Ryan DeGama

      Without CelticsHub, we would all surely perish.

  • phreesh

    I'b be curious to read what the Perkins trade looks like in retrospect. With the assumption that Green turned out to be an average player and didn't, you know, almost die.

    Given what he signed for, would that contract have screwed up the Celtics enough that the trade seems reasonable?