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Among all the soundbites about the lockout over the fall, one of the most honest, perceptive quotes came from Rajon Rondo himself.

“It’s just boring.”

Like Rondo, many NBA players struggled to adjust to their abrupt surplus of free time. Here are a few examples of what various Celtics did to fill their days.

Avery Bradley: Watched Spongebob in Hebrew Every Day

Avery Bradley has said that playing alongside vets like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce was intimidating for him last year, so it makes sense that he would have trouble adjusting to playing in Israel, where pretty much everyone has served in the military. This is how desperate Avery was for the comforts of home: he made time to watch Spongebob Squarepants every day, even though he could only see it in Hebrew.

Actually, Avery, where you are it’s BobSfoge Michnas Meruba.

In another tweet, he commiserates with Trevor Booker about the inconvenience of watching Spongebob in Hebrew, which is where he reveals that he watches “everyday.” So, for scorekeeping, that’s two professional basketball players whose need for daily Spongebob is so powerful, they’re willing to watch without understanding anything Mr. Krabs is saying.

Marquis Daniels: Stood Around in a Rap Video

Back in October, Stephen Jackson of the Milwaukee Bucks recorded a track called “What’s a Lockout” and shot a crazy video for it. Marquis Daniels could be seen standing around in the background at several points of this video, but not anymore, because it’s been pulled from Youtube for copyright violations so now nobody can see it anywhere.

But that doesn’t matter, because this is really just an excuse for us to find out that Marquis Daniels does a huge amount of rapping himself under the pen name “Q6.” Here’s one of his videos, where he somehow plays Grand Theft Auto with a bunch of his friends even though Grand Theft Auto is not a multiplayer game. (WARNING: hoochies).

Obviously the most important part of this video is when Marquis waves around the diamond-crusted head-necklace bling-thing he had made for himself at 2:25. I made a GIF of that for you for Christmas, so now you finally have something to put in your email signature.

Rajon Rondo: Manufactured Posters

I didn’t see SportsCenter the day after this happened, but I imagine Stuart Scott described what Rondo did as “going Seaworld.” In any case, this is one of the greatest highlights ever and it’s only marginally better than this other one from Rondo a few weeks earlier.

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce: Maybe Pursued Alternate Career Opportunities

At last year’s All-Star Game, the wonderful guys at Basketball Jones asked the Big Three what job opportunities they would pursue if there were a lockout and they couldn’t play basketball. (Ray’s first at 1:37).

Ray Allen (in-the-moment realization): “I would like to have a workout class.”

Kevin Garnett (from his deepest soul): “An architect. I’d be an architect. Be somewhere putting some things together…illustrating…yeah.”

Paul Pierce (matter-of-fact): “I’d be the personal assistant to the guy on Deadliest Catch.”

Hey, basketball’s back!

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  • mikenasty13

    It was a long and boring lockout for everyone. It seems like Rondo stayed in pretty nice shape throughout though. Hopefully he begins to knock down that jumper. Here is a scouting report of Rondo in the fast break. Rajon Rondo: The Master of Chaos http://wp.me/p1Fq45-3R