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Doc: “I’m Concerned” About Paul Pierce’s Injury


The C’s just wrapped up their final practice for the team’s last preseason tuneup against the Toronto Raptors at the TD Garden tomorrow night.

The entire training camp roster was on the floor for the session, minus All-Star Paul Pierce, who has sat out practice for much of the past week with a sore right heel.

Pierce will miss the preseason contest tomorrow night, and with the season opener rapidly approaching on Sunday afternoon, Doc Rivers is beginning to show some concern about the possibility of Pierce missing regular season time.

“I am concerned, not long term—-but short term. We have those two games right off the bat. He’s only gone one practice, that’s basically it, so yeah, I’m concerned about it.”

Rivers also told reporters Pierce tried some drills on it yesterday during the team’s off day, but did not feel well on it today.

“He went real hard yesterday, and it just got real sore,” Rivers explained. “He felt good at first and we told him to go out and work, so he did some one-on-one stuff with some of the guys and his foot was extremely sore today.”

With the Celtics facing two elite opponents out of the gate in New York and Miami, Rivers and the training staff face a catch-22 with Pierce’s status as they try to balance starting the season on a positive note and making sure there are no lingering symptoms for Pierce this season.

“We just want the rest for him. The problem with that is, there will be a lot of rest and he may be ready., but no with no play or practice that’s scary.” Rivers continued. “But if he’s not [ready], he’s not.”

Obviously this will be a situation to keep a close eye on during the upcoming days, but Doc says Pierce will try out the heel again on Christmas Eve and the team will make a decision then on his status for Sunday.

And in somewhat other positive news, Sasha Pavlovic returned to practice today, and participated fully after sitting out the end of last week with a sore wrist. Look for him to be active tomorrow night and for Sunday’s opener with the team potentially needing him for depth purposes.

  • I_Love_Green

    Already? ):

  • Guest

    Don't worry guys! We have Sasha Pavlovic.

    • red


  • red

    isn`t this how it started with Shaq i thought jeff Green was really going to have a great season this year instead of pierce/green we are down to sasha/avery sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Batman

    Does this mean we would start Daniels vs the Knicks and the Heat? Oy……

  • Zee

    Good thing I have a team in the West to root for… Clippers. Sigh…

    • Zee

      Me and CP3's uncle are best friends. I have good reason. Not a bandwagoner. Thanks.

      • Los

        did you root for the hornets before because if not then you still are

        • Zee

          Yes, I rooted for the Hornets. Sigh…

  • Zee

    In other news, Ray Allen calls out David West…

    “Once it got down to the end, I think his ego kicked back in,” Allen said. “He wanted the dollars. I guess it comes down to ‘What is a championship worth to you?’”

  • jimmy

    Its gonna b one of those seasons smh

  • red

    I really didn`t want micheal redd but with green gone and pierce injured we need scoring and it`s come down to iverson or redd and i`m being real here it`s not much but ray and KG are not going to average 30 a game with pierce out and rondo can only be counted on for 8 points a night even that won`t be consistent i`ve been thinking we should give AI a try he`s not good for much but even now he could give you 13 off the bench

  • AussieC

    What about DeShawn Stevenson? I know he is a head case, but he is healthy and plays lock down D

    • Jack

      love Stevensons game. I've thought we should get him since the beginning of free agency

      • AussieC

        i get the feeling Danny is waiting for the season to start so that a few FA will jump on board for the min just so they get a game on a contending team….just hope we pick up the right one!

  • ElRoz

    draw a big fat strike across 2011-2012 season for Boston…the big three era will end with a whimper it seems.

    • http://celticshub.com MDftw

      fuck off

      Big 4 era will end with championship #18

  • Kricky

    I'd give the guys mentioned here a shot. But It looks like we can't afford ANYONE. Even the bargain basement is too rich for our blood.

    I'm still hoping for the best (E'tawn and JaJuan c0-rookies of the year!) but ElRoz may be right.

  • Tos

    I do want to see our young guys get playing time, looks like Pappa Doc won’t have a choice but to give them a shit this year. (which may be a good thing)

    I want Avery to break out, he’s got shooting range, now let’s see it!

  • Morpheus

    This is not good, his ankle has been bothering him for a while now. It seems it may get worse and worse and worse. I'm not trying to be Debbie here, but those heels can nag you for an entire season if it ain't right.

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