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While the C’s were in action for their first preseason game of the year yesterday, it was also the first time they were available to speak on the record about Jeff Green and his reported condition. Needless to say, after the exhibition contest in Toronto, most of the guys’ thoughts were first and foremost with Green’s health. Be sure to check out the full pieces to get everyone’s perspective.

From Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald

Doc: “We thought we knew. We weren’t positive, we were hoping we were wrong obviously. You know, that’s a tough one .?.?. not more for the team — think that’s the easy way to look at it. I look at it more in a couple of ways. No. 1, how lucky Jeff is, because (of) the fact that we found it. And the fact that he can actually come back and play, to me, is the minor part. I could care less about that.

“The fact that he can live and all that; that, to me, is far more important. That’s the way I look at it. That’s what I basically conveyed to him, that don’t look at this as a negative. This is an extreme positive. You’re going to be OK, and that’s good.”

Rondo: ““It’s life, life is more important than basketball. You know, who’s to say what will happen? But with that type of problem, it’s definitely serious and you’re glad that they caught it and that we do that type of testing before we start.

“Nobody likes going to the doctor, but I always think we’ve got one of the best jobs because, if we want to, we can find out everything about our body without having to schedule a doctor and wait in an office for 21?2 hours. One of the perks of being an NBA player is that your body is paid attention to all the time.”

From Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe

KG: “It hits a little home because it is your little brother, it is your guy, and I’m just glad it was fortunate to be caught, early,’’ Garnett said. “And he can now go ahead with his life and make some adjustments to that and I just hope everything works out.

“It’s unfortunate when we cross these paths and deal with these life reality problems . . . just happy for him and his family that he was able to catch it. It’s unfortunate.’’

Allen: “It’s an unfortunate situation but at the same time very fortunate,’’ guard Ray Allen said. “In sports we have seen too many people who have lost their lives due to whether it be the physical missed something or they just overexerted themselves. We’ve had a lot of instances of that in the NBA. We ask a lot of our bodies, so it’s important to put ourselves through the ringer thoroughly when we get tested with our physicals.

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